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  1. Sorry, I just saw this, or I'd have replied before you came. How'd you do? Pink was good for me this year. Some years it's chartreuse, some years purple, etc. This year I had numerous fish hit on the first cast after tying on pink. It was my go-to for silvers. Next year, who knows....
  2. I'll hit craft shops, but if I need something I buy it from a fly supplier. There is alot of stuff you can find in craft stores, but I have learned that not all materials are created equal. For some things, there are no substitutes. Flashabou being one. Christmas tinsel/ice cicles are flashy, but they're not Flashabou; they're far more brittle and break easily. I've had issues with substandard feathers as well some other dyed materials from craft stores having poor color that literally washes out as soon as it hits the water. But I like the selection of beads and some of the fibers they have available. Definately worth the look, but they'll not put fly shops out of business any time soon.
  3. Never bothered my fish. I do let them air out for a while, but never had a problem. I do think some smells could be an issue, like gasoline or bugspray. But you'll never be able to get a fly scent free and I don't think you need to. If it absolutely reeks, maybe. But I have the same issue when I put bars on my flies with magic marker. I'll smell magic marker for a while, but it's never bothered the fish.
  4. Thanks guys. I hope she can quit.
  5. I'd say this sums it up perfectly. I'm not a bug nor a realistic tier, but I'd not be able to bring myself to use them, just for the sake of me not having any fun tying it. But I'd not get overly upset with someone using them. As a muskie guy, I tie all kinds of crap onto my hooks, but that's how I sleep at night...I'm tying ONTO a hook and that is my "fly." To me, a lure is the body you hang hooks off of, or just a hook with plastic impaled on it. A fly is built onto the hook via tying and a bit of head cement.
  6. Congrats man. How'd you do it? I'm trying to get my girlfriend to quit and she wants to but each time she's tried she just gets nuts, miserable and boderline depressed and lasts about three weeks and smokes again. She's tried Chantix and it messes with her head even more so that's a no-go. She's talking about doing hypnotism for it now! Any tips?
  7. My lab is doing whatever I am. Either going to work, fishing or tying. He's going on 7 and has never chewed anything and that applies to tying materials. He'll sit and watch, but with two of my three bedrooms being dedicated to tying, the "smell" of it doesn't really phase him so he could care less. He only wakes up when I open a beer and he knows he gets a sip. But with so much Flashabou floating around my house, often enough he'll get a strand or two of Flashabou down with a rawhide or stuck on a ball he's chasing and it'll go down...and a day or two later...come out. Sometimes I have have to...."help"....it out for him. But he's my best buddy, so I don't mind. I just keep a paper towel close at hand and it's part of it.
  8. I've lost count of my fishing ink. From my school of spawning silvers on my right chest, to my freshwater arm and my saltwater arm...I'd snap some pics but I'm on my couch post-op from surgery on my leg and I just can't get it done right now. If this thread sticks around long enough, I'll try to get some pics. I'm getting my right forearm done in March.
  9. I don't tie much for trout, if at all really, but for steelhead, I'll use either Power Pro braid or a braided dacron.
  10. One of the reasons I love fishing and tying for big fish is that you've got so much room for "artistic license" when it comes to patterns. They'll eat it. You don't need to worry about ratios, propotions, or "is this too much of that?" These fish allow you to tie to suit your tastes and one of them will eat it! I like tandem and even three hook flies, but there's alot of pike and muskie flies that are hook followed by 6" of material. Most of my muskie flies average 10"+ so I do use aft hooks on pretty much every fly. But your pattern there will work fine. Tie it as you like, and enjoy.
  11. Yeah, I'm a transplant. I'm still a resident of AK (drivers license, truck plates, etc), and was in Kodiak when I joined the site. The CG has me here for the time being until I go back up there or back out West. From Indiana originally and this is my second tour here. Love LSC!!
  12. Welcome. Where are you located? I'm in Harrison Twp about three minutes from the lake.
  13. That looks great. I love the shape of it.
  14. I use the Mustang inflatable with the HIT inflation....it inflates via water pressure rather than just getting wet. Fishing where I do, and driving my boat in the weather and seas I do, I'd heard stories of the "pill" getting wet and deploying from a heavy rain or taking green water over the bow. So I dropped the coin on the HIT vest and I love it. I had a manual vest, but in my job and seeing what I see, I lose confidence in a manual vest. Many or most people are rendered unconscious or at least unable when thrown from a boat. For wading, and just falling down or getting in over your head, yeah. But for a high speed boat on big water, I like the automatic inflation.
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