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  1. We are talking about the insects that make all the racket in the trees this time of year that drive you crazy right? If so nope never seen one in the water. I use to catch them for my kids when they were little, tie a thread around their heads and then the kids would fly them like an airplane on a string.
  2. Seriously how many a Cicada end up in the water? I've lived in Texas for 30 years at least and never seen one in the water let alone a fish take one..there are not a food source fish key in on......they hang out in trees 15-30 feet in the air. My backyard is full of them right now and I'll give you $20 for everyone you can bring to me.
  3. OK here ya go get these and you are covered:Black Olive White/Light Grey/Pearl Yellow Chartuese
  4. My 2 cents Compressor: Noisy Bulky,not very portable Requires inline moister/water filter Requires electricity C02 Tank: Cheap $40-$50 for 5 gallon tank Quiet No Electricity needed No moister filter needed Very portable One fill up($8-$13) will probably last you years Air compressor unless you spend $300+ will probably go tits up on you in a year or so. Just saying
  5. If that's true this is a great tip & find! I just checked the stuff out, $9 for 100 yards of it.
  6. I was going to buy the Copic system a while back and Kimo talked me out of it and I'm glad he did. I got what he suggested in the link to the thread posted below and I'm very pleased with. I think I have about $120 into the whole setup. I use Golden Witch high flow acrylic paInts and acrylic inks . http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=83190&hl= I'm still getting use to the brush and getting a feel for it but my poppers are coming out way nicer than they ever have before. I'll take some pictures of my most recent ones and post them later today
  7. Yep nothing works for me in Firefox,IE Explorer or Chrome. It's broke
  8. It sure would be nice if Admin would respond and explain what the problem is. If it's IT help and $$$ I'm sure a few folks would kick in and help with that.
  9. Semi related.... I haven't bought head cement in years. Shoe Goo or Goop mixed with Toluene is Dave's Flex cement. There is also a Marine Grade Goop made that is a little hard to find but better. Won't find it in stores other than Marine boat stores but you can Google it and find it. I thin it like thick water when spinning deer hair and apply it at the thread base wraps at every clump and paint the face and bottom of the Bug with it and then mix it thicker for head cement and shell backs ect. Makes a good coating for knots/line connections also. Standard tube will make a ton. Only issue is it's hard to find now days. Local home improvement stores quit carrying it cause kids huff it. Auto paint stores will have it but in gallons which is life time supply. Last time I had to have them order me a a quart of it.
  10. TheCream, I really like your work with the Fish Skulls. I haven't messed around with those yet,been out of it for a few years and I'm just getting warmed back up. I'm going to have to get me some of those to play around with. Lots of Ideas running through my head. I found out my eyes are worse than I thought once I started tying again....going have to get me some magnification help
  11. Same here & Thx. for hosting also
  12. I was tying at a conclave once and I always keep my sicsorrs in my hand while tying, guy came up to introduce himself & shake my hand and I stabbed him pretty badly. Sicsorrs went in about 3/4" Stuck my fingers many times with the hook tying Buried a 6/0 hook in the back of head fishing for shark with a 12wt & lead core line...that hurt We were like 40 miles off shore and they weren't going back for me....they Duct taped it down to my head and I went to the hospital about 3am Sunk the hook around 8am
  13. My favorite "do all" fly. Been tying it for probably around 25+ years in this color,Yellow & Chartreuse. Weighted and Unweighted. From 1" - 6" + Catches everything that swims.
  14. We got a dime holding up a dollar
  15. I don't have pictures but just the other day I caught a bass that was only twice as long as the fly I was using. How about the biggest fish on the smallest fly you have caught? Out of the top 10 biggest bass I've ever caught my life(14lbs) 5 of them were caught on size 10-8 flies while fishing for bream & crappie....and then while opening a beer or lighting a cigerete.
  16. I've done all this in my broke days and it works just fine... I've must have 4-5 Bodkins I've bought and the one I like the best is the one I made myself(Music Wire, Hobby Lobby)like flytire said. And then my favorite bobbin holder is some cheap thing that I polished the tube with some 1200-2000 wet/dry sandpaper and wrapped the tube with lead for some weight and made an other weight out of lead wrapped with thread and coated with epoxy that goes in the thread spool for more weight. I can't tell you how many thousands of flies I tied on a Thompson Model "B" and that thing sucked! Just buy a decent pair of scissors!
  17. Getting close to time...where is he? Hope everything is OK on his end...ya know..health. traffic accident or something.
  18. My God Father took me to the Long Beach Casting Club in CA. in 1967, I was 8. They taught you one pattern a week and sold the materials for that weeks pattern(you had to buy them if I remember correctly) and he always bought my stuff for me. You went home tied a dozen and brought them back next week to be judged and learn the new weeks pattern. I went there for 5 years. After that it was from books and trial and error. My God parents were like my second Mom & Dad. He had three girls and I was the son he never had. He changed my life for sure. Man it's so easy to learn now days with YouTube and all the other videos out there.
  19. I tied one so real one time that people had a hard time telling the difference Mostly out of deer hair I had a real one mounted on a pin and then the one I tied. Most folks would have to touch it to tell them apart. Just did it for chits and giggles Never fished the thing. Wish I had a picture of it's on a old hard drive that crashed
  20. Give me a little time but think I have a good idea. I'm going to spin the rear body out of wool and the legs out of some kind synthetic fiber with a deer hair head. I'll post it when I got it tweaked out
  21. Mine will be in the mail Saturday
  22. I might've spun a little hair SHOWOFF!!!! If I was good at it is would have too lol! They ain't nothing fancy...something like what Vicrider mentioned but simple..the swap host got a stacked one. Been tying it for 25+ years...I know this is supposed to be "your design" and it was 25 years ago but there tons near the same now days. I tie it from 1" to 6" in different colors and it's a fish catching SOB You'll see...hope it works for ya.
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