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  1. I saw that video on another site. Truly amazing what people working together can accomplish.
  2. We did try streamers during the hour or so we did try fly fishing. The fish were just looking for something with a bit more movement and vibration. The jerk baits we used had rattles in them and the spinner puts off a good bit of vibration and I think that was the key to success yesterday.
  3. That little ultralight is a lucky little rod. I caught my personal best bass (11.08 lb,,post spawn) on that rod as well.
  4. So this weekend, yesterday and today specifically, were my annual float the river days. Day one for Smallmouth and the second for Trout. The wheels came flying off of that Thursday night,when the areas were were supposed to fish got inundated with about 3-4 inches of rain. The Small mouth stream we had planned to fish was WAY high and really dirty. We drove over to the trout streams we were planning on fishing and they were also WAY high and looked like Chocolate milk, so, Home we went. We had to scrub the day. My buddy watched the rivers flow online yesterday throughout the day. The streams and rivers were falling, but still pretty stained. We had planned on fishing a clear area in the upper stretch ,but being a holiday weekend, we knew we would be sharing the stream with 10.000 other boats, rafters and tubers, so, Plan B. We rode until we found stained water, put the boat in , and started fishing. The plan was to work the seams where dingy water met clearer, but stained water. We tried nymphing along the seams, but after an hour of fly fishing...Nothing. So,Plan B went into effect. The Fly Rods got put away and the spinning rods came out. My buddy said that a lot of times, working a spinner or a jerk bait in the stained water edges would catch fish when nothing else would. I tied on a Panther Martin with a black body and gold blade onto my ultralight and a trout pattern jerk bait on the larger rod. On about my 3rd cast, I hooked up with a nice Brown trout that was 18inches +/-. That was a really nice pull on an ultralight with 4 Lb test. We brought the fish in, snapped a photo, then released him. Nice start. In the next couple of hours we caught 6-8 fish in the 14-16 inch range. We weren't catching a lot of fish, but the ones we were catching were larger on average than what we normally catch there. We pulled up to the bank, dropped anchor and ate our lunch. We watched a deer cross the stream and a pair of Kingfishers chatter at each other as the flew up and down the banks of the stream. We finished up with lunch and pushed back out and started fishing again. About 50 yards down, I hooked a fish that really didn't feel like too much, at first, but when the fish turned, we got a look at it, the fish got a look at us and it was ON. We tore up the stream for a few minutes, and finally brought the biggest Brown Trout I have ever caught to the net. The fish was 26 inches long and my buddy estimated the fish close to 7 Lbs, on a little Panther Martin tied to a 4lb ultralight rod/reel. We shot a few photos and revived the fish and watched it swim away. 2 casts later another nice fish or 19-20 inches. After that we hit really deep ,flat water and we caught a few more 14 inch fish. All in all, 4 fish in the 19-20 inch range, 6-7 in the 14-16 range and 1 big mamajamma. We did manage to catch 3-4 Rainbows that were 12ish inches. We didn't get to catch these fish on a Flyrod, but if it hadn't been for Plan B..We would have not been fishing at all
  5. Are you looking to sell this as a lot or as individual pieces?
  6. I do the same thing to keep the lines separated although, I place one line over each leg, in opposite directions,to seperate.
  7. I've made a furled leader or two. I've found that if you stretch the mono before you start twisting,the line wont kink up as badly as you work.I usually wrap the line around a door handle and pull the length of the line around the handle with a medium amount of pressure to get the line stretched.
  8. That sounds like a day you walk away from thinking.....Man I'm tired,but wow was it fun getting tired!!!
  9. OK, I was back over at the ponds today and think I may have figured out what's wrong. Today, the pond was about 2 feet lower that it was last week. Its been dry here,but not that dry. I did some more walking and found a potentially catastrophic issue. One edge of the large pond borders a creek. I found an area on the backside of the dirt berm that borders the creek where water is leaching through the pond berm and into the creek. It looks like part of the wall had slid into the creek.This means that the pond is losing water quickly through this leaching. Additionally the berm will be weakened to the point of it being totally compromised and the berm wall may collapse. I think the fish can tell that the water is dropping and have moved into deep water to spawn. I found the land owner and pointed this issue out to him. He is calling a pond/excavation specialist in the morning. The slide must have occured in the last couple of days because he hadn't seen it and it wasn't there last week when I was there. I did manage to catch a few fish,but most of my time was spent with the landowner looking at the issue. I caught few Bream today and one really nice one about 10 inches. I also caught a half a dozen bass as well. No photos today. Left the phone in the car again..DOH
  10. Looks like your trip is off to a NICE start!!!
  11. I would agree, but I have been fishing these ponds for over 20 years now, and the Bream beds are ALWAYS in the same places. This year, I have found no beds in any of the usual places. This is VERY odd for these ponds.
  12. So an early morning run to my covid escape pond was an odd one this morning. It was already 72 degrees at 7:00am this morning,so I'm thinking it will be a nice topwater Bream bite this morning. I tied on a fly that I modified from a swap fly I received last year onto the 3wt and off I went (First Photo) I started at the medium size pond. This pond has been yielding large Bream and Shellcrackers (Redear) for as long as I have been fishing there. Today, Nothing, not even a swirl. I walked the edge of the pond and found ZERO beds. Very odd. They had the pump on and had a pipe flowing some nice water in. In years past, you could flip anything in by that pipe and watch the fish fight to see who got to eat the bug. Today, nothing. I moved to the smallest pond (maybe 1/4 acre,very small) Same thing, water flowing into the pond with a nice current where you could float a bug like a trout stream. Nothing. Wow I moved to the big pond which has been covered with what we affectionately call snot weed. They had sprayed and the only snot weed that was left, were small patches. On my third cast I hooked up with a small bass. I thought, hummm, looks like this is the place to be. I worked my way down the far side of the pond and started picking up bass on a fairly consistent basis. I made it down about 1/2 way down the bank and heard voices approaching me. I looked up and here come 4 kids armed with 2-3 Zebcos each. They walked right by me and asked if I had permission to be there. I kind of laughed and told them I had known the owner longer that they had all been alive...total. Anyway, they spread out about 30 yards apart and started bombing the water with their Zebco's. I had a "hey you kids...get off of my lawn" moment,then turned around and headed back the way I had come. On my way back, I caught a few more Bass in the big pond I stopped at the tiny pond on the way out and switched to a big foam hopper type pattern and tried again. On my first cast into the current a Bass 1-1.5 pounds blasted my Hopper and we cut up the pond for a few. I released the fish and hit the current again and had another Bass blast the hopper. I walked the perimeter of the pond and caught a bunch of small to medium Bass. I did manage to find ONE Bream. 22 Bass 1 Bream 1 Shellcracker I saw NO Bream beds at all. This is worrisome to me because last year, by now, the Bream had already spawned twice. I'm taking a kayak over tomorrow to cover the ponds from the water and see if I can find where the Bream are bedding.
  13. 18.5-19 Feet? That is a MONSTER Grayling. You will be in the Guinness Book! All kidding aside, looks like fun was had!
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