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  1. " "Roasting Jack"- so that's what that thing is called! It took a very brilliant mind to conceive of that mechanism.
  2. Oh yeah- I'm hungry! As a professional musician I've played a few weddings at Salem Cross inn (I'm sure you know it) For everyone else they are a colonial era inn famous for spit roasting prime rib on local hard wood. The cool thing is that their rotisserie is non electric and operates by weights like a cuckoo clock. Old school, the same way they did it in the colonial days.
  3. I know it's out of season but here are a couple of photos from this summer at the smoker. I don't use my smoker a lot, say 4-6 times per season because when I do it's and all day affair and very labor intensive. I smoke meat the old fashion way with a hard wood fire, in my opinion you get a better result than you do with pellet/electric or propane smokers. The down side is that there is no "set - forget- go fishing" with wood. It requires constant monitoring to keep the temp correct or very bad things will happen. I started these 4 briskets below at 3AM and they smoked for 12 hours using apple wood. An early day and a long time to spend adjusting fire size and airflow, I'm usually pretty beat by the time we eat. If I get it right he meat will cut like butter so the effort is worth it- I live on family land and on most Sundays after church we have both daughters, both son in laws and all the grand kids for the afternoon. With my wife and I that makes 12 not including another dozen or so of our family who also built on the farm. They seem to stop over when the wind is blowing towards their house. 😉 All of my rubs and sauces are made from scratch and I mostly use apple, Cherry and oak because we have it growing on the property. My wife and daughters generally handle the side dishes. One of my son in laws is an avid hunter and angler so occasionally we have some game meats as well. The photo below is of a pork butt for pulled pork, a brisket and some chicken. Much like fly tying for me BBQ is a labor of love. I miss summer already!
  4. I'm awfully sorry to read this, like most of you, I only knew him via his forum post. I will miss his thoughtful his commentary. Rest in peace kind soul.
  5. I knew a guy with a Bridgeport and I remember him saying it's the only machine on earth that can replicate its self (machine all the parts required to make another Bridgeport) Is that correct?
  6. I think his point is that the dry suit seems to be much more durable while being breathable and waterproof. It's a grand but top of the line waders are almost that much these days and don't seem to last according to him nearly as long. It would seem that walking on paths through the woods is harder on apparel than paddling a kayak?
  7. Cheap waders, a bottle of aqua seal and replace when absolutely necessary are not a bad option. I only ended up with Pro’s as the result of a warranty issue. Due to the covid shut downs Orvis was unable to replace the pair I had. I still had to chip in $100 to make it happen.
  8. My sentiments exactly. 150 water days is great but still given the technology that surrounds us (light bulbs that last 100,000 hours, emit no heat and cost $1.72 to use for a year came to mind) and considering the price point of G3's or Orvis pros, it would seem they should last much, much longer than they do with normal use. It's oddly funny to me that we still don't have waders that can survive long after a "brush" with brambles. My wife ordered patio furniture covers to keep the cushions dry and to my very unscientific method of testing, that of sight and feel, I could be convinced that they're made of the same fabric as my pro's. $30 will get you a cover big enough to cover a 42" table and 4 stools. Granted being rained on is different than being submerged but these covers have kept every thing bone dry and survived a fully armed outdoor cat for a year. I have no idea if they are breathable but I do know that breathable fabric is no longer breathable if it's under water. So far my Pros have been great but it's only been a year of weekend fishing and on the hot days I use my LL bean waders as they are much lighter. I'm really careful with my pros and avoid bush whacking as much as possible, I just wish I didn't have to. As kids we would put plastic bread bags over our socks before putting our boots on the keep dry, Stocking foot pants made from bread bags- fixed it! 😜
  9. I have roughly 45 outings in my Orvis Pro's and so far no issues (thankfully). This guy does make a valid points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aiP1u4RG9Q
  10. @SBPatt Great looking pattern-Nice work!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for the wonderful insight and advice I read here every day!
  13. There are a couple of pools on the Quinne that I can fish mostly from shore without too much cold water wading. Generally they hold a few Rainbows so If I can get out I am hoping to fish there. I figure I'll leave the natives alone to make more natives-
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