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  1. Pulled streamers for walleye again tonight but no wallys to net tonight. Did have a couple rainbows jump the streamer. One was quite the fat lil' football. They are calling for some more rain tomorrow (fingers crossed) sure hope so, that would help cool down the trout water where I can stop chasing bass/walleye and go back after what I really love which are trout. Then again long as there's a fly rod in my hand I won't complain.
  2. Trout water is still to hot this morning. I don't think it's ever gonna rain again 🙁So hiked up to above the trout water again for some warm water streamer fishing.
  3. Stripped streamers for walleye till midnight, feel like my arm is gonna fall off. Not much to show for a long evening/night. Couple smallish walleye and lost another. Had a pretty rose breasted grosbeak singing away over my head almost all evening long. Pretty little bird.
  4. Not sure how long, but still got a good amount of time. Spent the first 2 days at my cabin, now been in Mio for 5 days now so been gone about 6/7 days so far. For sure will be staying at least 2 weeks total. Might be longer....might never come back home 😁
  5. Thanks guys. I'm having a great time. Really need rain and the hot temps suck, but the good think about fishing waters you've fished your entire life is you know where to go and what to do to still get into fish when the conditions aren't right, even if its not the fish you came for (trout). The good thing is the temps are finally starting to break today. Starting tonight the nighttime lows are going to be dipping back down into the 50's and even into the upper 40's on Monday night so that should get the trout waters back into shape in a day or two hopefully. Just hangin out at the motel relaxing right now. Plan to hit the river tonight for walleye again later, not sure yet where/if I will go out during the day today. Depends on the temps.
  6. Walleye on the fly, in complete darkness, with the spey rod....that was challenging but fun. Wanted to trout fish but water temp was too high tonight so went after some wallys. Had the red LED's on my headlight while in the river and turned around to 6 sets of red eyes staring at me (family of coons at the rivers edge) think it took 2 yrs off my life, thought for sure the chupacabra was watching me.
  7. Hit the river real early this morning for a couple hours trout fishing before the temps went back up. Then about 10am I came back and went out this afternoon above the dam for some smallmouth since the trout water is too warm. Hoping it cools down a bit late tonight so I can get back on it, but might be middle of the night fishing tonight by the time it drops enough to think about hitting it again.
  8. Quite a change from last night. Was fish rising and hatches last night, tonight was almost nothing for hatch and just a few small trout. Sure cant beat the scenery though.
  9. Dave I'm starting to feel a bit old. I've never had problems seeing the eye of a fly even in low light, but last night about 9:45pm I was tying on a fly and couldn't believe how hard a time I had. With the trout water too hot mid day I decided to strap on the backpack and went exploring some trails behind the motel that lead down to Mio pond above the dam. Figured I'd see if I could find some smallmouth to take up some time till tonight when the trout water cools down a bit so I can head out. Only got the fish for two hours but landed one and lost two. Prob hit that spot again this week during the mid day heat.
  10. Waited till just before dark to fish a run that is a bit cooler temp. The ones I landed were not all that sizable, but was nice to have some active fish on dries after waiting out such a hot day. Right at dark the bugs started and I had what I thought was a small trout take a comparadun Iso dry because it was just a small rise to the fly. I set the hook and had a rainbow that was at least mid to upper teens fly 3ft out of the water. He must have jumped at least a half dozen times. After all that I get him about 10ft away and the fly popped out Will for sure go bacl to fish that run tomorrow night again because it really came alive with flies and fish right at dark.
  11. Yeah redhorse sucker/river redhorse. Think they go by a couple names I have seen.
  12. Some fun size bass to play with for sure. Hope the landowner is able to get that fixed up in a hurry.
  13. Not yet Bruce, but plenty of time left 😊 Went out for a few hours this morning before the mid day heat sets in. Got a decent variety in the short time on the water. Back at the motel cooling off in the AC then plan to hit the river this evening for some dry fly fishing.
  14. Somewhat the same here as well Dave. Here in Mio the flow at this time of year is usually around 1000-1100cfs range, but currently it's only 720cfs. The good thing is there is a chance for rain a few times over the next 3-4 days which would be really nice. Keeping my fingers crossed they are right on at least one of those chances.
