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  1. Sorry guys- I didn't see this. I responded to Terp and his message. Yes, it is still for sale.
  2. Glue eats these things. In general its a shitty material but the fly catches fish. I use a tip picked up from Steve Yewchuck on Instagram where I slide it between paracord. Use a wide thread and very little pressure. These flies aren't supposed to be durable- the material doesn't allow it. Tie it, fish it, chuck it (or razor it off).
  3. It is a very nice vise. It will last a lifetime tying on the biggest hooks. It's bomb proof. Covid has hurt my business and I"m closings hop- only reason I'm selling. Lowered price to $450
  4. I just had to find my garbage can, that's where both of mine went.
  5. Loon's bobbin is absolute trash. And it squeeks nonstop. Then again, most of Loon is eco-bro trash.
  6. This vise runs $641 new. Asking $475 shipped in lower 48. Vise is about a year old, is well cared for and lightly used. I have a collection of vises so it's not the only one putting in work. It comes with the shown, upgraded bobbin rest. I accept paypal.
  7. Definitely going to catch weeds too. For that to work that hook should be just grazomg over the rear foam section (like typical bass lures). Just reverse the taper and it would probably work.
  8. Not a fan of anything that keeps fish from getting hooked. That said, there is a very cool system featured in Pat Cohen's new book, showcased by guide and tyer Steve Yewchuck.
  9. I'll often forget after doing a fly photoshoot and leave a hook in my Dynaking Excalibur. Those jaws aren't going to break with a baseball bat.
  10. I had a set of jaws crack and they replaced them under the warranty. I've had nothing but good experiences with Renzetti or Dynaking as companies.
  11. Oh, and the Atlas comes with a pedstal AND a cclamp. For the same price. Not bad.
  12. I tie as a full time job, there are very few patterns I tie that I actually utilize a full rotary function. Wooly Buggers are one. Most of the time, it is not needed. As long as the vise rotates and you can see all sides, that is more than enough. I do have the Renzetti 2304, black larger base. It's a nice vise, comfortable to tie on but it has one annoying feature, that is the set screw needs CONSTANT re-tensioning. If I didn't think it would void a warranty I would replace it with a self locking screw, or use some Loctite. As for the difference, I would guess just fit and finish specifically the 2000 being raw aluminum and the 2200 being annondized. For the same price, you get a slightly better hook range with the Wolff Industries Atlas Rotary Vise (32-7/0) compared to 24-4/0 for Renzetti. That said, Renzetti has a lifetime warranty (not restricted to the original owner), and the Atlas has a "lifetime warranty" but with a lot of limitations. Can't go wrong either way.
  13. I've heard that you can send them back to get replaced. I don't know if it's true.
  14. Every Rite Bobbin I have owned, has failed. I've owned the standard, the cermag, and the half-hitch mag. The tube breaks and the thread carriage spins. It's a comfortable bobbin, but I can't spend that much for a product that doesn't hold up.
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