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  1. Does Aleene’s Liquid Fusion hold up when exposed to water for long periods of time?
  2. Thanks Niveker. Baitfish Hook: #4 Firehole Tail: BT White Belly & Overwing: Icelandic Sheep natural white & brown Overwing: Mountain Goat Dyed Kingfisher Blue Flash: Crystal flash & Flashabou
  3. Hook: 94840 size 12 Tail & Wing: Woodchuck Body: Antron Gray Hackle: Ginger
  4. I decided to tie a few midge emergers; starting with a #18 and worked my way down to a #28. (I do use magnifiers) This one is the Matthew’s Zelon Midge see Tim Flagler's video. I showed my wife and she said "so you're tying fruit flies now?" I laughed and said I think fruit flies are smaller. She said I saw a dead one over on the counter. I collected it and compared it to the fly and was surprised. I guess I'm tying fruit flies now.
  5. Thanks. The variant fly style is called a Comet. Hook: #6 straight eye Thread: Flat waxed nylon 210D yellow Body: Flat waxed nylon 210D yellow gold ribbed Tail: BT bright yellow Butt: FTB artic wind hot yellow 1st Wing: BT orange 2nd Wing: Rabbit fur dyed yellow with orange tips
  6. Hook: Firehole 860 #1 3XL Thread: GSP 100 Eye: 3D 7mm Tail: Strung hackle white Body: FTD congo light purple Belly: FTD congo white Head/Wing: FTD minnow back blue + purple Flash: Minnow back shimmer fringe
  7. Hook: Herters #423 6XL size 4 Thread: 6/0 Body: Christmas tinsel + solarez Throat: Maribou red WIng: Hackle blue dun
  8. Hook: Firehole 860 #1 3XL Lead: .025 6in Eye: 3D 7mm Thread: GSP 100 Tail: Gold badger feather Belly: SFF & poly yarn mixed white Head/Wing: SFF tan & FTD ginger gold leech dub mixed Flash: Gold crystal flash (FTD has flash added) SFF = Strung Fuzzy Fiber
  9. Additional info from 2018 post.
  10. Another great fly, especially like how it sinks with head vertical. Would work well for bass in crawdad colors.
  11. Never thought to use a GP tippet for a shoulder…makes the fly visually pop & zing.
  12. A search for Outdoor Life did not find what you mentioned Skeet3t. However, their 12 best terrestrial flies did come up and I thought I’d share. https://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/gone-fishin/2014/06/fly-fishing-12-best-extra-terrestrials-flies-trout/
  13. Thanks Scott. I’m really liking the Golden olive colors. Great Salmon, Steelhead pattern for sure. Thanks WWKimba.
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