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  1. Your a smart man George! My 2020 New Year's resolution was to stop watching the news. Since that day the only main stream news I've seen has been in places I can't control and it just happens to be on. Waiting rooms, restaurant bars and places like that. I'm beyond the reach of the propagandist and you would be surprised how angry these self righteous lol "journalist" get when you tell them that. When I'm interested in an issue or event I'll research it my self and form my own opinion.
  2. Bob another thing you can be certain of is the media's love of themselves. To the network news crying wolf to boost ratings is completely acceptable as long as it’s done out of "an abundance of caution". Up here if we don't get grazed by a CAT 1 it's always with the first snow of the season. There may only be 4" on the way but it's enough to trigger the mandatory live 24/7 reports from a clown outdoors wearing a full Mount Everest parka with plenty of required break away reports from the local market milk and bread isles. Maybe they should dub in air raid sirens and some stock footage of people scrambling for cover from old Godzilla movies? Back when I used to watch the news my favorite part of the show was the following day when they would mask their massive disappointment that the storm didn’t turn into another Blizzard of ’78 by telling us all repeatedly how lucky we all are to have the “most trusted” (lol) local news coverage bravely risking death to keep us informed. I did hear on my way into work that the weather guessers have decided that this hurricane season will be worse than normal! I can feel the excitement in the Florida news rooms from here in New England!
  3. Welcome to the site Mike, it would be helpful if you would post a photo of the issue. Are saying the gun bluing is wearing off or do you mean the jaws have actual dings or dents and are in need of machining of some sort? I own a TRV and have not had an issue after 4 years and hundreds and hundreds of flies. As you can see from the photo below the gun bluing does start to thin from your fingers but that is normal. Any gunsmith can re-blue the jaws. If the jaws are actually dinged or damaged I'd be interested in how it happened? One of our members tested the hardness (around 61 Rockwell) and said that a file wouldn't touch them so normal hook holding should never be able to damage them. See his post below-
  4. My topic post yesterday about the lady who lost her Thomas & Thomas got me thinking; We must all have stories about finding something valuable in our travels. About 30 years ago, I found a lady’s diamond ring in a supermarket parking lot. It had been run over so many times that the dings in it made it look like a children's costume ring, so much so that I almost didn't pick it up. When I did the weight immediately gave it away. Good conscience would not allow me to keep it without at least trying to find the owner first. This was before the internet or social media, so my search was old school. There happened to be a jeweler’s store in the same plaza so I started there asking if anyone reported a ring missing and then I went to the supermarket with the same question. I left my phone number at both locations thinking someone would come in. After 2 days with no replies, I left my phone with the local police and put a couple of signs up at the post office. I simply said that I found an "expensive ladies ring" and would gladly return it to anyone who could describe it. I had a jeweler look at it and he said the stones were a high quality and that the type of cut on the diamonds was discontinued in the 1950's. Based on the style the ring was likely from the 1940’s and that told me it probably belonged to an elderly woman. It was winter when I found it, and I think she probably pulled her gloves off and with them went her ring. This is not a boast about my character. I put the effort in to find her because the thought that this ring may have belonged to an old widow, perhaps given to her from a deceased husband truly bothered me. My mom was a widow at the time, and I knew how precocious anything given from my dad was to her. As a Christian I knew that no good would ever come to me from that ring without making an honest attempt to find its owner. Over the next year I got about a half dozen calls from people who said they had lost a ring. They all seemed to be legitimate but none of their descriptions was even close. The ring I found was very distinctive and I would know immediately if I was speaking to its owner. So, the ring sat in my safe deposit box for over a decade and a half until I met my wife. My wife feels the same way as I do in that it would have been a really nice thing and good for the soul to have found its owner but sadly, I never did. In 2009 I asked my wife her thoughts about having the diamonds reset in a ring for her on our 5th anniversary…. and that’s where they sit today.
  5. Thanks for clarifying that Silver. I never new the name of those reels though I have seen them in on line photos on occasion. They catch my eye as I own a Hardy Cascapedia and they look similar. they are beautiful reels!
  6. I have no idea who this lady is but I truly feel bad for her. I would like to believe that most people who find something of value would have the integrity to at least make the attempt to return it. Sadly given that she states she left the rod and reel on 5/20 it would seem that whoever found it intends to keep or sell it. Karma would like to remind everyone “Unless a reasonable attempt is made to locate the rightful owner, no good luck will ever come from the use of another’s lost fishing property or the sale proceeds of that property”. I hope the finder chooses to do the right thing and spare themselves a lifetime of tangled tippets, hooks in the eye, West Nile Virus, Snapping turtle toe amputation, car accidents on the way to the water and or Sasquatch abduction.
  7. DFoster

    Over the Limit

    One does not steal the game of the Crown and live- We have strong penalties in Mass as a result of our legislature pandering for votes from loud "environmental" groups. The environazis see no distinction between a sportsman and a poacher. To them we're all the same and so they aggressively supported more restrictions with tougher penalties back in the 90's. Their stated endgame being a full ban on hunting and fishing, after all meat is murder🤣. The end result was that being tough on poaching made Massachusetts a better place to hunt and fish for legitimate law abiding sportsmen. Um soooo thank you!
  8. Good catch Mike but Train or not that’s funny!
  9. This river is in my neck of the woods but I thought I would post it as an FYI. Perhaps some one out there may come across it "for sale" out of the local area? I'm hopeful the person that found it will have some integrity and make an effort to find this lady. This is from a fly fishing blog here in central Mass. Folks, Read the two paragraphs below. Finding the lost rod and reel and returning them would get you a pass into Fly Fishing Heaven. If you find them send me an email ([email protected]) and I'll contact the owner. - Ken "My name is (withheld). You guided me on the Millers back in 2019, and I've followed your blog ever since. I'm writing because I've recently (last night 5/20) lost a fly rod and reel, when I left it at the East Branch of the Ware in Princeton. The rod is a Thomas and Thomas 8' 6 weight, and the reel is a Bogden. They belonged to my late husband, so I'm attached to them beyond their actual value. I'm hoping you might put in a word on your blog to anyone who may have picked them up and is looking to return them. I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions - and I'm more than willing to pay a reward for their return." Thanks -
  10. Consider Korkers boots when it's time to replace what you have. The soles can be easily changed out with several options . I currently have felt only soles on my pair but I will be going with the studs in felt option soon. The felt works great in the water on rocks but I want the studs for leaf/dirt inclines down to the water and on wet logs. .
  11. DFoster

    Over the Limit

    Ought oh it looks like we got us some morons disguised as sportsman. Let me guess- after getting kicked out of the Chinese buffet for eating off the serving spoons they got bored with kicking over gravestones and so decided to go fishing! If this was in Mass the state could confiscate every piece of fishing gear, the boat involved and whatever they towed to the water with and then fine them with a little jail time thrown in just to say thank you.
  12. Life with a dog is just better and I'm glad to see Winston has found himself a good gig! Love his name-
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