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    I think this picture speaks a thousand words. I saw it a long time ago and never forgot it. THAT'S FRIKEN CRAZY!
  2. I think it's awesome that your going for it! If I had one bit of advise it would be to wear light colored clothing when making a video. Your body is the back drop for your movie. It makes it easier to see what your doing. Makes sense , right? GOOD LUCK AND CARRY ON DUDE!
  3. This is the one I copied. Like I said it's not very big at all.
  4. AH HA HA HA! Would be a tiny hoohah. This thing is not very big at all. Maybe 2 1/2" long tops. LOL
  5. I actually made these. Is what I use now. I copied these from some I saw on the web.
  6. The clear plastic version is on E-bay for a little over five bucks and have several sizes to choose from or a four piece set for $10.99. Search cdc feather clip. Might be a little wait though. They come from China and shipments are being held up because of the coronavirus. I know first hand. I have some dirt bike parts in limbo. Or just use a bulldog clamp (second photo) from Walmart with some black tape on the jaws. The black tape helps to grip the fibers a little better. I used the bulldog clip for a long time until I made a clip of my own.
  7. Diary of a fly. That's really neat to see. Very cool. Nice job.
  8. I too would be interested in checking one of these out. Any idea the price yet?
  9. This might sound stupid, but if your tying area is located on a carped floor, you could get a office chair floor mat and put it under you. At least any dropped hooks would land on it and not get lost in the carpet. If carpet is a factor here.
  10. Cream, Absolutely beautiful fly! Don't mean to stray from topic.
  11. This pattern is called "Simple Hopper" . You can change up the colors to better match the natural hoppers near where you fish. I tie in all-green and brown foam with light tan or yellow dubbing.
  12. This happens a lot. Size 1/0 fly tied on a size 2 hook. Your hair skills look good, just a fly to hook size problem. This happens a lot with small dry flies tied by beginners too. Hey, we learn from our mistakes too. I know I did. I bet your next set of Dahlberg Divers come out great!
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