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  1. TIER

    metolius river

    guess where i am going. So stoked!
  2. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    I am actually glad I am not in Alaska right now. When I left there was still ice on the lakes, but not enough to ice fish on, nor enough to open water fish. The burbot in the tanana would have to navigate through a bunch of ice to get to my baits, and there are no grayling in the rivers yet. Small fish is better than no fish, which is why I am happy to be here in oregon right now.
  3. How I found 90% of my spots: The inernet.
  4. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    my map told me about a road that didn't exist. Google maps isn't the greatest
  5. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    I sure did! I actually walked for a mile in the wrong direction because my stupid map was VERY incorrect, so I walked back a mile found this road, decided to follow it and I FINNALLY after an hour of walking though mud, cursing at my map, and getting rained on i was finally ready to fish
  6. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    I actually slipped on the mud lol
  7. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    Trask River, Tilamook, Oregon, 5/8/2021 I walked for a long time through mud to find this river and I was fishing for 20 minutes and i got this dude (it was actually a hen).
  8. i was fishing in progress qurry pond
  9. I CAUGHT my FIRST LOWER 48 FISH! (WARNING: This video is BRUTALLY HILARIOUS) - YouTube I know what you are going to say, but I was visiting family and I did a little side fishing. Fishing was NOT the point of this trip. But it is nice to get some new species. And test the water temp. I hope you enjoy this video, and if you do please hit that like button. Also Please subscribe to the channel and comment on the video to help the algorithm recommend it to other people so my channel can grow. Thank you!
  10. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    If i had the choice i would hit montana or minnisota for musky
  11. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    I am in oregon rn and i got these guys yesterday My first green sunfish and my first lower 48 fish My first Largemouth Bass More fish: I caught one more but didn't take a picture of it. But it's in my next youtube video so keep an eye out for it.
  12. cohos like everything you tie. chinkooks are challenging on the fly rod. coho are easier to catch
  13. BTW if you somehow get the chance for dolly varden they like smaller stuff like eggs and nymphs i have found
  14. if the river you are fishing is anywhere in the intiorior there probably won't be dollies. Now that is a very opposite case for grayling. They are in every river it seems like. Grayling like Adams, black gnats, blue duns, red tags, San Juan worms (Old reliable), prince nymphs, woolly buggers, hares ear nymphs, anything that looks buggy. You are on the right track
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