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  1. I sent mine last friday, you should be getting them any day if you haven't gotten them yet.
  2. Me and mandog (my dad) are fine with adding one more
  3. Atx- I'll join if you'll have me. I can get a dozen to you by the end of the week. Just need an address-- i assume you're just down the road from me (I'm in liberty hill, tx)
  4. Also, what are you using to paint the poppers? they look awesome
  5. The bonanza reference is over my head, but I got flies ready for you! Address please!
  6. Stripping it in, just varying pace
  7. I did som damage on bass and perch a couple days ago
  8. I got mine too-- a great set of flies!
  9. thank you sir! I think we might even have one laying around here I can grab some fibers off of
  10. I'll join. Can someone post up what one of these "dollar store mops" looks like?
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