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  1. what desk clamp light is that? that light looks like what I need. nice set up!
  2. I wish I could have posted this in a serious thread to get full effect. enjoy!
  3. Did any one else make it out? Here in Illinois the opener for the "put and take" inland trout season was today for some county's, the remaining county's will be Wednesday I believe. I don't fly fish for them on opening weekend that would be potentially dangerous, there are just too many people around for that, but the bite was hot and heavy on minnows using very small treble hooks under a slip bobber. The limit is 5 , I did managed to get mine in about 2 hours, the trout in Dupage county are of decent size, the largest I caught was about 2 lbs, little Cleo's on an ultra light produced well also. It was a beautiful cool morning, light breeze, and not a single mask in sight. (I didn't bother with the camera this time, you guys know what bow's look like...I hope LOL) God Bless and tight lines to all. peace, XterraBill PS I cant wait till Monday, that's when the fly rod comes out again.
  4. fantastic! congrats on the huge accomplishment! love the flags too! next build? m1a1? hehehe
  5. Holy bad veggie's, I take a break from this site for a while and all of a sudden 23 emails...I thought you guys missed me or something but nah you just turned my thread into anti kale rant, hooray!!! I hate that s**t LOL! if its green, somethings wrong with it, chances are I wont eat it. Seriously though its great to see you guys in good spirits, I don't mind the thread hi jack at all, have fun! I miss you guys and tying, hope to be back at it next month. Bill
  6. ya got me beat, 11 sec 77 Camaro, 145+, needle was buried so IDK, tach still had 1500 so i took it to redline, was an early sunday morn, still had a little left in her too. I miss that car.
  7. I like the cork on 3 and the silver/black of 4, classy.
  8. have a great Friday all, my silly contribution.
  9. I have been loving the photos y'all are putting up, its so cool to see life from around the world! Here is another photo, White-Breasted Nuthatch. Very cool little birds, they can stick to and move around the bottom on my feeder upside down almost if they are defying gravity, they are also fairly brave allowing me to walk around them at a distance of less then 10 feet.
  10. Baja starts November 16.....you will be ready!
  11. ya cant help but smile when the crowd starts singing along. ------------------------------------ I know this is from 5 years ago but it still puts a smile on my face, if you haven't seen it or don't know the story behind it, please look it up.
  12. I love this one, the unexpected x2, all the way, the whole tune.
  13. I could never get past rogers being such a head case, well beyond arrogant and concieted. meddle is my favorite late night camping next to a fire in secluded woods album, clare torry on the great gig in the sky has to be my fav PF tune/vocal performance. did you ever see the "reaction" video's to that song? (by people who have never heard PF before), some are pretty cool, some are BS, I seen one with an Ethiopian guy who never heard rock music in his life, they put good headphones on him and he sorta freaked out/started crying, he never knew such talent/music existed.
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