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  1. I store bulk flies in compartments and my bigger bass bugs in compartments that have just long rows,I put a couple of each pattern that i plan on using that day in a fly box.I love fly boxes and the ones i want are handy and the ones that i cut off to try something else go into a different fly box to dry and be sorted later.I keep like flies in small compartment boxes in my bag.I use a tackle bag with zippered compartments.i try to be ready for anything i encounter,Several species in any given lake pond or creek.I always carry 2 fly rods.
  2. An added bonus is small foam bugs when magnetized will orient N/S on the water.Think i'm kidding put one in a cup of water.
  3. Rubber legs decay as they are organic like rubber bands.I get extra fine and regular spinner bait skirts 3 for a 1.00 in any color imaginable.I love fly shops but they are very good at repackaging and renaming common products for 10x or more what the stuff costs.Places like Netcraft sell silcone skirt/leg material in bulk.I still tend to spend a fortune on feathers and hooks,Pretty dumb being i only fish warmwater and really only need a few patterns,It' a hobby dam it.that's what i tell the wife any way.
  4. I have a telescopic magnet thing like you use working on a car.It will pick up a couple pounds,I dont tie in the living room anymore,bought a house with 2 extra bedrooms,One is for all my fishing and tying crap,
  5. I have some that is tiny.Can never have enough.I have some huge stainless used on commercial blinds if i ever need giant clousers .I buy the brass painted white in bulk at Menards and is easily painted with nail polish etc.I fish weedy warm water ponds lakes and rocky creeks .Inverting most of my flies is a must.
  6. Me too,but like lether punches you hit with a hammer..I make mine on #12 hooks for gills and use a jewelry punch pliers thing and pop a hole thru the cylinder bodies.I tie everything on the hook and then slide the body on with super glue.You can make quite a few in a couple hours.
  7. cedar does protect against moths.They sell super thin planks for lining closets and drawers,I think the key is to refresh with cedar.I only got critters once and i believe they had already infested a skin i bought from a fly shop that had a funk to it.A cheap low quality cape from asia.It was stored with other feathers and most suffered some damage.I think they eventually suffocated in the air tite container.
  8. the doggy brush method,if you are serious about it you can research wool cards.a much better version of the dog brushes.you need two of them.this will align all the fibers perfectly.i dont tie that type of fly so i never made the investment.great way to mix different fibers and can see results as you go.
  9. you gotta find some friends who hunt.or raises chickens.pheasant has some useful feathers for leg/hackles.so does all the aforementioned birds.
  10. very good source.i have bought alot from them.best deal and selection IMHO
  11. A very fishable fly eide. have a few early gapen muddlers,the head was just kind of clipped,not shaped.i heard this was so it pushed water,not the pretty fly we are used to seeing.yours looks great
  12. these are sz 12 barbless .leather punch and hammer.quick easy and cheap.have caught 100s and 100s of bluegills
  13. thanks for the links.i do tie some micro jigs for my non fly fishing family and friends.they like to tip the jigs so i need a hook with a barb
  14. just got some eagle claw black nickle 12s.a lot of manufacturers making 12s in various hook styles.been using the barbless 60 degree competition type hooks for tung bead fly jigs for gills and crappie.even if they swallow it i can easily get the hook out without any real harm to the fish
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