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  1. Maybe Jack Dennis could post it. I was so glad when he posted the video of Don Ordes showing rope dubbing technique
  2. Wow, been a busy boy!! Great stuff!!
  3. Thank you Mark!! Makes sense now. I will try that figure out how to post pics of my hopeful improvements
  4. I see now that the link has the video in it!! Never mind
  5. Rick, i have been trying to see this video for sale on eBay for two years. If I send you money for shipping, could I borrow it then return it?
  6. Thank you captain for the additional pics and info. Can’t wait to hear about the other weedguard styles and other patterns that work well in Florida!!
  7. Captain, could you show a pic of the hairpin tied in when it is ready for superglue??
  8. Great looking bream killer!! Welcome from Longwood.
  9. Craig Riendeau came up with this
  10. Norm, great job. Your speed was perfect to deliver information effectively. Lots of videos turn into a sprint to see how fast they can tie in and wrap materials, etc. I would watch more. Go Red Sox!!
  11. Loved following along. Thanks all for sharing.....
  12. Those came out great!!
  13. I think it will work for sure!
  14. Never seen bead chain that small.
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