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  1. The fly is kind of an adaptation of something I received in a swap. I use a #12 1270 curved nymph hook with a small black bead. I tie in a sprig of silver/green crystal flash, wrap the body with medium black chenille and tie in two white, round rubber legs in so they fan out over the back of the fly, then add a B/W grizzly hackle. The fish couldn't resist that fly yesterday. I have also tied them with an olive drab body color and the seem to work well too
  2. I caught one that I didnt get a photo of (phone left in the truck) that had almost fanned its tail completely off and its belly was literally bulging with roe. The next two weeks are traditionally the first big spawn of the spring around here. Full moon is usually when we catch the largest Bream of the year. Week after next, a buddy and I are headed down East to fish the blackwater creeks. Cant wait!
  3. Got a new job so no more midweek fishing for me. Finally got out to my favorite getaway ponds. The Bream are up in the shallows fanning out bads as are the Bass. Total for today was 16 Bream and 4 Bass. Man was it windy! I got a work out casting the 3 wt into the teeth of the wind. A random sampling of todays catch
  4. Needed something large and buggy looking for a Bass trip next month. Shaped some black sheet foam Tied in black crystal ice chenille and made body segments Easy Peasy and buggy looking
  5. HA, See if it EVER makes through NC on its way south.
  6. Maybe we could all chip in and get you a blue keyboard bib?
  7. Steve, You're gonna owe Mike a new screen if you keep posting rods with blue trim
  8. LOL, my first thought when I saw that was...Man, thats gonna make Mike drool
  9. Look online for a white noise generator. That has helped a lot of folks,but not something to use long term, Just to help through times when the tinnitus is bad
  10. Steve, I've had this issue for years. I find that if I keep some music playing, it seems that the ring isnt so bad. I tend to hear the music more and notice the ring less. It doesnt have to be loud,just loud enough to hear and understand.
  11. The Mad Duck


    Tough crowd here, you cant win...heh hehπŸ˜‹
  12. The Mad Duck


    Ummmmm, Maybe stick to the fly tying? 😜
  13. wow, can you pull a boat with that sucker?
  14. The Mad Duck


    WOW, that bull barrel I added to that 10/22 is da BOMB. I shot 1/4 inch groups at 50 yards and maybe 3/8 in groups at 100. I think that would have been 1/4 inch groups as well, but the wind was blowing 15+ knots and with a little bullet like a .22, wind is not your friend.
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