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  1. You let me know the next time your in Massachusetts and we can make that happen!
  2. Thank you- I just ordered a new nymph box and I've decided to fill it with new flies as much as possible. I've gotten a little better at this hobby over the years so I'm trying to limit the amount of nymphs that I will transfer from the old box. Here is the link to the fly I copied. I'd love to BUT my wife and I are in the middle of a full kitchen renovation so until we reach a point where the kitchen is usable getting out to fish is tough. That said, the new counter tops are scheduled for install on Friday and if that goes well I should be able to get out on Saturday morning for a few hours.
  3. I saw this nymph from Scotland on youtube and deceived to try a couple on the local streams. It's called the "Ke Diawl", In the video it's tied with a jungle cock wing case which I subbed for starling tip.
  4. For anyone interested- I prefer to float my leader vs using an indicator. This weekend I tried Mucillin green on these furled leaders with great results. I worked it in with my fingers and it kept the leader section floating for hours.
  5. I'm really glad you're enjoying theses, I certainly like the concept a lot. I only fish with a 3wt and a 5wt so I don't need the diversity that you have made. I really like the way these leaders "feel" while casting. I tie them with 8# or 10# mono to a total length of 5' and use about 4' of tippet and that seems to be the sweet spot for my rods. I prefer to float my leader and not use an indicator. If you work the floatant into the braid with your fingers it seems to hold on to it longer than straight mono.
  6. I'm 100% with you Mike. We humans have been keeping climate records for about 200 years and the planet is billions of years old. How arrogant it is of us to say what's normal. 12,000 years ago the north was under 2 miles of ice and now it's not and the fact is human activity didn't create the ice or it's recession. "Climate change" happens on it's own and humans are powerless to stop it. The inconvenient truth really is that "man made climate change" is the latest in a long line of boogie men crisis created to scare the ignorant for political reasons.
  7. Beautiful fish- Rain ruined my fishing plans over the long weekend. 🙄
  8. Oooo shiny! Still it looks like the jaws are again too stumpy to open wide enough fit the steel rod that Salarman calls hooks-
  9. George My vise was made in December 2019. I remember reading post back during the introduction of the vise (late 2017) and people complained about the same issue. HMH say's they're are on their 3rd generation of Jaws. I don't know if my vise is 2nd or 3rd generation. I do know that the 1st generation of jaws had a terrible finish on them and were apparently soft. Here's a photo that I dug up of an early model. Notice the jaws are silver and on the newer models they're almost black. For comparison here is my vise from 2019-
  10. DFoster

    Hearing loss

    I've had my pair since may and no problems to report. While nothing beats the original God provided equipment the Bose set works very well for me. I certainly hope you have positive results with your set. You could have them sent to your friend in TX and ask them to ship them to you. Please let me know your feed back.
  11. At this point I've tried 10# and 8# mono. I like the 8# for small flies and prefer the 10# for anything weighted on my 3 and 5 weights. I love that they don't have the memory of a typical mono leader. Try wearing a surgical glove on your twisting hand, it will give you the extra grip your looking for.
  12. George here is the issue with really large hooks fitting in the LAW copies. My vise will hold a #28 but when you start getting into the really large stuff the jaws will only open to a point where the outer jaw hits the inner jaw. See the photo of my TRV below. As an engineer I can say the solution is to lengthen the jaws which will increase the angle and span of the opening. I'm guessing HMH and the rest of the copies are aiming their vises at the more standard size flies and longer jaws would cost more to produce.
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