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  1. nice report and well done on the personal bests! love the colors on wild rainbows
  2. the ones I tied for my groomsmen were I did on a regular salmon hook. I used a metal file to dull the hook point and smashed down the barbs. Attached them using black utc wire.
  3. I'm now interested in the effectiveness of the antenna on the goddard - I have fished the flies after the fragile antenna have broken off and don't find them nearly as successful and hence always tie them in. It is one of my favorite caddis dry flies when it has antenna. But I'm not sure there is any science behind that or if its i just lose confidence in the fly. guess ill have to do some more testing, aka tying and fishing. I agree, flytire, that I wouldnt expect the trout to key in on the antenna, but then again we do know they pick off crippled mayflies at a higher rate than healthy
  4. Flies look great! Curious to know how those antenna will work on the Godard Caddis - I've only ever used strip hackle stems for them. Where are you heading for trout this time of year? Rivers around me are warming up
  5. If the motor's running, I will tell you your optometrist would be absolutely correct! If the engine ISN'T running, then you can disconnect the lanyard ... but the PFD should stay on. Kill switch yes. PDF Nope. I'll never wear a PDF. Never have never will. I don't care if someone wears one or not and I can't understand why those who choose to wear one want me wear one. A few years back pa passed a law forcing anyone with a 16' boat or smaller to wear one during cold weather until may 1st. I went out and bought an 18 foot boat so I don't have to wear one during the April shad run. I'll wear eye protection while fly tying before I ever wear a PDF. If I were to force my choices on everybody else then I would reinstitute prohibition, ban deep fryers, outlaw raised casting decks and high HP motors. Thankfully I believe in people making their own choices. I'm not a rebel I just don't like wearing a PDF. i have them and I'll put one one when I feel it's needed Just like wearing safety googles when fly tying. For the record I wore a PFD once but that was only because I was freezing to death and needed it for added warmth. I'll fight you over this
  6. Native brookies are by far my favorite to catch for the same reasons you listed (wait till they get their spawning colors in the fall!) I like the fly and will definitely being tying up some coyote uglies! thanks for the post mike
  7. I bought two packages of the 100 quantity and, while i haven't had time to tie with them yet, they appear to be as good quality as the tungsten beads i usually purchase.
  8. I too ordered from them after I saw your post (can't have enough tungston beads). I also received my package two days after placing my order and received the sampler hooks as well (all individually packed and labeled). +1 on the shipping fees. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience with them and will order from them in the future. Thank you Islander for the lead...
  9. "I am not really a swinger but plan on getting into that" The old keys in the fish bowl
  10. as a Yankee fan I was just busting balls - didn't intend any actual disrespect.
  11. I love the generosity on this site - shows that even a Sox fan can be human, if only for a fleeting moment
  12. CADenali, those flies are pretty... do you have a recipe for the second one - it's similar to one of my most productive nymphs
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