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  1. Hi Charlie..welcome...I am from Chenango Bridge
  2. that stinks, I had to put my husky down a year and a half ago that was hard but her quality of life was taking its toll somedays she could barely get up to walk. do you think you will be able to visit some day with him? At least one thing you know is he went to a good home too.
  3. Ty Flyer.. Thea Ausable wullf is pattern that was developed by the late , great Fran Betters that works very well. He was from Wilmington NY just outside of Lake Placid and fished the West Branch of the Au sable river there and designed many flies there.
  4. mnorton

    Lovejoy Comet

    I've been looking at it thru binoculars also for the past couple weeks when we would have clear nights, not to many of those nowadays though...Did get to see the tail though earlier in the month/and end of dec..
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