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  1. And you figured right.
  2. I mostly use 14-18, but might go a size or two larger for specific hatches like a March Brown or an October Caddis.
  3. Pretty much every dinner in South Jersey sold snapper soup when I lived there. I don't know if they still do. I love the stuff. It's usually served with a shot of sherry in it.
  4. An automatic reel is another option.
  5. "Mouton" is French for sheep. "Porc" is French for pig. "Boeuf" is French for cow. "Venison" is French for deer. After the conquest, the French speaking Normans got to eat meat; the Anglo-Saxons got to tend the animals. Our language reflects that social order, even if "mutton", "pork", and" beef" got Anglicized.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty commonly used for that.
  7. I agree. They also crush dry fly hackles.
  8. The original feathers, yes. He suggests substitutes for most of them, such as Brahma hen for corncrake, woodcock for cuckoo, hen mallard for curlew. All the substitutes are legal, as I posted in the first place. (Also, coot hunting is legal here, no sub needed.)
  9. Agreed. In fact, I would extend that to all written discourse. If you're sufficiently in control of yourself to be typing, there's no justification for exceptional language.
  10. Which is exactly the point of having certain words "reserved" for those occasions. The use of proscribed words indicates strong emotion. Watching someone decapitated in front of your warrants "OMG!"; seeing a friend with a bad haircut doesn't, and using it for the latter just renders it less appropriate for the former -- "dilutes" as you put it.
  11. Postage inside the US has become quite hit or miss in the last 12 months. I've had faster delivery times from England than from a town a couple of miles away. You could always start a swap.
  12. Contrast indeed. Better known, more concise, and to me at least, far more useful.
  13. Anything written by George Herter is going have lots of opinions.
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