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  1. night fishing below the dam for stripers back in the day. wade or swim out to a rock and fish all night. used to get a few sea run browns there in november.
  2. i miss fishing down there. still have my gear and flys.
  3. Air brushed brown trout on a gold sz 3 hook
  4. I have argued.with tom on occasion. been raising birds since the 70's
  5. 😷 still collecting more.
  6. bass flies air brushed details.
  7. Better pics with over flow to living room.
  8. my house is a fly fishing/ tying area. these are pics of some of the tying room
  9. I think I'm over 60,000 patterns collected over the years. no record just a lot of flies. Probably have 6,000 tied here now this year. Don't buy fly boxes anymore have to make them
  10. FTD congo hair, watersilk and angilina flash
  11. FTD leech dubbing cone or bead head leeches
  12. few bass flies on size 2 worm hooks. details are air brushed.
  13. flytier thats not a grizzly cape more of a dominique hackle chicken not related to grizzly at all
  14. regular barn yard hens work fine check around for people tht raise chickens for laying.
  15. playin with wet flies in size 7,9,8,and 10's
  16. last legal JC cape back in the day when importing them was outlawed. capt Bob Lemay what one is it
  17. I have one of his signature rods in a 6" 6 wt made by harnell rod company.
  18. 1499cj on top, 578 and 577 under and a 1498 from lefty hreh.
  19. you are missing three the anti reverse series
  20. Biot Buzz sz 10 black hook. great for behind a dry fly
  21. don't have them up here in northern Pa. look for oak trees anlong streams since they hatch from the root areas of oaks.
  22. rather use swannundaze it was made in insect colors, I still have over 1000 packs in my shop.
  23. pull forward folds back stop retrieve it bonces back to this shap with some shaking.
  24. largest mayfly in the U.S. dark green drake, (Litobrancha recurvata) or dark green drake, is the largest mayfly. Not as many as Hexigenia limbata but is larger.they hatch on pine creek between last week of august and 2nd week of september
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