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Fly Tying

March Flies From the Vise

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Little poppers in damsel colors.Sz 14 dry fly barbless hooks

Foam layered punched out hole punched thru body not slit

Calf tail midge crysatal flash grizz hackle 

easy peasy i tie LOTS of these ,quick and throw them with abandon.Have caught some BIG sunfish on these

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Spinners work great out the back too.  The big ones are for Reds in the salt.  On jigs also




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Walkin Shrimp

Front hook: O'Shaugnessy salt, #1/0

Rear hook: Octopus salt, #2

Connecting wire: Titanium wire, 35lb

Connector: Split ring, #2

Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, tan

Underbody: 2mm foam, tan

Overbody: Dollar Tree Mesh Tubing, pearl

Eyes: Mono, large, black

Head: Diamond Braid, bonefish tan with UV resin

Antennae: Krystal Flash, copper

Legs: Sili-legs, sand barred (fixed with superglue)

Tail: FTD Pearl Web, tan (fanned out horizontally and fixed with Bone Dry UV resin

Tail body: Estaz, standard, tan

McFly Anglers Jerk Bait Fly came up in my Youtube recommendations today and it reminded me of a similar pattern I made a long time ago with mesh tubing that was a great surface fly when sight fishing redfish. But mine did not include the wire and second hook as an articulated tail. So, after making a few baitfish versions, one of which took a beautiful 3lb bass during my lunch break testing, I figured I am going to need a shrimp version for chasing snook and redfish this weekend. Kept the original pattern intent but changed up the eyes, added some antennae and legs. Looks shrimpy now.

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Yellow Sally Nymph


Hook: #12, 1xl

Weight: Lead wired, 6 turns under thorax

Thread: Camel 72D

Tail: Gold biots

Rib: thin copper wire

Body: Rabbit, golden olive and rusty brown dubbed alternately on thread

Wing Case/Legs: Pheasant tail, dyed yellow

Thorax: Rabbit, golden olive

Head: thread, coat with SHHAN

Thorax reinforced with SHHAN

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Baler Hopper Authentic 1080.JPG

Baler Hopper

Hopper Pattern

John Foust, 1980's

Tail - Red hackle fibers

Ribbing - Brown hackle, trimmed

Body - Yellow foam

Wing - Mottled fly sheet

Legs - Orange baler cord, knotted

Head and over wing - Elk hair

I posted this fly a while ago but substituted the legs with orange antron yarn

A forum member, @wildwilly, gifted me some orange baler twine/cord so i retied the fly to the original recipe

Thank you to @wildwilly for your generosity. I now have a lifetime supply of baler twine 👍👍

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8 hours ago, DarrellP said:

sinking line with your foam in shrimp

Most times when I’m fishing for specks and reds with my crew I’m not allowed to brake out the whippy stick.   So I use floater trailers behind my jigs.   Made some outa styrofoam balls so they float up and don’t snag.  Rare occasions need a floating shrimp, dock lights/shallow grass beds.  Those are mostly foam with popper head or Gurgglers. I have been using my clear intermediate sink and black full sinker with various floating bugs, especially  foam crankers.  Booby style(?), with some success w/bass.  Couple lil flies in the rig for bream.
Most always use click popper dropper over a shrimp in the marsh when flyflinging.  





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I see people posting green drake nymphs tied in green. there is no green in the nymph and only green in wings of the adult. 


green drake nymph.jpg

5-30-07 039.jpg


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