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  1. Hi all! I joined the fly tying challenge off the Norvise Facebook page. Ist round of the bracket is Nymphs, I tied Denny Rikards Stillwater Nymph and would like your vote. Please go to the official Norvise Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/NorviseFlyTyingSystem/ and click on the picture of my fly, below, and then like that fly. This is the only way your vote will count. My fly is an olive and burnt orange Denny Rikards Stilwater Nymph. Thanks so much!! Link directly to my fly: https://www.facebook.com/NorviseFlyTyingSystem/photos/pcb.2838673709503614/2838673299503655/?type=3&theater&hc_location=ufi
  2. I would be interested in purchasing a couple when you get them up and running, if you will be selling them. Great work!!
  3. Will, Thanks for doing a fantastic job with this site!! Really appreciate all of your work - and dedication to the Fly Tying community!!
  4. Outstanding work, guys! Hopefully I can get to tying this weekend and submit some flies.
  5. I went with Silver Creek's UV resin and light, have not regretted it. Drys fast and tack free.
  6. So sorry for your loss, Steve!
  7. ggmiller


    Norm, Best of luck to your Dad! Hopefully, the Doctors are just being careful, wanting all tests in before a solid diagnosis. Take care of your self, as well! This type of stuff is hard on all parties.
  8. Very unique and very well done!! Thanks for posting these.
  9. Nice tie!! That orange really pops out at you! Thanks for sharing.
  10. ggmiller

    Happy Holidays

    Thanks, Norm! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the rest of the forum members!! George
  11. Terry, nice job on the dubbing machine!
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