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  1. Sometimes we do, when it's above zero out. It was pretty cold outside this time, and everything we need is inside (it's hard to find a cup holder outside). With my new stove, (that vents outside) we have nice clean air inside to breath. It gets pretty windy on that lake too but now that you mention it, one of the guys did fish outside for a little while on this trip.
  2. Here's the Fox News link. https://www.foxnews.com/media/florida-bigfoot-sightings-massive-skunk-ape
  3. I knew you had the perfect spot for it. Enjoy it my friend. Got some classic oldies there with it.
  4. I am afraid, I too, will get to know him soon enough.
  5. In five days we caught 122 fish, and kept 8. The temps ranged from 0 to 23 below zero outside and between 70 and 80 in the house.
  6. Very nice paint jobs Steve.
  7. That seems to be the way with many boards, the upper one, two or three chairmen seem to be stuck to do all the work. I have left all my seats for the same reason. I am still active in just one association, a knife making one and again, I am one of two doing all the work.
  8. I'll tell you the same thing I tell my wife ( she just said the same thing to me that you said), it was actually 11 days ago. Seems a lot longer than that though.
  9. We're pretty much free range up here still. We sure like it that way. I'm leaving for a five day trip tomorrow and it won't cost me a thing except the gas for the motor home.
  10. Not in Alaska. Not any time soon anyway.
  11. I'm sure it's a fine thing to do, and certainly wouldn't hurt.
  12. Never even thought of it, but it's probably a good idea.
  13. Yep, going again on Friday
  14. Well, that stuff is very cool. I feel like I'd be beholding to you. I'd have to think of something cool for you.
  15. Very cool. After you get done with that, could you make me a Ragnar Lothbrook and a Lagertha? Just teasing. Have fun.
  16. Yeah, the last picture is of the first fish I caught one morning. That was just a few minutes after we got to the house, It looks pretty frosty in the house. Most of the other pictures show us in much less clothing, after things warmed up a bit. We're actually having a very mild winter up here. For the most part it's hovered around zero all winter. Not too bad really. Our holes haven't even been freezing up over night with the hole covers on them.
  17. You are the one that clicked it wasn't for kids. Either I am confused or you are. I guess I understand after SDs comment.
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