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  1. Just thought I would say happy birthday to this website. I launched it 19 years ago in July 2003 at the age of 24. Much has changed since that day but happy to know this site continues to be a resource for fly tiers around the world. One of the proudest things I have done was create this website.
  2. Glad you enjoy the hooks. I founded this site 19 years ago(if you can believe that) as well as GCO. I can't fish like I once did because of physical limitations but try to stay included by continuing to run this site for everyone to enjoy.
  3. "The Lord of the Toilet Paper"(rings).
  4. We are at the mercy of the software developers as far as what features exist and how they work. The old version no longer worked and was no longer an option.
  5. smalliehunter


    Agree with @Steeldrifter we can't pretended like it doesn't exist on here but we have to be smart enough to not make it an attack on any specific group of people(race, political party, etc). I know I hope all of you are handling this ok and that both you and your family are well.
  6. Time for a name change? suckerdrifter sounds nice.
  7. As sent to my customers today... "My hook inventory is drastically low and for that I apologize. We all know we are in unprecedented times and to sit at our desks and tie a few flies is both a welcomed and important distraction. I expect new shipments of hooks to arrive in less than two weeks and even when those shipments arrive I plan on keeping my $2 per pack price. As a home based business I will remain here shipping orders and doing what I can to help. -Will"
  8. I updated the profile section to remove gender and interests. I kept location and favorite species. Think those fields are relevant.
  9. I am actively working on speed improvements. Not much choice on the upgrade, the previous version was out of date and unsupported meaning the "license key" that enables anti spam features was gone. Which is why I had to disable registrations a while back. Either no new registrations or new version of software. I am looking into why the icons are missing...
  10. This turned out to be a far bigger undertaking than originally planned. Glad so far it seems to be mostly working well. The fly database is temporarily gone...
  11. Hard to believe it has been a year since I started up the Wooly Bugger challenge. I'd like to get this kick started again, anybody tie any new bugger variations in the past year? As we did last time if you post a bugger variation in this thread by the end of the month you will be entered into a random drawing. Don't know what the prize will be yet but I'll dig something good up.
  12. Been watching this post carefully and feel it is time to award the scissors. After going back and forth on a few flies I think the most unique and creative bugger posted here was tied by deeky on page one. There were several well deserving flies but I kept going back to deeky's unique use of a weave which I would have never thought of when tying a bugger. Congrats deeky, I will be sending you a PM today to get your address for the scissors. Just because I announced the winner today I hope to see you guys continue to post your bugger variations here, this thread has been a lot of fun!
  13. Well, I sat down at the vise, looked over my materials several times and just couldn't get the creative juices flowing so I'm gonna post one of my personal favorites that I have been using for several years. Hook: #4 Mustad 9674 4XL Long Tail: Olive Grizzly Marabou Body: Dirty Olive Leech Dubbing Ribbing: Copper Wire Hackle: Olive Grizzly Hen Soft Hackle Head: Dirty Olive Leech Dubbing Weight: Hourglass Lead
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