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  1. Mini-Clouser Minnow, baby bass Hook: Mustad 3906 #10 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, olive Eyes: Bead chain, x-small, black Body: Bucktail, white/tan/olive/black Markings: Sharpie marker, black
  2. Biot spinner Hook: Mustad 94840 dry fly Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, orange Tail: Microfibetts, red brown Body: Turkey biot, rusty brown (Bone Dry UV overcoat) Wing: Floating polypropylene yarn, tan Throax: SLF Super Bright, brown
  3. Pheasant tail nymph, olive Hook: Mustad 3906, #12 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0 olive Tail: Pheasant tail, olive Body: Pheasant tail, olive Rib: Copper wire 0.2mm, brown Thorax: Peacock herl Wing case: Turkey tail Legs: Hungarian partridge, olive
  4. Pheasant Tail Black Stone Hook: Mustad 79580, #10 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, black Bead: Brass 3/16", black Tail: Goose biot, black Body: Pheasant tail, black Rib: Copper wire, black, 0.3mm Thorax: Peacock herl Legs: Hungarian partridge, black Back: Pheasant tail, black (coated in Bone Dry UV resin)
  5. The Natural Shrimp: Hook: Mustad 3407, #1 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, tan Tail: Bucktail, tan Eyes: Golden Pheasant tippets Legs: Saddle Hackle, tan grizzly Body: Hareline Dubbing, cinnamon caddis Back: Mallard flank, gold Rib: Copper wire, 0.2mm, brown Capt. Bob mentioned a while back about the transition synthetic materials and I wanted to go back to an old school shrimp without requiring any synthetic materials. It's good to go back to basics sometimes.
  6. No, that is not a typo. The mud/oyster flats will easily hit 90-95 on a sunny day. Just last week I went out for docklights in the evening and even at 11pm the river water was showing 88-90 degrees. The ocean temperature today is 85 so if you get a sunny day and shallow water it will shoot up from there.
  7. Time to bump this thread. Conditions this weekend were not great for flats fishing with water temps in in the 92 range. So I figured I would try something different and have been hearing the bull redfish are moving in with the mullet run on the way. The goal for the day was 1) try a new spot for me, and 2) catch redfish. Headed out to the bridges in the morning for the last of the incoming tide with the main plan to fish the outgoing. Today was a bait day with live shrimp in the baitwell, fresh dead mullet and a few frozen blue crabs. I put out two rods with a lighter rod (Shimano baitrunner 3500/30lb power pro/40lb flouro leader) for the shrimp, and a heavier rod (baitrunner 4500/40lb power pro/50lb flouro leader) for the mullet and crab. After a few hard head catfish on the shrimp rod it tapped again. I pulled tight to set the circle hook and thought it was a snag until the first head shake. After a good fight and some close calls with the bridge pilings a 38" red came to the boat. Landed another 32" fish and lost a third that freight trained me and was not going to be stopped until it cut me off on bottom structure. By noon my goal was met and I was out of bait. Time to go home. This is hard work fishing...
  8. BHB (bead head biot) caddis: Hook: Curved caddis, #12 Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, dk. brown Bead: Tungsten 1/8", metallic brown Body: Turkey Biot, lt. olive (coated with Bone Dry UV) Dubbing: SLF Spikey Squirrel Dubbin, dk. brown (dubbing loop)
  9. Flutter Shrimp Hook: Kahle, #2 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, tan Tail: SF fiber, shrimp Antennae: Krystal Flash, gold Eyes: Mono, large, black Head: Ice Dub, UV tan Hackle: Saddle hackle, tan grizzly Legs: Sili-legs, gold barred Outriggers: Hard mono, 50lb Body: Palmer Chenile, small, tan Back: Swiss straw, tan Rib: 0.2mm wire, brown Weight: Lead dumbbells, small The design of this fly is to be worked in quick short strips that will pull the tail off of the bottom first causing the fly to rotate on the strip. On the fall the fly will sink tail first with a fluttering action of the body and legs as they trail vertically. The hard mono outriggers by the legs provides stability to keep the fly upright once it lands back to the bottom.
