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  1. Mine arrived. Thanks all and thanks for the baitfish hair. Cool color.
  2. What was the bass tourney book Hiaasen wrote? Lol. Double Whammy R.J. Decker, star tenant of the local trailer park and neophyte private eye is fishing for a killer. Thanks to a sportsman's scam that's anything but sportsmanlike, there's a body floating in Coon Bog, Florida -- and a lot that's rotten in the murky waters of big-stakes, large-mouth bass tournaments. Here Decker will team up with a half-blind, half-mad hermit with an appetite for road kill; dare to kiss his ex-wife while she's in bed with her new husband; and face deadly TV evangelists, dangerously seductive women, and a pistol-toting redneck with a pit bull on his arm. And here his own life becomes part of the stakes. For while the "double whammy" is the lure, first prize is for the most ingenious murder. (FROM AMAZON ihang10) Hey Mike Chell..........not Jason Bourne, but R. J. Decker would be acceptable. i was thinking more of the former Governor of Florida Skink.........
  3. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#safe=off&q=Florida+Roadkill&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFuLUz9U3MM42KCtSgjBzqooNtKSyk630k_Lzs_UTS0sy8ousQOxihfy8nMpHjMHcAi9_3BOW8pq05uQ1RhcuPIqF1LjYXPNKMksqhWS4eKUQlmkwSHFzIbg8AFMK08CKAAAA&tbs=kac:1,kac_so:0
  4. Above Myrtle Beach is Sunset Beach. walk south get away from the crowds head toward what is called Bird Island. Fish surf with light fly rod and small clousers or sand flea imitations for pompano and other small fish. Walk a mile down the beach and you hit the inlet. Watch the tides. incoming and out going you are liable to catch many different species. The marsh behind is good for reds. There are wadeable areas. Google sand flea fly. Here is a good example I found. There is a BassPro in Myrtle Beach to buy flies. Below Myrtle Beach is Murrell's Inlet. I put my kayak in here and fish the grassy area for trout and redfish . I saw a Ribbon Fish in there several times. Amazing to see them. The restuarants feed the rays and skates off the dock on the north side of the boat ramp. Impressive to kayak through when they dump kitchen scraps. I paddle out to the ocean and jetty at Garden City inlet. The tides again are key. Small blues, some Spainish, trout, lady fish, flounder and reds on clousers. Other flies work too. Crab and shrimp flies work well in grass. Look for tailing reds. I prefer to fish Reds in the area north of Charleston around Bull and Capers Islands. Charleston Harbor is alive with Jack Cravelle during the summer if you have access to boat or guide. I kayak them.
  5. Anyone read the Florida authors Tim Dorsey or Carl Hiaasen? and not think Mike Chell is a character from the books?
  6. My spell check wouldn't let Fishing Bob and winning be in the same sentence
  7. Now Fishing Bob switches to sucking up as his strategy for whining
  8. Is the ugly thing the fly, your fishing partner or one of the swappers ?
  9. No trash here Fishing Bob, I Googled "trout Cheyenne, OK". The response was, "do you mean Wyoming ?" That was followed by "Simon's Catch and Red Lobster". Also there is a Trout Funeral home. Nearby. Also plenty of people named trout. You might be right Fishing Bob.
  10. Love the Cheech video. Great tie. Watched several of your videos. McFlylure not as much.
  11. My wife wanted an Emu egg off of eBay. They are malachite green. Some crafty project. The egg was packed in feathers, not styrofoam peanuts. Some of the feathers will do anything ostrich will others are more like saddle hackle. Others seemed too spikey to do anythink until I looked and experimented. Each individual feather barbs had barbules that made great midge sized ostrich type feathers for gills and such.
  12. So all the trash talking has blow away like an Oklahohoma Sooner football prospect headed to Clemson. FishingBob is probably out making jerky, again. In California that means picking up slightly singed roadkill caught in the wildfires. Mikechell you want to weigh in...............
  13. and the reason you send the person who runs the swap extras is you need tape, your envelope is torn, you use a box that you dumster dove for in Seacucus in 1987.............................
  14. Probably .... it the Winn Dixie Seafood section. Mike Chell if you Google "where to find trout in Oklahoma" It comes up with do you mean Missouri, Colorado or New Mexico.
  15. There are flies that are art and flies to catch fish. That fly is a well tied piece of art. I agree with Flytire. I can not see it casting and landing. Trout would take this fly on the side as a cripple I am sure. FIN-ITE 34 great video. That fly will do as it states. Nice fly and well done video. CDC makes for some nice flies, but it is one of those disposable materials. The flies catch fish, but they don't take a beating well. In a still water situation, especially a heavy pressure tail water situation, CDC flies can be the difference between fish and fishless, but have several in your box. I tied one for a recent swap. I use a CDC emerger sulphur often. The fly still catches fish after some of the CDC is torn off, but it isn't one of those flies that hold up.
  16. I know this is make believe, but are there really even trout in Oklahoma?
  17. Well people and you too Moonbeam Fishing Bob. My US Post Office tracking App tells me Nick received the winning flies yesterday. AKA mine to clarify and for Moonbeam Nelson in California, oficina de correos entrega el paquete ayer. Tener un taco mientras construimos la pared. Oklahoma medios que Dios le destruirĂ¡ con el viento.
  18. I too have old scissors by Anvil. I use them a lot. I like that I can sharpen and tighten them. I think they are just as good as my older Thompson Ice scissors.
  19. In place of the nail, use a loop of 20 lb test mono. Wrap your leader like the video of the nail knot. When done put in the 20 lb mono loop and pull back through.
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