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  1. mikemac1

    hook size

    Search for “Fly Hook Comparison Chart” and you will find plenty of examples. However, if you are expecting that all #10 hooks are the same size you are dealing with a “Can of Worms” Although there are some loose conventions when describing hook length, gap, and wire weight; there is no standard on size. Traditionally hook sizes are merely proportional up/down from the manufacturers #1 hook size. Although the lack of a size standard may be disappointing to a new tier, there is actually no compelling commercial reason for standardizing hook sizes. Trying to do so would stifle hook innovation of which we’ve seen a lot of in the last few decades.
  2. I would say these are 3-4” but the basic pattern call be tied in any length. The heads are Flymen Fishing Fish Masks and Eyes (eyes are separate but sized to Fish Mask) attached and sealed with UV cured resin.
  3. I tie my deceivers with CDL rooster cape hackles, Just H20 Steve Farrar blend fibers and fish masks. Used mostly for Specks they are extremely durable while the CDL and SF Blend makes for a very translucent profile.
  4. A lot of TU chapters have dedicated programs for local veterans and chapters are always fund raising. Donating flies and gear to a local TU chapter can be used not only for fund raising, but for direct support of veteran’s events. The Madison-Gallatin Chapter of TU is one of the largest and hosts several annual programs for Veterans and is always looking for flies and gear donations to support the events.
  5. You might want to check out orgs on this list
  6. One dozen BWO/Sulphur dries ready to ship.
  7. I think I got mine today. Nice Ties. Mailed 5/14/2021. Pony Express was faster.
  8. If “round” is not imperative, Drew Chicone’s Fettuccini Foam makes a pretty good large leg on big flies. I’ve found it to be very durable and easy to work with.
  9. This little guy was just crawling out the water around 9AM. I suspect a small Golden Stone? About 1 inch long.
  10. One dozen Tan CDC Hi-Vis Caddis ready for the post. Tan CDC Hi-Vis Caddis Hook: Firehole Stick 718 #18 Thread: Veevus Fire Orange 12/0 Body: Tan Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing Wing: Tan CDC with orange Foam indicator
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