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  1. Has anyone received an update from Mark?
  2. Howdy all, When my Dad passed I inherited all of his tying stuff. Its been over 10 years and I am still finding stuff in footlockers and boxes. I have recently come across a stash of hooks for Salmon flies. Some single,some double. I have several hundred, mostly Mustad and Partridge hooks, varying in size, the smallest I've found ,so far being #12 and the largest into the Aught sizes. He fished a couple of times a year in Nova Scotia for Atlantic Salmon,so he tied lots of Salmon Flies. Me, not so much. I'm a Bass,Bream,Trout and salt water guy. So, My question is. What the heck are these worth,ball park. I would hate to pick each individual hook out and do a complete inventory. I will be dropping these hooks in the classified section when I get a better idea of their value. Any help would be appreciated
  3. skip to about the 1:00 Minute mark to see how these Pop N Cork works. This is kind of what I had in mind
  4. I'm headed down to the Outer Banks in September and will be fishing with a buddy for Reds and Trout. IN NC and a lot of other places, folks Use a Pop N Cork,which is an elongated bobber with a concave face and rattles inside. Normally a shrimp or a shrimp soft bait is fished a couple feet behind the cork,very similar to a dropper rig for Trout. I was tying some poppers to use and had an idea. I'm sure this has been done before,but my thought process kinda "Went there". I looped some mono like I do on some subsurface Bass flies I tie. I added several copper beads and tied the mono loop in at the eye. I superglued part of the loop into the front end of the popper and squeezed the foam shut. This gives me a popper that not only makes noise in the water,but gives off clicks like shrimp moving in the water. I'll drag a dropper fly like a Redfish Crack flies,which I have already tied up. I'm pretty happy with the results.
  5. I've got several Medalists and have them hung on Shakespeare Wonder-Rods. Went on a trip last spring to Eastern NC and fished those combos exclusively. Had a ball! We caught tons of big Bream
  6. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon. I cant wait until I am able to get out and fish again...Soon,I hope
  7. Maybe time for a bigger bench?🤣
  8. We were scouting a new lake back in the 70's that was in the process of filling up. We were on foot looking for a good spot to put a duck blind. We came across a very promising point and came across a civil war era graveyard while exploring. We contacted the company that was leasing the property as well as the ACOE. They contacted us within a day saying that they went and surveyed the point and the graveyard was well above the projected high water mark. We never put a blind on that point,but did go back and check it. True to their word,the graveyard remained High and Dry. We did put a blind on the next point up and had several good seasons there.
  9. That has to be the worst birthday present I have ever heard of! Here's to a speedy recovery and a lot more birthdays in your future!!!
  10. Pretty harsh there fella. Just because someone thinks or feels differently than you, they should leave? You sound like an entitled millennial. Lighten up Francis
  11. Spoken like the old guy that chases kids off of his lawn...Although correct on your points,partially 😋 Most bands have a hard time replicating their studio recordings (Rush and Genesis being the only two I've seen that I would consider "Note Perfect) As far as too many people...Meh, Its a concert,its to be expected. Didnt expect a private show,didja? 😋😋😋
  12. Oh Jeez, I've been to so many over the years Led Zeppelin in 73,75, and 77 were all top notch Yes..Yessongs 1973. A couple of the songs on that album were recorded where I lived at the time. Genesis in 1983-ish..Music was note perfect Lynyrd Skynyrd..1977 right before the plane crash Peter Frampton..The original "Frampton Comes Alive" tour 1976 Steely Dan. I saw them in Michigan at a music school in Interlochen in 1975. They seldom toured and this was a real stroke of luck that my cousins had tickets for this show. Deep Purple..LOUD, but good. My ears rang for 2 days afterwards Styx...Opened for Kansas and MOPPED Kansas up Those are the ones that really stand out to me in my memory. I've seen The Who. Their show was meh. Daltrey's voice was toast and Townsend and Moon were toasted. Black Sabbath was good,but Ozzy was off the night I saw them the first time
  13. The loss of a sibling is a real horror. Been there. All I can say is to accept it, and cherish your memory of her. Peace be her journey
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