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  1. A Ported Popper and a Pike Slider. Check out my latest ties on Instagram @primeflycompany
  2. Nope- I don't do any of this lol. Place hook in vise, tie fly, whip finish- REPEAT.
  3. Really like this and your rainbow warrior twist. Nice ties. This in black, olive, or mottled of both kindve ed shenk sculpin esque) would be a killer sculpin imitation
  4. That's correct- I didn't go into this part but the other way to make a fly company (I kept it strictly at flies because I see so many guys just doing that on Etsy, Ebay, Instagram) work is to have additional revenue streams. All of which include other variables, costs, etc. Book sales, magazine articles, Patreon (aka charity lol), Youtube revenue, selling other products from 3rd party vendors, branded merchandise, paid fly tying classes, guiding, speaking fees, paid sponsorships, etc. It becomes very complicated and needs even more precision on your understanding because any venture you go into, could takeaway time from another venture that might actually make money.
  5. I put it together pretty quick. I think it's right generally speaking. except it depends how strict you are with considering your Cost of Goods. In general, most people separate indirect costs from COGS and keep it strictly to materials plus labor. Hopefully it gives someone a general idea though. I appreciate it.
  6. Here are some flies I've been tying. Polar Fiber Semper Fleye Bandit Shrimp in two colors 239 Megalolipop 1531234530-654 (1).webp
  7. Hey Everyone, My name is Dan and I recently wrote a blog about the financial realities of starting a fly company. I've been at an inflection and I wanted to stop and really evaluate the financial realities of my business and whether it is worth continuing. I wrote it so if anyone was considering this path forward, that it would give them a better grasp on the financial terms and implications that matter in how much you ultimately earn. I'm going to link it here, if it's not allowed- let me know. I'm not doing this to get business but just to help educate some people. I'm certainly not the smartest or most successful fly tyer out there- so please use your own judgment. It isn't all inclusive either, but it lets you figure out right away if it's worth pursuing. Happy New Year guys. https://www.primeflycompany.com/blogs/news/dont-quit-your-day-job-to-start-that-flyco-it-dont-pay
  8. I appreciate the insight into your system. I actually like it, but it would never work for me just because I don't think I would stick to it. I may start a smaller version of flies I want to tie that I see online or on Instagram etc. And yes I keep folders, but not like this. It's usually 1 folder "Prime Fly 2019" and I use it as a dump lol.
  9. Can you show a post, or example of what is in these folders? This entire thought process is so foreign to me. I'm very curious now
  10. i never knew people kept folders of fly photos/recipes/info like this
  11. Glue eats these things. In general its a shitty material but the fly catches fish. I use a tip picked up from Steve Yewchuck on Instagram where I slide it between paracord. Use a wide thread and very little pressure. These flies aren't supposed to be durable- the material doesn't allow it. Tie it, fish it, chuck it (or razor it off).
  12. I just had to find my garbage can, that's where both of mine went.
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