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  1. Great tie. I especially like the proportions on the Golden Stone. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I vote for TFO. Personal preference. I guess casting them is the best way to figure out which one is YOUR favorite.
  3. I've got three kids no grandchildren for at least another 10 years I hope. Two girls and a boy. 9, 11, 14.
  4. I do get the same head first diving on my minnow patterns with a CCG head. Unfortunately, I can't give you a direct correlation between the two as I don't have 2 identical flies with epoxy on one and CCG on the other. I can say that in this application I've been sticking with CCG mostly due to ease of use. Since CCG is not as hard as epoxy when cured I would guess that epoxy weighs a little more, but that is just a guess.
  5. This could be what you are talking about. I got one and like it for stripping full sink lines. http://www.troutsflyfishing.com/store/fishing-accessories/stripee-finger-guard.html
  6. Great ties Fred. Nicely done!
  7. I've been using essentially the same flies for a while now and they have treated me right as well. Nice ties.
  8. I definitely agree that casting them is the only way to decide what rod is best for you. I do own 4 TFO's and very familiar with 5 of their lines, so I might be able to provide some info to assist in your decision. First it would depend on what you plan to do with the rod. Besides from the BVK (I don't have the experience to say one way or another)I've spent a lot of time with the Clouser and the Axiom in a 7wt. Both rods are great, different in how the action responds when casting. The Axiom, TiCR and TiCrX are all fast action rods where the Clouser IMO is more of a mid flex rod with a stiffer tip. When it comes to sinking lines and big bugs the Clouser rod handles those better as that is exactly what it is designed to do. I also like all three of the other models mentioned. Each is a little different and should be left to personal preference. Keep in mind this is just one opinion from one angler. The choice is yours.
  9. I'd say its' a personal preference. I fish both a 7wt and a 8wt and I would choose the 8wt if just one rod for those species. I would also get a rod with a softer mid section versus a fast action rod for throwing the big flies. Again personal preference. Let us know what works best for YOU.
  10. I would get the Rio Mainstream as you mentioned or the Deep 3, which will be my next full sink line. There are a lot of other options out there, but I'm a Rio guy myself. I have been hearing good things about the Gallup Streamer Express sink tip with the 50 foot head on it.
  11. I use it for heads and such and it is always tacky; like a magnet for marabou. I don't cover it with Sally's as I don't think it makes a difference once wet. When it comes to covering a surface on poppers or the like epoxy can't be replaced. The finish is more even and harder with epoxy. Each product has it's place. Yeah, what Kirk said. T
  12. I will use either a 25lb heavy mono or 50lb braid depending on how much structure (connection stiffness) I want in the fly. I don't use any beads between the front and back hooks. I never add weight to the rear portion of the fly to maximize movement.
  13. Get the Rio Deep 7. I fish that line on my 7wt for everything from lakes to rivers. I can fish it efficiently in as little as a foot of water. The Deep 6 is a good choice as well.
  14. Most of my carp flies are crayfish variations I tie often with a split tail and soft hackle. Some of my best producers of better known flies are: Clouser's Foxee Red Minnow Clouser's Swimming Nymph Backstabber Hair's Ear
  15. I will use Scotch Guard on my foam flies before fishing. It helps keep them clean and floating much longer than anything else I've tried.
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