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  1. OK, let keep this going. Papa Roach (Variation) Hook: Wet fly Thread: Danville 6/0, Olive brown Eyes: Bead chain, black Abdomen: Zonker strip, two-tone olive Underbody: Wapsi Life Cycle Nymph Dubbing, Olive Wings: Pheasant rump, dyed olive Legs: FTD Bug Legs, olive Head: Wapsi Life Cycle Nymph Dubbing, Olive
  2. Blue Upright Hook: Standard Dry Fly Wings: Duck quill sections Tail: Dun hackle fibers Body: Stripped Peacock herl Hackle: Dun
  3. Ginger Quill Hook: Standard Dry Fly Wings: Duck quill sections Tail: Ginger hackle fibers Body: Stripped Peacock herl Hackle: Ginger
  4. Thanks. I have tied them in sizes from 12 to 20. Smaller sizes for streams, bigger for lakes. I just use standard length hooks.
  5. The California Mosquito is a great stillwater midge imitation. I prefer the traditional Mosquito body with alternating light and dark Moose mane. I also like to tie the wings flat over the body and divided in a 'V' shape.
  6. Jaydub

    Sad news indeed

    Someone posted this on another site. https://www.donaldlbarberfuneralhome.com/obituary/Kim-Bowman?utm_source=obit-share&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=relationship-bar&utm_content=copy-link
  7. The parachute will work fine as a spinner pattern. And sometimes an upright wing (not spent) spinner works. It could also imitate a mahogany dun (Paraleptophlebia). Your making good progress. As far as improvements, I would thin out the body and tighten up the parachute wraps.
  8. With that hair (many broken tips), you'll never get a fly as pretty as Norm's example. If your aim is to catch fish, it probably doesn't matter. I would work on cleaning up the head area. You can either trim the butts before tying in the wing or leave them long, tie in the wing, pull back the butts and whip finish under them, then trim.
  9. Be sure to clean out all of the fuzz from the hair before attempting to stack it. The large stacker can be used for smaller flies. Hold it at an angle so that the hair stays on one side of the stacker and tap on the edge of the table.
  10. TMC 100 is really a dry fly hook. Of course, you could use it for wet flies, it's just a light wire hook. Daiichi 1560 is a 1xl nymph/wet fly hook. The 1550 is standard length. I use the 1xl for most nymphs. Sticking with TMC and Daiichi (there are a lot of cross reference charts out there): 1. California mosquito: TMC 100, Daiichi 1100 or 1170, 1190(barbless) 2. Soft hackle wet flys: TMC 3761 0r 3769 or Daiichi 1550 or 1560 3. Black gnat: Dry see 1 above. Wet see 2 above. 4. BH Soft hackle: TMC 3761 or Daiichi 1560
  11. I just leave them on the whole feather until I need them.
  12. The original Found Link is not a Hackle Stacker, If that makes it more tempting.
  13. March Brown Wet Fly Hook: Wet fly Tag: Gold tinsel Tail: Pintail flank dyed Wood duck Rib: Gold oval tinsel Body: Hare's mask blend Hackle: Brown Partridge Wings: Mottled Turkey
  14. March Brown Spider Hook: Wet Fly Thread: Red, Danville 6/0 Rib: Gold oval tinsel Body: Hare's mask blend Hackle: Brown Partridge
  15. You guys are knocking it out of the park with Norm's Wet flies and Streamers, and Poopdeck's Hackle Stackers.
  16. Sounds like a real defensive battle.
  17. Properly dismantling a radio tower requires specialized skill, equipment and time. Especially one that old where all of the sections are probably rusted together. My guess is they just removed the guy wires and toppled it over, then cut it up for scrap.
  18. Seems like it would work, but I would look at how well it closes at the handle end. Any gap can cause the clamped materials to be loose.
  19. And yet there will be 65000 willing suckers (I mean participants).
  20. Yes I have some stored that way and some in plastic compartment boxes.
  21. I had to look that up. Not what I expected for a "Midge". LOL
  22. I don't have any plans, but I made dividers for some shallow metal drawers that I have. It's made from 1/8" MDF. The dividers interlock with table saw kerf-width cuts of half the depth. Here is one of the dividers removed to give you the idea. I started by ripping the strips to width. To cut the slots, I used a sacrificial extension attached to the miter gauge. I added a short 1/8" pin to the extension, to set the spacing. I could cut one slot, drop that slot over the pin, cut the next slot, drop that slot over the pin an repeat... I think that I may have clamped several strips together for this operation. It's been a few years.
  23. Green Butt Skunk Hook: TMC 7999 Thread: Black, Danville 6/0 Tag: Silver tinsel TailL Red hackle fibers Butt: Chartreuse yarn Rib: Silver oval tinsel Body: Black Angora Goat dubbing Hackle: Black Wing: White hair, might be skunk or kidd goat. The label is gone.
  24. Yup. I alluded to that here.
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