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  1. Killer. May have to twist some of these up in case I need em on the Smith River this summer A
  2. Ennis has the Madison, which some people consider to be some of the best fly fishing in the world. Personally, I find it to be busy. Whitefish has some good fishing. Talk to Glacier Raft Co. if you are looking for guides. The middle fork of the Flathead is some great fishing and awesome scenery. A
  3. I am partial for the Moorish hopper and the Chernobyl hopper a
  4. Not ghetto in my mind. I use P-line flouro-clear for my flouro leaders. I have a spool of 10# and 6#, 4# in my bag all the time, and a 4# mono. On a triple nymph rig I tie 10# to the anchor fly and 6# between the others. If you like you can go down to 4# between the second & third fly. Essentially what you have is a tapered leader tied between your files. I will also surgeons knot tippet onto my store bought leaders to make them last longer. Flouro for streamers, mono for dries. If you like you can also reload your little tippet spools with line from a big spool if you like. A
  5. I second that. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Calgary and he is a great guy in addition to a great tyer. A
  6. I fish a similar pattern which is a traditional prince in either red or chartreuse wire with rubber legs. I tie mine with smaller legs though. They are a good trout nymph. A
  7. They also have a good selection of wire that you can use for wire San Juan worm and Copper Johns. Since you are starting out, I would try to decide what flies you want to tie, and get you supplies based on that, especially if you are on a limited budget. Buy what you need and then go from there. Andrew
  8. I'm loving that head profile, sure it moves a ton of water. All around a killer pattern.
  9. I'm loving that. Well tied. A
  10. Artuculated Rabbit strips & Senyo Laser dubber heads.
  11. I was in much the same position. I didn't have time to tie while I was in University and starting my career and family so I was away from it for a while. As others have mentioned, Charlie Cravens books and web site (http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/) have been great for me. The nice thing that there was not access to 25 years ago was YouTube. There are so many great videos showing different flies, tips and techniques. As a fellow Canadian, there are a couple places to order from online http://www.canadianllama.com/ has great materials and the best prices I have seen. Troutwaters.ca also has a good selection of stuff. I shop locally in Calgary at fishtales.ca. They don't realty have an online shop, but they do ship orders if you call them in. Andrew
  12. I hate using cement so more often I will use 2 whip finishes and a dab of CA glue if I remember. It may be over kill, but it is just habit. I've never been a fan of putting the cement/glue on the thread before I whip finish as I somehow end up with glue everywhere. To each their own. A
  13. Perhaps he was referring to a tiger trout. They look camoflauge. A
  14. I tie mostly on Diachi hooks and they come in the pouches like these I use baseball card binder inserts and keep them all in a binder/ The packages fit perfect into the card slots. Most other brands that come in the little pouches fit too. I also use this for bags of beads. Andrew
  15. Plenty of Canadians go to Cuba to Fish, especially in the Cayo Coco area and Las Salinas in the Zapata National Park and the Rio Hautiguanica. http://vimeo.com/19717622 If you are looking for info, hit up my local shop FishTales.ca. They run lots of trips, or can hook you up with a guide. Andrew
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