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  1. I don't post here too often but I thought I'd add this fly that I've been having a lot of success with so far this season. Striper can't get enough of the Big Eelie in the surf over sandy beaches. Hook - EC 254 3/0 Thread - Uni 6/0 in white Tail - Sparse white bucktail, under 1 white hackle, under 4 strands of pearl flash, under a thin yellow hackle, under a thin blue hackle, under an olive hackle. All hackle tied in flat. Body - Bills Bodi-braid in pearl Neck - white marabou folded in half.... 2ish turns.
  2. I placed an order with FE a couple weeks ago for flatwing feathers because they are really hard to find and no local fly shops carry them even though I live in striper central. A local fly shop recommended ordering from FE unsolicited and showed me some of the feathers he got there. I had no problem with my order and got my feathers a couple days after ordering. The quality of the feathers are pretty good and the price was very fair. Just placed another order tonight.
  3. Night time version of a deceiverish pattern.
  4. Thanks. I hooked into some nice bass feeding along a rocky shore with this even though they were eating ~2 in peanut bunker.
  5. I prefer to use a 10 wt when fishing the beach or rocky shore line in the fall as big fish are running close to shore , albies are around and it’s usually pretty windy. My go to line is rio outbound short usually go with the Intermediate as it’s easier to manage in the surf but I go to a fast sinker when wind is really kicking up. Fishing a fast sinker is tough around here because there are always rocks and seaweed to snag on so a quick retrieve and good line management is necessary. edit Didnt see this was from 2 months ago
  6. Haven’t posted here in a while but thought I’d post this one since I had good luck last night with it. Nothing fancy… Hook - ec 254 thread - fine mono tail - white buck tail, white hackle feathers, pearl krystal flash and grizzly neck hackle body - bills bodibraid collar - bucktail in rays fly colors with 5 or 6 peacock herls.
  7. Tied some baitfish patterns for this weekend’s pike fishing trip.
  8. Just ordered a baitfish box from fly tyers dungeon to start tying some saltwater baitfish patterns. I’m no where near the skill level of the tyers on this forum but I thought I’d post something.
  9. Looks great. As Kelly would say that fly will hunt.
  10. Thank you for the replies everyone. Here is an image of one of the smoke wagons I tied. I apologize in advance for my tying. Even though alot of my flies are not the prettiest it has been nice catching fish on them. I almost exclusively fish things I tie now so it's been pretty encouraging when I'm able to fool the native brook trout. https://imgur.com/Wn6lSc7 Another question I had was regarding wet flies. Is there a big difference between tying with silk vs UTC 70? I have been tying up some partridge and orange/olive as well as a few poachers and haven't had much luck with them compared to streamers.
  11. I'm new to tying and trying to figure out what I can do to make my flies swim right side up with the hook on the bottom. I tied a few Smoke Wagons and a wooly bugger with a marabou wing on top and both of these flies swam upside down through the water. They were tied on a size 8 3x hook with a brass bead head. What is the trick to getting them to swim the right way with the extra marabou tied in?
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