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  1. Hi Primefly,Was thinking 50 hooks for the trade.Could also use some size 16 dry fly hooks.Pretty flexible on the hook styles.Let me know what you have.Val

  2. My favorite loop tool is the Kelly Galloup Rising Tool- it's just a shepherds hook tool but it's very useful. I use it for many different applications. For spinners, I'm mostly disappointed or underwhelmed with the 4-5 I have on my bench tbh.
  3. Not sure there is a better fish catching indicator than the Han's Klinkhamer Special. You can tie it quite large (which- slight rant- is the point. I see too many instagram tyers tying size 16 parachutes and calling them klinks, they are NOT). Roman Moser's balloon caddis is another good one. So is Devin Olsen's Front End Loader.
  4. A simple soft hackle with Hedron Glow In the Dark Flashabou on the tag. Hare'Tron & Grouse.
  5. I learned from the tyer who made the first poppers on FB that he didn't do this via hydro dipping paint. He did so by water marbling with nail polish.
  6. As a fly tyer who is very new to this sport, I quite enjoy finding older patterns that are sadly being forgotten as time goes by or to more tyers, are simply undiscovered yet. This is a pattern designed by Scott Sanchez called the Glasshouse Caddis and is a pretty interesting cased caddis imitation. The case is made using peacock black ice dub ribbed with copper wire, a glass bead, and hen soft hackle. I used black partridge as it was on hand. A pretty simple tie, just use a 1x long hook to better accomodate the two beads. You can watch a tutorial on @jackflyfish Youtube page.
  7. Podobed's Spite Stone. @primeflycompany
  8. Thinking about my Michigan buddy Matt Supinski with this Gray Drake Shucked Up Emerger. Biot body.
  9. NJ- $22 for fishing license. $10.50 for a trout stamp.
  10. Shucked Up Sulphur Emerger with the EP Trigger Point Dubbing on the head.
  11. I just watched a video on it on Youtube. I don't think you would necessarily waste much paint, you would just have to do batches say 1-2 dozen per coloration. I might just try it lol.
  12. I just airbrush mine. Those flies look cool though. Maybe as a gift. I don't see the patterns especially useful outside of the artistic realm.
  13. This time I used the EP Trigger Point Dubbing in a dubbing loop for a faux soft hackle on a pretty plain Frenchie.
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