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  1. I'm a bit of a vise nut, and I currently own a Renzetti Master, HMH TRV and a Cottarelli T-Rex. I'll review my history with the TRV. My first one would hold hooks up to 8/0 or 9/0 no problem...but nothing smaller than a size 8 or heavy wire 10. My second one was just the opposite, it would hold everything from a 28 to a 2/0, and nothing bigger. I loved tying on the vise but I wanted something that would hold the full range of sizes like the Renzetti Master. I bought my third TRV with plans to try and modify it to do what I wanted. One of the fine gentlemen here told me he owned a machine shop and had done exactly that to his own TRV. I sent him mine and the rest is history. On my tryout of the modified vise it would hold a 28 through 9/0. I tie on it most of the time, but give the other 2 vises a bit of use occasionally. I wanted something that held larger salmon fly hooks for the classics I tie and the TRV is what I saw as an improved LAW vise because it was a true rotary which the LAW is not. If your needs do not exceed anything larger than a 2/0 hook I'd say go for the TRV. It really is a fine piece of equipment. George
  2. Finally got some detailed information. But as a matter of respecting Mike's privacy, I'll leave it at that. I will say however, there are personal issues.
  3. Out of curiosity...what do they go for? This showed up just as I typed my question. WOW, a lot more than I would have thought.
  4. Is this the same vise that Elsie & Harry Darbee used?
  5. Adam, As a footnote to the topping prep. When I lay the feather on the glass, or in this case plexiglas, I use a bodkin (dubbing needle) to spread the fibers out to later get the cascade that looks so good as a topping and adds a certain something to the tail as well. You can also use that bodkin to shape the rachis into the curve that you want. George
  6. Interesting pattern...and a great job on the wing set!
  7. Looking good. Now for another detail. If the horns were switched to the opposite side their curve would match the curve of the wing...a tip I got from John McLain. Length and position are spot on!! I like the fact that you have the one bar of the tippet underwing right over the butt. Nice touch. I've attached a photo of how I prep my topping material. Doing good prep work makes for easier tying. George
  8. I'll have to go along with Bruce. I've heard nothing from anyone!
  9. I agree with Bruce on this one. You obviously show you have the ability to tie the classics. Simple basics will make for better flies. Keep the tail length to about 1 1/2 times the gape of the hook. That will then set the tone for the overall proportions of the fly. That being said, my buddy Gordeaux has been giving me grief for years about my tails being too long Another standard is 24 fibers in the main wing on a 2/0, 3/0, or 4/0 hook. If you go smaller or larger adjust to obtain the look you want. Finally I'd make the throat hackle a little longer. Just keep on tying and enjoy the learning process.
  10. My kind of fly and trout love these simple patterns. Do they work for you on the streams you fish?
  11. Facebook has always been garbage...TicTok is even worse...it is a political piece of s**t run by the CCP that is even worse.
  12. Great suggestion Norm. I spent more than a few days fishing with Sid. Always a hoot to be with.
  13. UH OH...I may have embarrassed Mark. All in good fun my friend...all in good fun 👍😁
  14. chugbug27 - As someone who has worked with Mark in the past...I can tell you with the greatest of confidence...take advantage of his offer. He is one of our true great people on this site!!!!! - George
  15. Nicely done! What did you use to get that "antiqued" look to the photo? George
  16. Thanks for the additional info Norm. I always enjoy learning more about the history of the sport. George
  17. Thank you for the follow up. My copy of that book is long gone.
  18. If my memory serves me well...and as a footnote to the Thunder Creek flies...they were originally known as Carrie Stevens reverse tied bucktails.
  19. How about a Bivisible? There are 2 hackles...more than the usual...yet simple for the beginner.
  20. I agree the fish don't care...I was just pointing out what Mr. Fulsher preferred and used. Do you fish Thunder Creek streamers on your favorite stream(s)?
  21. That I understand. I don't remember the Mustad number at this point, but if it comes to me or I find some I'll let you know.
  22. Very nicely done guys. I feel compelled to add a thought on these flies. As someone who sat with and tied these things with the Late Keith Fulsher I strongly suggest using less bucktail in the flies. He made it clear to me, to be rather sparse to get the thin streamline head that seemed to be the ticket to make these patterns effective. He never specified why, but he also preferred a Limerick bend on the hooks he used. They do add a certain something to the overall appearance to the fly. George
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