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  1. F-T is that your dragon nymph?I thought it was real.I have I nave several shells i find on shoreline weeds every year.] that look just like that.
  2. I save hackle tips,many times the sweet spot for the hackle i am using is in the middle and the tips are left ove.,Random pieces of tinsel and wire etc if they are long enough for another bug also go into the scrap box which is just a wood cigar box.Will likely never use most but it takes little effort to stash them.The little tips do make nice little wings on some patterns,
  3. I use sz12 light wire barbless for foam bugs as spiders are just the tip of the iceberg.Last few seasons i like little deer hair bees.PITA to make but i think they like the texture and don't spit them as much.Small Hippy Stompers in black are an easy tie and float well and easy to see good leg action and more subtle than a popper.Soft hackles are good but as mentioned above the little dudes make quick work of the hackle.I cant recall the name but i tie on a 12 mustad sproat a gold tung bead 1/8 sz.Black chenille body with a thick hackle and the tail is the key,is egg yarn red or orange,you stretch it back and clip it short and it makes a little bright puff of a tail.I think it was a Chris Helm pattern.Different patterns work on different ponds right next to each other.There are 1000s of bluegill patterns.
  4. Those are pretty elaborate woven flies.There used to be a local woman who used a crochet hook to tie some very interesting nymphs she sold to the couple local fly shops when they were still open.I never knew whether anyone fished them or collected them.There were never any available for sale as they were all spoken for.
  5. When i first started tying i used to make these balsa ants quite often.I just sanded balsa sticks round.I like foam but those balsa ants are just plain pretty and they fished well.
  6. I love softies for panfish but they get tore up quickley.That is a beautiful fly tho.
  7. I love Michigan originated flies.They don't get the attention they should.I have seen this one before but never knew the history.SB has done some great work with the deer hair bodies here in the past.
  8. I understand they are very nice vises and do fetch some high dollars.
  9. I like how your keeping the thread back from the hook eye,i know that is part of the catskill thing .What again was the purpose?For snelling as many of the old flies were sold snelled.
  10. His website is still active just went there..i ordered 3 colors of the STUFF a couple years ago.They sent me a LOT of each.
  11. We had a fly fishing in Chicago 25 years ago,took my young daughter,.Not a huge show but very limited interest.One good thing i met Dave Whitlock,bought a signed book and he tied a fly for my daughter.He knew that i knew nothing about fly fishing or tying but really inspired me .After starts and stops i really immersed myself in this stuff.I was good angler brfore i ever picked up a fly rod and never thought about tying flies to that point.Fly fishing is something i can do most of the year,i can tie a fly and be at a local pond in 10 minutes casting away and usually catch something.Point is these shows have value especially to new comers.I hate crowds myself.
  12. Pheasant,silver top,ring necks have several varieties as well.They are commercially raised for hunt clubs and are sold as dressed birds for consumption.I have a lot of these feathers from friends who hunt.Have some with the green as well as pink and blue.
  13. Interesting concept.Let us know what the fish think.
  14. I have LOTS of vintage stuff.Maybe some that is banned but in the original paks.Not many flyfishers or tyers in my area but must have been at one time.I just went thru a box of flea market stuff and found 2 backs of seal on the skin peccary 3 capes 10 spools of silk ,some big Alcock salt water hooks, some vintage mustad hooks down sz 24 .I try to incorporate at least a couple natural materials into my ties.I bought some of Gartside's secret stuff in 3 colors.I still can't believe how much of each i got.Enough for 10 lifetimes.
  15. It depends ,for bass bugs i use a regal knockoff just because it has more clearance .I use my smaller rotary for everything else.If your tying big flies,bass pike salt water etc the extra clearance might come in handy,
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