  10. I have carried a Glock 19, Kel-tec Pf-9, and Kel-tec P3AT for over 15 years (most commonly the Pf-9), but just changed to the Sig P365. Living in Florida I prefer pocket carry as works best with my standard attire. Here is my opinion on what I have used: Glock 19: Great gun and has been my IDPA competition gun going on 17 years. I love shooting it, but it is a bit larger than I want to carry in the Florida heat in an IWB holster on a regular basis. The 15+1 capacity makes it my go to when I want to carry a larger handgun. As others have mentioned some people do not take well to the Glock grip angle. This is the most comfortable gun to shoot. Usually carried in an MTAC IWB holster Kel-tec P3AT: Smaller caliber at .380 ACP, but easily the most concealable of my choices. Usually carried when I am out running and has the side clip for waist band carry. Typically Kel-tec that needed some TLC to make it what I wanted with a melt job, ceramic coated slide, fiber optic front sight, and finger extensions on the magazines. Its small, lower capacity at 6+1, but has it's place with deep concealment. Not a fun gun to shoot. Carried in a Desantis Superfly Holster. Kel-tec Pf-9: Was my daily carry gun the majority of the time. The slim frame provided easy pocket carry. The 7rd magazine with the finger extension and Hogue Jr grip make it manageable, but it does have a good snap to it, especially with 124gr. +p ammunition. Not the most fun to shoot. As with the P3AT, Kel-tecs need a "fluff and buff" to maximize them. It also got a melt job, ceramic coating, and fiber optic front sight. Before the explosion of slim frame 9mm's it fit the bill and did a good job for many years. Carried in either a Desantis Superfly holster for pocket carry, or MTAC IWB. So far the P365 has replaced all of my other carry guns. I keep the 12rd magazine in the gun as it provides good capacity and also lengthens the grip enough to get a full grip on the gun while still being short enough for pocket carry. Magguts has a replacement magazine spring and follower that allows for an extra 2 rounds in the 10 and 12 round magazines making the 12 round magazine capable of a 14+1 capacity that is directly comparable to the Glock 19 at 15+1. A 15 round magazine is also available as well. The standard P365 version comes stock with X-ray night sights installed and a rail is available for a laser or light if required. The Desantis Superfly pocket holster works great, stays in the pocket, and eliminates the profile of a firearm. I also have an IWB and OWB holster for it as well, but the Superfly is used most. Biggest thing I can recommend is training. And not just straight static range training. Set it up the way you plan on carrying it, and also a spare magazine if you choose to carry one. Practice your draw, low light, abnormal positions, gun handling, malfunctions, reloading, and include movement as well into all of it. If available in your area, attend an IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) or IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) match. The stages in these matches allow for different types of environments and also add a bit of stress not normally found just shooting at a static range.
  11. Denduke's Rattling Shrimp Hook: Saltwater O'shaughnessy hook, 1/0 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, tan Weedguard: Mono, 25lb Body: DNA Holo-Fusion Fiber, tan and Clear Cure Goo, thick/Bone Dry UV resin Rattle: Glass, 4mm Legs: Sili-legs, gold barred Throad: Antron yarn, burnt orange Eyes: Mono/glass bead Antennae: Krystal Flash, gold Love the pattern Denduke. Going to try it on some docklights this weekend.
  12. Salt Zonker Hook: O'Shaughnessy salt, #1 Thread: Danville 3/0, white Tail: Bucktail, white Flash: Krystal Flash, pearl Back: Micro Pulsator Strip, Chart./white Body: Cactus chenille, medium, pearl white Eye: 3D molded, 1/4", red Cement: Bone Dry UV resin
  13. Swimming Shrimp: Hook: O'shaughnessy saltwater, #1 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, tan Tail: Blood quill marabou, tan (25lb mono tail support) Flash: Krystal Flash, tan Body: Cactus chenille, large, tan Hackle: Saddle hackle, barred tan Back: Swiss straw with Clear Cure Goo, thick, UV resin overcoat Eyes: Mono, black, large Antennae: Krystal Flash, copper Weedguard: Mono, 25lb Markings: Sharpie marker, brown
  14. One thing to keep in mind with materials, you can do amazing things with materials you find at the craft store, but using mediocre materials can only frustrate you because the fly won't look like you want, not because of your tying skill, but simply because of the quality of the material your using. Your bugger looks good and don't even worry about the colors not matching. Contrasting colors can add to the fly. Welcome to the addiction, it only gets worse...
  15. Skip Shrimp: Hook: Mustad 3407, #1/0 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, tan Tail: Slinky Fiber, shrimp Antennae: Krystal Flash, copper Eyes: Burnt mono Body: Cactus chenille, medium, tan Legs: Saddle hackle, barred tan Rib: 0.3mm wire, copper Back: Craft foam, 2mm, tan Weedguard: Hard mono, 25lb The shrimp are on the move and the snook are taking advantage. A lot of fun stalking fish busting on bait on the shorelines...
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