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  1. Does no one shoot revolvers? The Ruger LC9 are double action ever shot and have the same or similar trigger travel to a S&W revolver. I like the old model better than the striker fire newer ones. Take a little test, dry fire the weapon with a dime balanced on the top of slide. Practice squeeeeeeeeeeeezing the trigger so the dime does not fall off. If you jerk the trigger or grab it like a Holstein teat, the dime and your shot will be off. Muscle memory is important, and practice.
  2. So the Richards Blvd wasn’t familiar? I’m sure I could handle a super taco. A Mexican grocery store in my town sell fifty cent street tacos of taco Tuesday. The are awesome. I’ve often seen people order a hundred.
  3. According to the post office my flies should be behind a bush at 7218 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA or 851 Richards Blvd. hope you find them. They are sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Apparently I suffered a seizure or hallucination and signed up somehow? I guess, as Aesop predicted, all of the early tiers will do ants and fittingly, I will do a grasshopper. July 10th is the due date Bob? 12th? Hey folks don't forget my birthday on 7/11
  5. Bob they will be in the mail Monday. Thanks for hosting. This is a great early season caddis.
  6. FishingBobNelson I googled how to make Trout Crack. It seems interesting. Could be something worth doing.
  7. Bob the postal people delivered it a day early. You owe them a chalupa or dos.
  8. I grew up in that area. I was trying to think whose flies they could be. I was at the Darbee house growing up often. I’m from that area. If he had authentication it could be worth it. I wonder if Jim Krul or Mike Valla saw his collection?
  9. Got mine. Cool flies. Great selection. Thanks Kim for a great swap
  10. Thank you Kim for running a great swap!
  11. Thank you. Yes, I have never seen anyone else tie these. Niveker, I find most people make the tail and body too long and that makes the fly fragile. Go farther up the feather and make the tail and abdomen shorter. When I tie the traditional, I also include divides wings. I often cheat and cut the pulled forward wood duck and even it.
  12. Wood duck and deer body hair. This is a variation of the Darbee two feather fly. I used deer hair instead of hackle. The wood duck flank forms an extended body. Simple and quick tie, but a great dry fly for picky trout. Daiichi 1167 size 14 They will be in the mail today.
  13. So, this is just feathers and thread, this good? LOL
  14. I will. Jim Mackey a long time friend of her family will.
  15. Mine are really in the mail. I blessed them and wished them luck. I told them to stay away from Flytire’s “postal” flies and keep their feathers to themselves.
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