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  1. "D" is usually equated to a modern 6 weight, and since tastes have changed to prefer faster feeling rods, many (not all by any means) cast better with a 5.
  2. He certainly used it for the Gray Wulff and the Grizzzly Wullf, and it's still used for those flies. The Royal Wullf isn't actually one of Wulff's patterns; it was Dan Bailey's.
  3. That's correct -- Hoagy B(ix) Carmichael is the son of composer, not the composer. And he's very much still with us.
  4. Which one do you think offers better job satisfaction? Not everything boils down to the Benjamins.
  5. It's not really a question of being offended; it's a question of not feeling that they belong here. If I were to find a site where, say, a bachelorette party was being planned, I wouldn't be offended, but I wouldn't feel that I belonged, either.
  6. I rest my case that this site might make women uncomfortable.
  7. I think that as far as the Hardy's store in London goes (not the company as a whole) their business model is to cater to the carriage trade. It's hard to maintain a cachet of elitism if you wait on just anyone.
  8. There is something in that, but there are fly fishing/tying sites that to which women do actively contribute. This doesn't seem to be one of them. My wife died when my son was 7. I did all the cooking, cleaning, child raising, shopping, laundry, etc, tied flies, and still managed to find time to contribute to on-line fora.
  9. I'm not sure that there is interest in this, and if there is, I doubt creating a ghetto for them would be the way to go. Here's the kind of problem that I see. This was posted recently on a local fly fishing Facebook group. It's not particularly offensive, and the poster wasn't trying to alienate women by posting it. Just a funny way of saying "my spouse is going to kill me for buying a new rod." (As a widower I sometimes wish I still had that problem.) I've heard women make the same complaint. It's that when a woman logs in and sees it; along with half a dozen others in a similar vein, they get the idea that it's a site for men to complain about women, and wonder if they really want to be a part of that.
  10. I think we're a little bit more diverse wrt race. And I'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing that this site isn't very women friendly (others are far worse); it's just the way it is. I regularly hear comments similar to those in this little article from woman angler/tiers:: What Women Really Want especially the line "Unfortunately, many of our fellow anglers still view fly fishing as a “man’s sport,”
  11. And comments like that are the reason you don't see more women tiers on this forum. I know a number of avid women anglers and fly tiers. They post to local TU list servers, to some fly fishing Facebook pages. They don't, OTOH, post to places where they don't feel welcome.
  12. Actually, I follow a UK fly fishing forum, and Hardy isn't nearly as ubiquitous as you would think. Also, the Brits are not nearly the gear heads that we are.
  13. My general rule of thumb is to tie game bird hackle in by the tip and poultry in by the stem. I don't think it really matters.
  14. Yes, I've seen it before. but thanks for posting it so I could see it again. One thing that struck me on this viewing is how much it looked like an ad for Hardy reels!
  15. I'll do that sometimes, too, when fishing for fallfish -- make ridiculously long cast just for the sake of seeing how far I can without worrying too much about spooking fish if the cast falls apart. At either extreme, it's a good way to practice technique without any pressure about whether you're going to catch or not.
  16. Maryland occasionally stocks cutthroats in the upper Potomac. Definitely outside their native range.
  17. I agree, they can be a lot of fun. I went to fish especially for them last week with just a Tenkara rod and a Green Weenie. Two were over 14 inches, and I broke off a possibly larger one.
  18. Because it's used to deliver "last rites" to a fish. (Not joking, although the name is a joke.)
  19. Use a Belgian cast (also called an oval cast, an elliptical cast or a continuous motion cast): Belgian Cast
  20. I absolutely agree. The old books, when specifying the feather to use for a partridge and orange are very specific about where on the bird the feather should come (middle of the back) but none of them specificy cock or hen.
  21. Same here. I started fishing before I can even remember, but my dad didn't fly fish. He did however, gift me with subscriptions to Field&Stream, Sports Afield and Outdoor Life. I got the idea from them that serious fishermen fished with a fly rod. I got one for Christmas, 1963, and caught a pickerel the very next day. I never looked back. I broke my hand the following summer, and my parents somehow thought that if I couldn't fish, I could at least tie flies, and they got me a tying kit from Herter's. I can tell you, learning to tie with one hand in cast is a real handicap!
  22. Many of the Catskill tyers tied shiny side forward as well.
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