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  1. My computer is stuck in your computer no joke mine is tried
  2. Just go to bottom ot any screen it says contact us
  3. Can u ring somebody in charge my computer is tried. I’m stuck in the computer.this ain’t no joke. Won’t be hard to find someone. By now they all know who I am. Been entertaining them allll day please. I got like 9000 views on the computer today
  4. My computer got fried. I’m stuck in never never land. Can u time or get some one in charge? I got like 9000 views today tell them I’m the dude trapped in the computer. Trust me, they all know who I am by now
  5. hey kimba you gof me
  6. well, matleast my reputation ie 0

  7. l don’t know computers. I know what I want to say’t know how to get it to where I wanf if fo go
  8. I know what I wanna say, but don’t know how to get it to you
  9. This is embarrassing.I gon’t know how to get my message to you
  10. Sorry. Still tryin to learn computer. I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to get if we’re I want it to go.
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