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  1. You will do well as an officer! It was the map. I've heard that one before.
  2. More from my attempts at SBPratt flies. I modified one of the muddlers with weight. I had planned to take it out on Mother's day but couldn't find it in my box, only to realize I had left in in my vise. I think this will work well to target some aggressive brookies that can't get a hold of my larger squirrel tail buggers. And a stab at the Penny Muddler from January. Both Sz 10.
  3. Great day on the water on Mother's Day. Chauga Slam with Bows, Brooks and Browns. Nothing big but a full day of good fishing. The best part? The only other "fisher" on I saw in four hours was the heron, that stayed one run below me.
  4. Wing is two CDC feathers splayed opposite of each other,
  5. More attempts at the SBPratt family of posted flies.
  6. Spent the morning trying to recreate some of SBPatt 's lovely rough water flies. I've got the rough part figured out. Still trying to figure out the right amounts of hair, but I have some specific water in mind for these. Hopefully they will work.
  7. Thanks! Always appreciate a thumbs up from Squash!
  8. From the news report- Redears commonly grow to impressive sizes at Lake Havasu, likely by feeding on the reservoir’s invasive quagga mussels. Redears have teeth in their throats that allow them to break the shells of snails and mussels. Lake Havasu’s average redear before the presence of quagga muscles was just over 2 pounds, but they’ve gotten bigger and bigger ever since.
  9. Good couple of days on the Chauga. Two of many taken on GRHE and the squirrel tailed bugger (Chartreuse band). First time taking my dog down to the river. Didn't lose him so I may try it again!
  10. A variety of flies destined for my local river. Brought the Renzetti up as primary vice for the new space. Squirrel tailed buggers, Weighted GRHE, Zonker streamers, F flies. Results in Fish Pictures
  11. Just to be clear, they aren't regals. They stick when you rotate them and the set screws don't hold everything in place as you would like. But they are inexpensive and work. I picked mine up one trip to visit my mom when I didn't bring my vise. They work will on big stuff and they hold down to 22s. They do spit out hooks like their expensive cousin, if you aren't careful. If you have $50 to spend and need a vise, they are worth the price of admission.
  12. @stabgnid Nice fish on your opening day swap fly. Sorry no picture, but a great pattern. Fish liked it so much he kept it when he broke me off at the net! Recipe?
  13. Extra weighted Jig Head GRHE, Zonker streamers, and first pass at a Ace of Spades.
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