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  1. Do you mean a hook for tying tube flies? HMH makes one.
  2. I know that program bugs can be a little frustrating at times but I gotta laugh every time I read the thread title. Just something about a fly tying site with "bugs". Seems like it should be natural. Looks good by the way.
  3. They also have have a newer model that is vinyl laminated MDF. Maybe that's what you have.
  4. QUOTE (skunkaroo @ Sep 15 2005, 10:00 AM) An inexpensive alternative to lead wire is fine guage lead-free solder (obviously buy the kind without the flux core). Aaron Good idea! somebody's always thinking You can also just use copper wire.
  5. As posted in my tying room(basement): a clean house is a sign of a wasted life The wife didn't like it so it had to move downstairs with me Organized I am not, but it's nice to see what it could look like.
  6. Here is one I like: Crappie Candy There is a ton of others.
  7. I have heard some good things about the E-Z rotary vice from hook and hackle. I have never used this vice myself, just heard some good reports from people who have. I think they are like $50. Myself I bought a Danvise and am real happy with it, I tie 20 - 30 flies a month sometimes more.
  8. There's usually not much to be cleaned if they were lost during molting. If you're worried about them you could stick the quill end of each one in Borax. I would do somthing about possible bugs though. Stick them in the microwave for 30 sec then put them in a zip lock bag with a piece of flea and tick collar.
  9. How about Aunt Lydia's rug yarn, it's polyester. Would that work?
  10. Marty

    What Are These

    maybe these: http://muextension.missouri.edu/explore/wi...atohornworm.htm
  11. I would get some self adhesive foam weather strip for that door. Put strips horizontally about 2" apart. I bet you could put a lot of flies on that door that way.
  12. Cork is free with every bottle of wine I got a sister inlaw that could probably keep everybody supplied
  13. I just loop over the tip of the line and nail knot it with 20lb test mono. Then trim smooth. No problems yet after 2yrs
  14. This isn't my idea but I have tried it and it works: (saved from another forum) Place the barbell eyes in a cardboard box (preferably with short sides) and spray paint them on one side with the desired color. Let them dry and then give the box a quick shake. The painted side is slightly heavier and will naturally go to the bottom revealing the unpainted top. Then just spray the top and you're done. You can even use this technique for two-tone eyes.
  15. I am the Technical Services Manager for a small telecommunications engineering firm. Which small basically means I am the head cook and bottle washer.
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