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  1. I've had good results using "Congo Hair"(an EP fibers substitute) and "water silk", both available from flytiersdungeon for a lot less than EP material. Wayneb
  2. Hi All; I have the following bag from BW Sports: http://www.fishwest.net/Merchant2/merchant...re_Code=flyshop A lot cheaper, is huge and seem to work quite well so far. A friend saw mine, and also saw the price and bought one too. Now, all I need is a portable bench that will fit in the outside pocket. Wayneb
  3. Hi All; The retrieve on a stealth bomber is very much like a Dahlberg diver. If you give it a quick twitch, it acts very much like a popper but, with a brisk strip it dives and creates quite a bubble trail. I typically fish a gurgle pop but when the gurgle pop doesn't work the Stealth bomber does! Both are real easy ties but the bomber takes about twice as long to tie with most effort being in cutting the foam in advance of tying. Wayne
  4. Hi Breambuster; The easyest method I've found is to use a small coffee grinder. The material works best in a coffee grinder when the length of the materail is 1/2 inch or less and you don't put a lot of material in at one time. What type of material were you planning on using to mix/blend with your existing dubbing? Craft stores are loaded with all types and colors of yarns for experimenting, some even have wool roving that basically looks like long fibered dubbing already. I've mixed both acrylic and wool yarns to make dubbing blends and made an antron and squirrel dubbing for red fox squirrel nymphs. all have turned out quite well. Are you trying to make your existing dubbing slightly darker or lighter? If so, you could probably add a little bit of white or black yarn and get what you want. Wayneb
  5. Hi Narcodog; Which one?? Wayneb
  6. Hi Mike; Great Feathers has a good site: http://www.flyfishingmaryland.com/index.php And the shop is great too! Wayneb
  7. So, is it similar to a ball mount for a camera? If so, I can really see how advantageous it could be. Wayneb
  8. Hi all; I'm confused, what advantage does the ball mount give, cool looking vise either way. Wayneb
  9. I'll be there Saturday. Last year the Hatches booth had all the issues for sale plus sixth finger scissors of which I purchased. Wayneb
  10. Hi Avelino; What you want is made by crown condoms, I think it's also called natural color. Wayneb
  11. Hi JohnP; Nice tie, what size hook is that? Wayneb
  12. Hi Sniksoh; A good, inexpensive bass bug taper floating line would be an Orvis clearwater line. They are 1/2 weight heavier than normal and a front loaded taper, great for turning over heavy, wind resistant flies. I kinda feel as others do that a 10wt is overkill 8wt or 9wt max should be more than adequate but, to each his own. I typically cast an 8wt glass rod and can cast the big wind resistant stuff with ease. A 9wt glass rod such as a Garcia 2406 glass rod, could probably cast baitcasting lures if you wanted it to. TFO pro and/or Lefty Kreh series rods are really good too. I have a tfo pro 9ft 8wt and it's a great caster and a real bargain. I'm biased towards fiberglass rods and you could pick up an 8wt/9wt glass rod off ebay for a fraction of what you would pay for a new rod. Advantages: glass rods are more durable, slower action makes it easier to cast open loops that assist in casting some of the big,heavy, wind resistant bugs. Disadvantage: glass rods are heavy. good luck with your choices; Wayneb
  13. Hi John; Thanks! Oh, by the way do you use the same source for latex as others?? Wayneb
  14. Hi Avelino; I concur with the others, I love all the patterns you have posted but this one really stands out from the rest Thanks for posting; Wayneb
  15. JRG: the vice is a Peak vise Wayneb
  16. Hi Avelino; Thank you very much for posting all your Ties in the Spanish Wet style and this step by step. I find myself returning to view these patterns over and over, they are quite beautiful! Also, I appreciate that you have included tips on how and when to fish them. Sincerely; Wayneb
  17. Hi John; Well don, I like the addition of the pearlescent white band. did you construct this fly with out lead underwraps? If so, how does it behave compared to weighted varieties. Thanks in advance; Wayneb
  18. Hi Mike; Here's a picture of one: http://thebasspond.yuku.com/topic/2140 Wayne
  19. Hi Maj Bob; Do you know how MasterCook compares to FlySource?? Wayneb, your Southern MD neighbor
  20. Hi Flyguys; Chartreuse and white is my go to color/pattern. I tie a little hank of angel hair on hook shank instead of flashabou and then blend into fibers with a toothbrush. It distributes/blends the angel hair into the fibers and creates a larger but more subtle flash to the fly. Chartreuse & white seems to work better for me than realistic bait fish colors, at least for bass and crappie. As far as tying less material on, just keep halving the amount you tie on and you'll eventually reach the level you want. It only takes a little bit of material to make this pattern. Wayne
  21. Hi Flyguys; For a first attempt. it's close to perfect! Maybe use a little less fibers but otherwise I think it's very very good! Wayneb
  22. For head cement to get good penetration into thread, I find Sally Hansons thinned with about 50/50 with acetone gives the best penetration. For a glossy head finish I would follow up with a second coat of Sally Hansons, un thinned. I use a needle application bottle for the thinned head cement works really well. Wayne
  23. Hi yellow bomber; Just finished my first read of the link all I can say is WOW! I defientely will read through that a few times, a lot of great information on dubbing. Thanks for sharing this; Wayne
  24. Hi All; Placed a birthday special order April 26th, received May 1st. I wonder if the Mad Scientist is able to process orders faster if you've ordered a couple of times. Perhaps the shipping information is in the system allowing him to process and ship faster. Wayne
  25. Hi Ray; That photo turned out nice, what type of camera did you use? Wayne
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