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  1. Yes, my wife mentioned all the corporate over-takings but the name on our store never changed.
  2. I've been thinking of getting one of those. Which size do you use? How many streamers does it hold (approx)? Would you recommend it? I have several, my favorite is 5" X 10", has 13 different slots and can carry as many flies as you'd like to put in there depending on their size. I generally put one of my largest flies in each slot if they have trailing (stinger) hooks so they don't get tangled. I put several of the smaller flies in there together. I have some that are bigger and some that are smaller.
  3. It seems to me that bait would fly in the face of fly fishing. I mean, I use bait but not when I'm not fly fishing.
  4. We have 10 inches of ice on the lakes here. Don't get to do any fly fishing for six months minimum.
  5. "We don'd need no stinking badgers" He, he, he. Just kidding of course. I say make some with badger, and birds and everything else, and see what works best for you. I must tie some emergers.
  6. You guys really know how to wreck a couple of beautiful images of wonderful chickens. I really just wanted to see pretty birds, now I gotta think about mad cow chickens and Ebola and cannibalism, and spongiforms. I personally don't think it's a shame to kill that chicken for his feathers. His feathers is the only reason that chicken even exists. He had a pampered life, never had to fight for a meal. Never had to fight a bug, worry about disease or predators. I bet his chicken coop is the best chicken coop anybody ever saw. He never even got his feathers dirty. I bet he even got to breed quite a bit before he died, and I bet he didn't have to fight other roosters to do it either. And to top it all off, when he died, he died the most humane death we could possibly think of. You wouldn't want to ruffle a single feather on his head, or his cape, or his flanks or tail. Every living thing must die. The shame of it is when an animal suffers in life, dies a brutal death and is not appreciated in life and is wasted in death. Just my humble opinion, your mileage may vary. This rant is all you guys fault anyway, Remember.... I just wanted to look at pretty birds.
  7. Yep, she gets them at "Office Max"
  8. Yep, I tried that too. It works pretty good.
  9. This is a great system when you have enough space.
  10. Yep, I've done that too. I did have a problem with the weighted flies pulling the foam loose though. Also, there's a lot of dead air space in the boxes that I would rather use for other things when I am traveling in small planes and boats.
  11. I think she gets them from Office Max or a place like that. I will check with her when she gets back.
  12. Boxes are fine. The folders allow me to carry lots more in a smaller space. I travel in bush planes a lot, both float planes and small wheeled aircraft, to get to where my floats start, that and with minimal room in rafts, it pays to not carry around a bunch of dead airspace. I can carry fifty or sixty, eight inch streamers, in very little space. All the best, Mark
  13. I was born and raised in Anchorage, we have been in Glendale AZ since 2015. My wife is finishing up Dental School. Well, you'll have to stop by our store and say "Hi" if you get to Fairbanks. Our store is called "Edge of The Arctic Trading Post" We sell artworks and crafts made in Alaska.
  14. Yes, middle of summer, July. 60 to 80 degrees. You definitely should do it. I can help point you in the right direction if you decide to come up. Wow nice fish mark- Here in Mass we have landlocked Atlantic salmon, they grow to about 3lbs although my first one was considerably smaller than the average. (yes put him back after the photo) . Capture.JPG We have land locked salmon here too, silvers and kings. That brook trout is gorgeous.
  15. Yep, I have the same thing for my fluffy ones too. The flat ones are really nice because I can get a snotload of flies in a very small space. Fly boxes are like tackle boxes, shops, boats and garages, they're never big enough.
  16. Correct, perfect for streamers not so much for fluffy stuff.
  17. Both good ideas. Thanks. I have some oak to match my new desk, and the first one wasn't exactly like I wanted so I'm going to do a new one maybe using some of these ideas.
  18. That's a great idea, I'v been thinking of something to put on the top to protect it. I won't glue it in though, so I can change it out when it gets scabby. I can be sloppy with the head cement and CA glue at times. Thanks for the great idea.
  19. Are we allowed to talk about spinning gear on this site? Seems like it would be sacrilege. Of course I'm just teasing.
  20. Storing my big streamers, up to eight inches long, and carrying them to the fishing grounds, had been a problem for me. Until I saw my wife with a plastic paper file that she keeps her store coupons in. I had her pick me up a few. Problem solved.
  21. I like it too, I'm going to try and make one work for my new desk. Thanks
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