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  1. FLdk

    Fish Pictures

    I went out early yesterday, so early i had to wait for some daylight so i could see my own feet. Caught two nice seatrout (searun brown trout) before sunrise.
  2. Looks like a nice trip Wading without waders in january, not going to happen here
  3. Congratulations Nice fish, now you don´t have to get out until summer, just sit and think about this one
  4. My camera refused to take a decent picture of this, so i had to scan the fly: Another Marc LeBlanc pattern.
  5. FLdk

    Zoo Cougar

    I really like the big yellow one, would be great here in spring as an "Ålekvabbe" (Zoarces viviparus) imitation. If only the weather will behave, so the surfers can´t get out
  6. What a start of the year, nice flies all around January, 8th and 7 pages already !
  7. Thank you, i have a secret crush on the Green Highlander. Not going to try the married wing version yet, maybe one day. More Art in colors to enjoy, keep postin em Thank you, more will come next year. Got a few "projects" in the sketch book.
  8. Another LeBlanc pattern. Added a bit more green heron than the original pattern.
  9. Not just NO ... but F--- NO !!! Don't worry....I'll push him down when he gets here and snap a quick pic lol Don't worry....I'll push him down when he gets here and snap a quick pic lol Possibly, a lot of peeps here would be down with that.... Chill the Chell... $$$Bettin some Buck$$$ here... #proof.in.pictures.$10forUSA.Veterans.donated HERE.....#takedown Too funny, i can´t wait to see some pictures (Sorry Mike)
  10. Sounds like you two are up for a good time Can we get a picture of Mike doing a snow angel ?
  11. I haven´t found anything warmer than my old woolly gloves. They have a thin thinsulate lining which helps when it´s windy. Still keeps me warm enough when wet. Hard to find these days, i have been looking for years for a new pair. Last pair i got was in the local supermarket, only £2 for a pair. Guess i should have bought more than one pair.
  12. @troutah, those caddis flies looks great, will have to try those next year.
  13. Beautiful work Eide ! Not the worst way to spend an evening
  14. FLdk

    Fish Pictures

    Ah, i just saw how cold it was in Haparanda, that´s why Didn´t know your seatrout was completely protected, that is good news. You sure need more of them ! The sea is still 7 degrees down here, no chance of ice so far. And i don´t think i´ve ever met a finn here, only danes, swedes and norwegians. And germans of course. Anyway, season starts soon here too, will be nice to get out and catch a few baltic seatrout
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