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  1. Thank you. I believe I saw those plopper tails at Dick's on clearance. i'll have to back today and see. I think those would work well on a 4/0 long shank 34007 and give a more consistent baitfish profile.
  2. Nice, what did you use for the tail?
  3. Whopper Flopper (mullet) Hook: Mustad 3407, 2/0 Thread: Monocord 3/0 white, Uni-thread 6/0 black Tail: Krystal Flash, pearl/Micro-marabou, grizzly/Standard estaz, pearl Tail support: 278lb stainless leader wire Prop: 1/4" lightweight bead, silver/Large propeller, nickel/5/32" lightweight bead, silver Spacer: Body Braid, red Back: Closed cell craft foam, 2mm, black and gray Body: Standard estaz, pearl Eyes: 3D molded 5/16", yellow Head: Clear Cure Goo, thick The Whopper Plopper has been one of my most effective conventional tackle topwater lures for redfish, snook, and trout since last fall. So the goal tonight was to create a version to throw on the long rod (hence the "fl-opper" vs "plopper" nomenclature). Early testing shows a good commotion on a strong strip, and a lower buzz on a longer rod sweep. Might try to sneak out to a snook hotspot for a real world test.
  4. Fully agree with you. Was out yesterday morning and hooked into a good slot sized snook (estimated 33-34") off of topwater. The fish was a fighter and circled the kayak several times. I had the motor set on spotlock because I didn't want to drop my bow and stern anchor lines to become snagging hazards, and also to stay in place and not blow the hole since fish were still busting bait. This kept the boat from following the fish meaning I had to work around my other rods that were vertical directly behind the seat every time he went behind me. I thought I had him beat at one point until he made a strong run to my right side and behind the boat, caught in the rudder and parted the leader. Funny how certain victory becomes a tragic defeat in just a moment. Even after landing lots of fish that size in the same conditions I am still thinking, Should I have taken it off spotlock and followed the fish? Do I need to rethink my rod storage option?, I forgot to change out the bite tippet to 30lb instead of the 20lb I had on from a previous redfishing trip? Should I have dropped the rear anchor line only and allow the kayaks bow to swing with the fish? If I would have landed that fish I would have simply taken a photo and released it without any other thought. But now I can guarantee that every time in the future I will have those very topics going through my head and may change my strategy. I fully get what your saying, why dwell on the negative? Simple we don't learn from our successes, but from our failures.
  5. Nice shrimp. Have a material list for that?
  6. Great swap everyone. Just in time for summer panfish season. And thank you WWKimba for the additions, they are already being put to good use.
  7. Twisted Copper John: Hook: Mustad 3906, #14 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, burnt orange Bead: Tungsten 3.3mm, copper Weight: 0.015 lead wire, 6 wraps Tail: Goose biot, dk. brown Body: Wire, 0.3mm, copper and black Thorax: Peacock herl Wingcase: Turkey tail Legs: Hungarian Partridge, brown Back: Clear Cure Goo, thick, UV resin, Bonedry UV overcoat
  8. My primary rod is going to be my convertible 4wt, 9'6"-11' rod. The 7 is in case I end up going back up to the Holy Water and slinging large streamers. I didn't realize the last time I was there how much quality water was only an hour south of where I will be staying in Medford. Now I only wish I had more than a weekend to explore.
  9. Foam Stimulator Hook: Mustad 79580, #10 Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, Fire Orange Tail: Deer body hair, natural Abdomen: Craft foam 2mm, orange Rear hackle: brown Wing: Deer body hair, natural Front body: Craft foam 2mm, yellow Front hackle: grizzly
  10. Gurgler- frog: Hook: Mustad 37187, #2 Weeguard: Hard mono, 25lb Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, white Tail: Saddle hackle, barred olive (2L-2R) and white (2L-2R)/ Sililegs, pumpkin/green/orange barred/ Flashabou, bullfrog Hackle: Saddle hackle, barred olive Body: Standard estaz, pearl Back: 4mm foam, white Front legs: Siliegs, pumpkin/green/orange barred Eyes: Plastic goggly eyes, 3/8" Color: Sharpie marker, olive/black/red
  11. I've been a Floridian for over 20 years now. if it is below 70 we are in pants, several shirts, possibly a windbreaker...below 60 and the breathable waders come out and add a fleece jacket under the windbreaker...below 50...thats just dang cold...
  12. Another option if you didn't want to deal with laces is velcro: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/redhead-classic-ii-wading-boots-for-men-with-rubber-lug-sole I got these initially for saltwater as it is tough to keep any metal hardware from being eaten, even with regular rinsing. These have held up well for last year in both salt and freshwater river/stream wading. The rubber sole is very grippy and I did not have any issues even on slippery surfaces.
  13. I did this for winter time kayak fishing where I know I won't be in the water more than ankle depth launching and landing and don't need full waders but want to keep my feet dry. I cut the neoprene feet off of an old pair of waders and got a pair of flats boots to go over them. I normally wear a size 11 but required a size 13 to fit the neoprene.
  14. The Ice Prince The Prince: Hook: Mustad 3906B, #12 Bead: 3.5mm tungsten, gold Weight: Lead wire, 0.020 8 turns Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, black Tail: Goose biot, dk. brown Body: Ice dub, peacock Rib: 0.3mm wire, gold Throat: Saddle hackle, dk. brown Wing: Goose biot, white The Black Prince: Hook: Mustad 3906B, #12 Bead: 3.5mm tungsten, black nickle Weight: Lead wire, 0.020 8 turns Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, black Tail: Goose biot, black Body: Ice dub, UV black Rib: 0.3mm wire, black Throat: Saddle hackle, black Wing: Goose biot, black The Golden Prince: Hook: Mustad 3906B, #12 Bead: 3.5mm tungsten, gold Weight: Lead wire, 0.020 8 turns Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, dk. brown Tail: Goose biot, dk. brown Body: Ice dub, golden brown Back: Turkey tail Rib: 0.3mm wire, gold Throat: Saddle hackle, dk. brown Wing: Goose biot, yellow
  15. Thank you. Looks like most of the standards. I'll give the Ted Fay shop a call and see if they recommend anything specific.
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