  15. Long trip North started Thursday but was off the grid at my cabin on the lower Au Sable for the first few days. Spent the first few days chasing smallmouth with the spey rods. Fishing for them was tough but persistence paid off and picked up some pretty nice ones. Was nice seeing my buddy Richard get his first smallie on a spey rod I built for him, was a nice one too which was cool. Just got in to Mio this afternoon and set up my "home away from home" at the motel I have been staying at here for many years now, and will be here now all alone for the next 2 weeks or longer trout fishing, we'll see how the weather/fishing goes. Got out tonight for a short time and did a little nymphing in the evening and got a nice healthy football of a rainbow.
  16. Getting all of my trees in one area so that my Nephew can water them for me while I am gone on my long fishing trip. Guess I have a "few" 🤪
  17. Well this will be the last work I can do on my bonsai till after I get back from my trip, but wanted to get this English yew trimmed up before I leave. This one is quickly becoming one of my favorite trees since I started working on it a few year ago.
  18. To prune the roots you can basically completely remove any roots thicker than about 1/8" in diameter. The bigger/thick roots that grow are basically just to hold the tree/shrub in the ground and make it solid so it doesn't rock around in wind, they actually don't take up much water so you can remove the larger roots completely. The thinner roots that are 1/8" or less (feeder roots) are the ones that supply the tree with the water/nutrients it needs. So what you do is you take a metal comb and you comb out the root ball so that the feeder roots are not all waded/tangled up. Once you have most the root ball combed out, you can then prune the roots for the first time. Normally removing 50-75% of the feeder roots is okay as long as you remove enough foliage from the branches. Back budding is when you trim/prune a branch it basically forces all the growth energy in that branch back inward. So you will start to see new green buds growing on the inner part of the trunk/branches. This gives you more options for new branches to work with years from now as the bud grow into branches. Deciduous trees such as Japanese maples are actually some of the best bonsai candidates in the hobby no matter how long they have been in the ground. There are many places that sell 10 yr old ground grown Japaneses maples for bonsai work. As long as you properly dig up, root prune, and foliage prune a tree that has been in the ground then 9 out of 10 times it will survive. Usually when a tree that is dug out of the ground doesn't survive it's due to being dug up mid summer when the temps are too hot, or it was dug up at a time of year when the tree was not nice healthy and growing vigorously. Here's a pic of a really large trunk J.maple that was grown in the ground and then dug up and worked into a larger bonsai tree. The article that pic is from does not say how old the maple is, but going by the size of the truck I would estimate it was probably at least a 25+yr old tree that spent most it's life in the ground before being removed and worked into a bonsai tree.
  19. The first step! A juniper I am starting on its journey to becoming a bonsai tree. This one was just a small 1" diameter trunk shrub I bought about 6 years ago. In the bonsai art the saying is you grow trunks for the first 5-10 yrs. In other words to get a nice thick believable "tree" you need a thicker trunk. So you plant and ground grow the shrub to thicken the trunk quicker than being grown in a pot. Which I did for the past 5-6 yrs with this one and it went from about a 1" trunk to a 3" trunk now. After diggin it up yesterday I just cut it was back. This is done for two reasons. One, when you dig it up you root prune it to fit in a pot. So when you reduce the roots by 75% you have to reduce the upper foliage by about the same amount so it can sustain life. If you have too much foliage to feed and not enough roots it will not make it. The other reason is so that it promotes back budding. Now that the first pruning is done, this one will sit for about 1-2 years while it starts back-budding till time for the next cut back and then start working it into more of a "tree" look. Doesn't look like much now, but give it a few years and it will be a pretty snazzy lil' tree.
  20. Yes, and a well deserved name it is for sure 👍
  21. Just a little light trimming on this one this morning. Even though this is one of my smaller trees I think it's probably one of my favorite. Mainly because I grow it up over the past 7 yrs from nothing more than about a 3" tall stump that had no branches or leaves.
  22. Thanks Mike. Here's another one of my bonsai trees I've been working on today. This one started out as a shrub from Lowes a few years ago but have been working it into a windswept style over the past few years. Kind of like a tree that is braced against the wind up high on a mountain in the high desert. Did some deadwood on the front branches to look like they have been constantly pounded by the wind. They have a yellow tint to them in the pics but that's from the sulfur to seal them from infection, it will turn white over time. Now to let it sit in the sun the foliage pads can start filling in over the next couple years. Was nice to spend the whole day playing with bonsai trees. I leave for my trip Thursday morning so I finished up all the rod orders yesterday. I usually don't have this much free time so it was nice to sit out in the garden and work on trees for about 5-6 hrs today
  23. Been working on this ficus bonsai this morning. Have been working with it for a few years now but did some major pruning/wiring and replant this morning.
  24. Those are some real nice looking grayling.
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