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Fly Tying

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extended body base: craft wire

tails: goose biots

abdomen: larva lace

legs: broom bristles and larva lace

thorax: brown dubbing

eyes: mono

antenae: micro fibits

wing buds: printed water proof paper


1. cut and fold a piece of craft wire 2 times the length of the desired abdomen length



2. tie in goose biots and larva lace



3. weave abdomen using a double granny weave whip finish trim larva lace thread and wire



4. thread hook through eye of wire



5. tie in a piece of larva lace with a broom bristle threaded through tie in rear wing bud and dub over it



6. advance thread forward to eye of hook and tie in antenae followed by front wing bud followed by mono eyes



7. tie in next 2 sets of legs then dub thorax



8. fold wing bud back and tie down



9. tie down wing bud right behind mono eyes whip finish and trim off thread



10. using a heated bodkin bend legs to desired shape and trim to proper length



11. coat top of wing buds with Sally Hansens hard as nails

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Big thumbs up!! I do one similarly, with a different weave, I articulate the body to the hook. I use the loop on the body to a loop on the hook and tie down the front loop to the hook shank and head cement it before tying the abd and legs. That way it can gyrate in the water.


Cheers, Jeff


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