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  1. I just love to look at pictures of flies that the members tie and post but as a new tyer I would love it even more if the post6er would include the recipie. Those look great BTW
  2. I to am new to fly tying also but really like that one. I agree I would make the tail and wing half the size as shown. It should prove to be an excellent bluegill fly. I think I will tie a few up this evening.
  3. Nothing like the kids of with an early addiction. at least it is a healthy one LOL
  4. I am in a swap on a different board and am tying soft hackles with my cats hair for the body. I tied on last night and it looked pretty good.
  5. Kieth first off let me say welcome to the site. I also just started tying flies and had trouble with dubbing and it is true Less Is More. If you think you have the amount of fur to dub the thread cut it in half. Trust me you will get the hang of it.
  6. That looked so good I had to try tie one myself. I just started tying last week and that was pretty easy to tie and mine came out pretty good to. If I can get a good pic of it I will post it later. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I just started tying flies a week or two ago. The only thing good about the Bass Fly Tying Kit I got at Bass Pro Shop was the learning factor that though it does work ( some what ) the vice and tools are sub par just above junk. That being said it did get me not only started but addicted to tying. Now I need to buy a good vice, scissors, materials etc. Until then I will use what I have and still enjoy the learning process.
  8. Looks good want to share the recipe?
  9. I to would like the recipe
  10. That is a great book for us beginners.
  11. Just wanted to stop in and say hello. My name is Tim and I am addicted to fly fishing and fly tying. WOW I feel better getting that off my chest. It is true you feel better when you admit you have a problem. I have been fishing with conventional gear for over 30 years and this past July I picked up my first fly rod, well 6 months later I now have 3 rods and last week I picked up a fly tying kit. So far I have attempted to tie some Caddis Nymphs, some Clouser Minnows, and a few Bendbacks. Some have turned out fairly well and some a disaster but hey I know about learning curves. I was browsing through some posts and think this site might be a great help in learning to tie. I look forward to reading more and hope to learn a lot. Tight Lines, Tim Northwest Indiana
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