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  1. Mustads for almost everything. I at least know what I'm getting.
  2. I was there on July 4th 1976 when she spoke at Independence Hall congratulating us on our 200th birthday. No hard feelings, apparently. In some ways, she was still our queen. If anybody spoke of "the queen", you didn't have to ask which queen. For example, Margrethe, queen of Denmark just celebrated 50 years on the the throne, but you never think of her as "the queen."
  3. Louis was simply the best. If you ever need to define the term "virtuosity" you need do no more than play the opening bars of West End Blues.
  4. I learned from Helen Shaw's book, and tied without a bobbin holder for the first ten years or so of tying. The waste of thread was what induced me to buy a holder in the first place. In a pinch, you don't need the rubber grommet either. Just clamp a hackle pliers to the thread when you need to maintain tension.
  5. The problem in this case is Ticketmaster, which is using something called "dynamic pricing" which means that as demand goes up, so does the price, often multiple times per day. They are in effect doing the scalping themselves and cutting out the middle man.
  6. My arrived today. A very nice set of flies. Touttramp -- thanks for hosting.
  7. Metformin is one of the cheaper drugs out there. If you have part D medicare, it's like $3 for a 90 day supply. Of course, if you can avoid having to take it all together, that's better still.
  8. That's counter clockwise. Oliver Edwards ties left handed and wraps under and away. Make for a nice video, because it shows up as looking like a right handed tyer would tie. That's not why he does it, though.
  9. A mistake, IMO. Sawyer intended the fly to represent Baetis nymphs, which swim with their legs tucked against their side. All legs do is make the fly sink more slowly. The Euro nymph fishermen seem to do alright with Perdigons, which have no legs.
  10. I'd glad, because according to USPS tracking, they never left the P.O. 😒
  11. Heading off to P.O. in a couple of minutes. The white wing doesn't show up at all against w white background (it's taller than the hackle.)
  12. Morus pretty much is Pearsall's. It's a bit pricey, but I can't tell the difference.
  13. redietz

    Ground Moles

    They all turn out to be squirrels.
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