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  1. Royal Coachman Hook: Standard Dry Fly Thread: Black Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet Wing: White Duck Quill Body: Peacock Herl with Red Floss Center Hackle: Brown
  2. I don't think I have ever stripped off one side of a dry fly hackle. If I want a sparse hackle I use fewer wraps. I have seen flies with hackles immpressively close to perfectly upright that were not stripped. I have stripped one side on soft hackles occasionally.
  3. I bought a bunch of materials from FTD at a show right before the pandemic. Among the stuff I bought was some scud back material ( I think they call it bug back). Most of it sat in a closed drawer for a couple of years. When I tried to use it, it wasn't usable. It would break with even the slightest stretch. I guess we need to be careful about what we stock up on.
  4. Currently 193 patterns have been tied http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/112443-challenge-thread-fly-pattern-list/ That's really not that many compared to all of the possibilities.
  5. Anderson's Bird of Prey - October Caddis Hook: Heavy Scud hook (Daiichi 1120) Bead: Gold tungsten Thread: Danville 6/0, black Tail: Partridge Rib: Flashabou, pink Body: Arizona Diamond dubbing, Oct. Caddis Hackle: Partridge Head: Peacock herl
  6. Being October, here are some October Caddis. Both of these use the same materials but with the wing and collar materials swapped. CDC and Deer Hair October Caddis Hook: 2xl Dry fly Thread: Danville Monocord, orange Rib: Flashabou, pink Body: Wapsi Caddis Lifecycle dubbing, orange Wing: Natural brown CDC or deer hair Collar: Natural brown CDC or deer hair
  7. Getting ready for the October Caddis hatch. Mikulak Sedge Hook: TMC 2312 Thread: Danville 3/0 Monocord, orange Tail: Deer hair Body: Dubbing, Wapsi Caddis Lifecycle, orange Wings: Deer hair Hackle: Brown Butthead Hook: TMC 2312 Thread: Danville 3/0 Monocord, Red Tail: Deer hair Butt: Tying thread Body: Dubbing mix, Wapsi Caddis Lifecycle, orange and Brite Blend, burnt orange Underwing: CDC Overwing: Deer hair Hackle: Brown Thorax: Dubbing, Wapsi Caddis Lifecycle, yellow
  8. It looks like the classic solution in search of a problem.
  9. Western October Caddis (Dicosmoecus) are quite large. Troutnut.com says 30mm long for adults. http://www.troutnut.com/hatch/2594/Caddisfly-Dicosmoecus-October-Caddisflies A standard size 10 hook might even be a little small.
  10. Hoh Bo Spey (Variation) Shank: MFC 35mm Fly Shank Trailing Hook: Owner SSW on 30 lb Fireline braid Butt: Ice Dub, pink Body hackle: Guinea Body: Polar Dub, black Hackle: Purple Marabou Flash: Flashabou, pink The pattern calls for Lady Amherst Pheasant tail fibers but don;t have any.
  11. Glad you got into some fish, despite the heat and smoke. Those Crooked River rocks are SLICK!
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