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  1. That would have been handy when I used to fish offshore more and you would have a bunch of mahi and tuna to offload at the end of the day. Another tool for easy fish handling is a Boga Grip: https://www.amazon.com/Boga-Grip-315-15lb-Scale/dp/B0B6T2M612 The Boga is great since it has the built in IGFA scale, but there are many lower cost options available. I have had a pair of Berkley Grips that have been in use for over 20 years and still function like new and it was only $29.99. It makes handling larger fish and toothy critters easy even when practicing catch and release.
  2. You should have mine in your mailbox today.
  3. Looks like mine made it to your post office box.
  4. You should have my set on Monday. Thanks for hosting.
  5. Flies are outbound for you. Should be there Monday. I'll send over the postage via paypal. Thanks for hosting.
  6. Fuzzy Stonefly Nymph, black Hook: Mustad 9671, #10 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, black Bead: 3/16" brass, black nickel Underbody: Lead wire, 0.015 Tail: Goose biot, black Abdomen: Larva Lace, black Thorax: FTD MS Nymph Dubbing, stonefly black (dubbing loop) Back: Turkey tail, coated in UV resin/Hard as Hull overcoat Antennae: Goose biot, black
  7. Swimming Shrimp, tan Hook: 1/0 Octopus salt Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, Tan Weedguard: 20lb Mono Tail: Barred Marabou, Tan/Brown barring Body: FTD Sand Crab Dubbing, Sand crab (dubbing loop and picked out) Back: Thin Skin, Specks Tan/Black Eyes: Mono eyes, medium, black Antennae: Krystal Flash, copper
  8. j FTD AW Minnow, Pinfish: Hook: 1/0 O'Shaughnessy salt Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, Olive Dun Weedguard: 20lb mono Tail: FTD Northern Lights Silver/Hot White and Green Olive/Hot CHT Body: FTD Big Game Artic Wind Dubbing Hot White/Frog/Black Eyes: Fisch Eyes, 4mm, red Markings: Sharpie marker, black and red Head: UV Resin with Hard as Hull overcoat
  9. Great swap guys (no animals were harmed in the making of this swap...))
  10. I'm in. Saltwater if we end up having anyone else join up for that, otherwise I am flexible and can change over to something more popular.
  11. I always wanted to live on an island... Daytona Beach area. Lost power Thursday morning and was unable to get the generator running due to standing water all around the house until Friday evening when the water receded enough to find a dry spot. Had about an inch of water in my office/den and 4 in the garage. Power came back on late Sunday. Lost some fence panels and a good amount of tree damage. I flew damage assessments on Saturday for the seawalls and was amazed by the damage. Over a dozen condo's completely lost their pool decks/pools to the erosion. This is the 5th major storm I have flown for and have never seen damage like this. Several of the buildings may be condemned due to undermining too close to the foundations. I have seen more damage in our area from storms that crossed the state from the gulf (Charlie '04) than any that have made extremely close approaches as major hurricanes on the Atlantic side (Frances, Jean, Matthew, Dorian). Yesterday was the start of cleanup day and the majority of yards are cleaned up, debris is at the curb, and things are drying out. Now that we are stabilized it is time to help the others in harder hit areas.
  12. Mop Stone, black Hook: Curved Caddis, #10 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, black Bead: 3/16" brass, flat black Underbody: 0.015 lead wire Abdomen: Mop chenille, black Body: FTD MS Nymph Dub, Stonefly Black
  13. A school of black nose dace are on their way to you. Should be there Monday. As always, thanks for organizing the swap.
  14. Your Crystal Meth is on its way. you should have it next Wednesday.
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