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  1. Sorry, I must have worded it poorly...I am looking for the most dense pre-made streamer brush.
  2. Just curious what everyone thinks is the streamer brush that would make the densest (is that a word?) head for shaping like is done with deer hair. Trying to avoid spinning deer hair or making my own dubbing loops with synthetic fibers. So far, I think the flash blend brushes from just add h2o might be best, but I have not tried them all. Seems that a brush with stiffer synthetics would be better than fox hair, ep fibers, or other soft synthetics. Anyone else doing this with success?
  3. Look up "super bugger" or "hoschlag hackle fly" (rubber legs bugger and weighted to ride hook point up), but replace the marabou tail with a pair of rabbit strips. As others have said, the larger claws are not needed - when crayfish swim (backwards), the claws come together and look like 1 tail anyway - with 2 rabbit strips they spread a little when resting and come together when swimming.
  4. Alternating clumps of marabou between a few wraps of estaz like Galloup's Barely Legal pattern gives the marabou more profile and motion also.
  5. If you need to stick with the hooks you have, and don't want to add heavier eyes, then try bending the front portion of the hook (the eye plus an eye-width of the shank) a little so it resembles a 60 degree jig hook or at least a down-eye. Hopefully the metal is not too brittle to bend a bit without snapping....
  6. I agree with shoebop, a down-turned eye will effectively put the barbell eyes further away from the point of rotation, giving more torque to flip the fly.
  7. For dry fly hackle, and tails, spend the $$ and get good quality. Nothing worse than a dry fly that doesn't float right due to poor materials.
  8. Cool, how do they look under the black light dude?
  9. Murdich Minnow, Circus Peanut weighted or on a sink tip.
  10. Trout and/or Smallmouth Streamers that I have been working on recently:
  11. Lefty, but tie with bobbin in my right hand. But I have done a number of things right handed due to need, so I say I'm semi-amphibias. Hehe.
  12. I quit buying spanflex for legging material due to the curling....too bad because it is more durable than rubber or silicone legs.
  13. Thanks guys, I think I will go with the 4 pc, 7'9" 3 wt. I'm sure I will like it for small streams and am hoping that it has enough crispness to use for medium length casts out of a kayak for bluegill sometimes. Tod
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