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  1. I'm going to be vising family next week in the southwestern PA area (Leechburg) and have a guide trip planned for one day but may go out on my own for a day or two as well. I'm bringing a 3wt/5wt/5wt/7wt/8wt and trout/steelhead flies. Any streams/rivers in the area to try? I don't mind driving if needed to hit good water. Thank you in advance!
  2. Was able to sneak out for my last marsh trip before heading up to the great white north (western PA) to visit family for thanksgiving. Lots of fresh water and high conditions from Eta earlier this week. But it seemed to have pushed a lot of bait into the backwaters. Most was small rain minnows and the snook were taking advantage. It was like chasing schools of busting jacks. I stopped keeping track after an even dozen. Most were under slot but managed one slot. A few came off a top water/slow sink, but the winner of the day was an Angel Hair flash mullet I tied up the other day. Next week I’ll be chasing trout and steelhead...In the cold...(anything below 70 is cold for a Floridian)
  3. Flash mullet Hook: Mustad Octopus, size 1 Thread: 3/0 Danville, steel gray Body: Angel Hair, black pearl/silver holo/pearl Eyes: 1/4” 3d molded, yellow Head: Clear Cure Goo, thin, Bone Dry UV overcoat.
  4. Yellow Sally Nymph: Hook: Mustad 9672, size 10 Thread: 6/0 Uni Thread, Dk. brown Underbody: 0.015 lead wire Tail: Goose biot, Dk. brown Body: Super Bright dubbing, golden brown Rib: 0.3 wire, gold Thorax: Super Bright dubbing, Dk. Hare’s Ear Back: Turkey tail, natural (coated with Bone Dry UV resin) Legs: Goose biot, Dk. brown
  5. Due to a trip to western PA next month i've had to put the hooks away that end in "ought" and tie up some new trout flies. Pregnant Gammarus Hook: Mustad C49S, size 12 Thread: Danville 3/0, gunmetal gray Underbody: 0.15 lead wire with gray floss over Tail: Hungarian Partridge, natural Body: Larva Lace, midge, clear Rib: Ostrich herl, gray Back: Clear-cure goo, thin, with Bone Dry overcoat Eggs: Sharpie marker, red Eyes: Sharpie marker, black
  6. Sometimes sideways flies work best...
  7. She hasn't graduated to a fly on the end yet... One of these days she will figure out why she hasn't caught anything.
  8. My daughter wanted to go down to the local pond this evening so I figured it would also be a good time to test out a new travel 3wt. that I put together this week. It did not disappoint and picked up several good sized bluegill, a few even testing the drag a little bit: I do a fair amount of travel for business and now have days off on-site while I am away so I started taking a travel rod with me. I was limited to a 7-piece 7wt or 8wt rods that I originally bought for saltwater. The 7wt. has served me well, but is overkill for some of the water I have been on lately so I figured I needed something on the lighter side. Originally I picked up a 7-piece 9ft/5wt, but why not add a 3wt to the mix. it wasn't a rod that would be used a lot, so I didn't want to break the bank on it. The rod is a 6-piece 7'6" 3wt made by Maxcatch. They call it the "Cruiser" and fits in a tube only 18 inches long. The finish is very well done for a budget rod with each section printed with the rod length/wt. and alignment marks. A simple cork reel seat with slip ring finishes it off. The reel is also by Maxcatch and is the "Eco" model in a 3/4wt. Sealed drag has good adjustment and I figured the rainbow trout finish looked good (brown trout was also available along with standard colors). I added 75yds of 20lb backing and an SA WF-3F line. Balance is right at the half way point of the grip with the loaded reel The rod is a little slower action than my other more expensive 3wt's, but is definitely moderate/fast and throws a beautiful loop after slowing down my casting stroke. Roll casting is a breeze after proper loading. I could not even tell that it was a 6-piece rod. Best part, the entire setup was less than $125.00. Since it worked out well I decided to add an 8-piece 9ft/6wt. to the stable to round out my travel rod selection. It was also 4 year old approved:
  9. Was it the Transformer from Ascent? https://accentpaddles.com/products/transformer-slider I was actually looking at it for my new boat as I plan on push poling the backwaters quite a bit. Just wondering, how long is it as a push pole? And how deep of water could you pole in?
  10. They give you a lot of opportunities... It also helps to have a fishing partner who is a good photographer with quality equipment.
  11. Dimension Typhoon. My first "fishing" kayak, purchased June of 1999. This was back in the day when kayak fishing was new and you "built" your boat for fishing. This 11'2" boat has been everywhere from offshore to inshore backwaters. Still gets used in tight quarters as she spins on a dime and at my local tarpon pond as it is easy to load at only 42lbs. Islander Ventura Expedition. Sister of the Typhoon born a year later in 2000. Goal was for longer range and better handling. Still gets used almost every weekend. Solid boat and a real battle wagon. She spends a lot of time in the backwater and has the oyster scars to show it. Waverunner. This is a specialist boat that I picked up for a steal back in 2002. Fiberglass and designed for offshore fishing in South Africa. Used it quite a bit launching from the beach to hit the pogy pods for tarpon, kings, cobia, bonito, sharks, and anything else that wanted to drag it around the ocean. Fun boat, clean deck with internal hull tackle and fish storage. Great fishing craft and surfs a wave like a long board. (On order) Old Town Autopilot 136. My first new fishing kayak in a long time. Last update is I can expect delivery in January. Already have a pile of rigging supplies sitting in the garage waiting for installation.
  12. That is a standard point on a 92611. I ran out of 34007’s in size 4 so I had to go to my surf fishing bait hooks...
  13. Since top water has been the ticket lately I figured I’d make up a stretched gurgler mullet. And added in a rattle for good measure. The fly sits tail low in the water with the majority of the silhouette below the surface. Hook: Mustad 92611 long shank, size 4 Thread: Danville monocord 3/0, gray Tail: craft fur white/gray/black with pearl and silver flashabou Underbody: Pearl estaz Overbody: 2mm foam, gray/black Rattle: 4mm glass Eyes: 5/16 molded, yellow Gills: Red sharpie marker
  14. Snook approved of it this morning... I like using the worm hook as it gives a larger profile head without the resin head encroaching back into the hook gap. i keep it very light so it is a slow fall. Most of the mangrove edges are only a foot or two deep. Can be fished as a twitch and pause or a straight rapid strip.
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