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  1. Days of trying to tie knotted pheasant legs (when did my fingers get so big?) and finally back to my vise in the upcountry. Working on trying to get a pattern that I'm happy with, and that is consistent enough to send out. Still not there, but will have something out shortly.
  2. I'll Play. Planning on a McPhail CDC Daddy. I'll let you know for sure this weekend after I look over some patterns and see what materials I have on hand.
  3. See our discussion here:
  4. See: https://troutzoneanglers.com/great-smoky-mountains/great-smoky-mountains-hatches/ He includes some nice hatch charts from his site. Hope this helps
  5. For you interested New Englanders, The last time I was in Stone River Outfitters in Amherst they had a full slate of vises, including the TRV. They had moved into new spaces when last I was there (Christmas 2019, before COVID). They are at : 1 NH-101A Unit 1, Amherst, NH 03031 (603) 472-3191 *No affiliation, just information
  6. Kim, Buy me that vise and I'll tie them for you!!! Of course I still wouldn't be able to tie any better than I do on my Renzetti, but hey, I took a shot! 🙄
  7. Just a PSA here. I mentioned on another thread a while back that I was waiting on a package Due 1/14/21 that never arrived. For the longest they kept telling me it was stuck in Columbia SC, Later they claimed it never left the originating PO in VA. When my sister went to file a missing package report they told her it was past the date to file. If you have your tracking number file officially at the PO.
  8. One Dozen Kelly Gallop Butch Caddis prepped for sending out. Now in the hands of the USPS. Check PM with tracking.
  9. Spent part of the weekend doing FishingBobNelson inspired tying. McPhail super stretch Caddis, Caddis Pupa, and Kelly Gallop's Goober and Butch Caddis all in 14.
  10. Thanks, These are on my list to try.
  11. So it is! Stupidly I don't know that I have ever seen it beyond the close ups the jaws while Davie is tying on it.
  12. And is that the same vise without the nuclear finish in the latest McPhail video?
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