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  1. @flytire Thanks so much for the great videos. I came across this video by Lucian Vasies last evening: I have much to learn.
  2. @flytire Thanks for the suggestion. I did do just that yesterday, but on the small hooks - TMC200R-20, that I am using the osterich herl barbules are just too long for the nymph gills I had planned. Here is an image of some-kind-of-bug I tied. I also tried using the white peacock, but for some reason I just could not get it right. I will give it another go this morning and take a photo. Thanks!
  3. Alright, I have a bit more bounce in my step because ... I did as suggested and here is a white herl wrapped - butt end tied in - around a TMC200R hook. Not too shabby, if I say so myself. Ha! And, just to be a show-off, I 'touched it up a bit' with a BIC permanent marker. Now, if I were a five pound brown, I'd find that very hard to resist. Sorry for the crappy iPhone through-my-magnifying-glass photos. I will use my Canon later to answer one of flytire's questions. Thanks!
  4. @flytire @SilverCreek @niveker Thank you for your comments. I have to concur with all that you have noted. Live and learn. Back to the bench.
  5. Okay, here's the scoop on these white peacock feathers, but first ... 1 - Uncle Sam did his very best to ruin my order. Good job, USPS!! 2 - Here's the lot of them. Pretty flimsy, I'd say. 3 - Herl comparison. The herl is very thin when compared to the usual irridescent peacock herl. 4 - Eye-to-eye comparison. Again, the white version is very wimpy when shown next to our old favorite peacock herl. Bottom line: I have no idea where these peacock feathers fall in the quality chart. What I do know is that the barbules are very sheer - nearly non-existent at the tips - when compared to normal iridescent peacock herl. Someone noted that bleaching is a way to remove the barbules, so perhaps someone did a lousy job of bleaching these and passed them on as coming from an actual white peacock. I really have no idea. I will say they do not smell of bleach, if that matters or not I'm not certain. Perhaps some other forum member has some of these feather's and can share their experience with us. I have tried using them for nymph gills, but I had a really bad day at the bench today, so I can't blame the white herl for this. Tomorrow is another day. I only have $20 invested, so I'm not going to whine too loudly over these. They may yet come in quite handy. Thanks!
  6. @DarrellP I tied a proto using regular irridescent herl and it seemed to look okay, but using white/would be an improvement. I will know soon enough. And, yes, I have read that dyeing does not damage the peacock feather, but bleaching practically ruins the herl. Thanks!
  7. @mikechell Will do! I am working on a fly that needs this material. I have heard that bleaching peacock feathers makes them brittle, so I wanted to find feathers from a naturally while peacock. Here is some info on white peacocks, if interested. I have also ordered a Semperfli material that may work as well. If it does, it would be more durable than the peacock herl. Time will tell. I will return with photos and quality when these feathers arrive. Thanks!
  8. For what it's worth - I could not add the link in-line as is the norm. Thanks!
  9. I was in the market for natural white peacock herl and came across this vendor in Sioux City, IA https://www.etsy.com/shop/JTVFeather I completed my order so will know soon enough of the quality of my purchase. Thanks!
  10. @flytire They finally arrived! Thanks, flytire!!
  11. @Sandan OK, the EL rep finally called and I am now booked for a week at the end of SEP. She said they were busy so I suppose a lot of folks don't mind the high temps. I wish them well. Thanks!
  12. @Steeldrifter Thanks for the kind words. Yes, that was a beautiful stretch of the Rio Grande to cast flies over. Wish it was in my backyard.
  13. @Sandan No problem. Have yet to hear back from the EL rep. PM sent.
  14. @Sandan As I type I am waiting for a rep of the Enchanted Lodge (EL) to call me so I can lock in a week in late SEP. At the moment, the temps up there range from 95º-100ºF. I'll pass fishing in those temps. I much prefer fishing in OCT and NOV. I once fished in DEC but the wind froze my line in the ferrules, so that didn't work so well. I will get back to you after the rep calls me.
  15. @Sandan Amen, brother! I've know the Chavez family since the mid-70's when I went to work at the Bloomfield refinery. Abe was always in the shop. His wife ran the restaurant. His son, Tim, had a guide service. The place was a beehive of activity. Life was good. Years later Abe got alzheimer's and the next I knew he was in a home, a nephew was managing the restaurant and Tim oversaw everything else. Jay Walden was hired at some point. I did not fish the SJR for years due to my job at the El Paso refinery. When I did get back up there, things were as I just described. Business was, IMO, slow, but I assumed that was due to all of the new 'lodges' that had sprung up in the meantime, but I am not certain of that. In Stephen Meyers' wonderful book - 'San Juan River Chronicles', he notes the river having "too many friends". Perhaps those crowds had dissipated by this time. Then MAY 2022, I called to make reservations and the phone had been disconnected. Abe's had been closed. I felt like I'd lost a family member. We can only hope that someone will purchase it and it will be open once again. I do know an offer was made, but the Chavez family did not accept it. The listing had been taken down which I assumed was because it had sold. Then it was listed anew. See the 'Executive Summary' on the left. Hope springs eternal! Indeed. Take care.
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