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  1. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is completely closed.
  2. I would about guarantee you those will catch fish. Very buggy looking.
  3. That will work, for sure.
  4. I love fly-fishing for wild trout, but I like catching about anything that swims by about any method, too. I love running juglines for catfish, too. I'm not above sitting on the river bank bottom fishing for carp, either,
  5. Because I don't live there. They have no discounts for non-resident landowners. They are glad to take my property taxes, though.
  6. We have some big redhorses here, too. They will sometimes hit a nymph. I tore a pair of waders to hell on a barbwire fence a few years ago chasing a 7-8 pounder downstream thinking I had a huge brown trout on.
  7. You can get those big three gallon ones that you could stuff a good-sized housecat in. 🙂
  8. I have bought a NC Sportsman's license every year since I turned 16, and I'm pushing 53 now. $60 a year covers about any hunting or freshwater fishing you want to do in the state, including trout, public land, and big game hunting (6 deer, 2 turkeys, 1 bear.) I also own a place in SC and do a lot of fishing and hunting down there. They eat me up on non-resident licenses. I spend about $400+ a year for licenses to hunt and fish down there.
  9. I have an old Thompson F I bought about 40-some years ago that I still drag out sometimes if I'm tying a bunch of big streamers or something. My everyday vise is a Griffin Odyssey Spider. I like it a lot, hard to beat for the money.
  10. Those big ziplock bags. Then, in a plastic storage container.
  11. The squirmies I have, superglue dissolves them instantaneously like pouring salt on a slug.
  12. Good video! That is some beautiful country up there. I need to make my way up there before I croak, for sure.
  13. I release lots of fish of all kinds. I kill and eat lots of fish of all kinds. Catfish and crappie are year-round staples in my freezer. When I kill a mess of trout, I eat them fresh. I really wish more people would keep a limit of wild trout here in the Smokies. Since catch-and-release caught on, most of the creeks are absolutely clogged with small, stunted trout, like an overpopulated farm pond full of little bluegills. .
  14. I live in the Smokies and have been fishing the park waters for nearly 50 years. As others have said, as long as you are inside the national park, all you need is a basic NC or TN fishing license, no matter which state you're actually fishing in. TN's license is much more expensive. Fishing in March can be fantastic, or it can be dead, depending on the weather. Late March is usually good most years. The weather in March can vary from warm, springlike weather to frigid cold and deep snow. Also, the creeks are often running high that time of year. I have been skunked in March, and I have had some fantastic days of fishing. You can usually catch fish on nymphs, and they also are usually hitting dries by then if the weather is fairly warm. There are usually some blue quills and quill gordons hatching off by mid-late March. I never really pay much attention to hatches and hatch charts here, though. Most standard attractor patterns will work just as well as anything else unless you happen upon the very, very rare heavy hatch. Most Smokies trout aren't selective at all, but they are very spooky and demand a good, drag-free presentation and stealthy wading and casting. Some flies I wouldn't hit the creek in March without: Tellico, Prince, and Pat's Rubber Legs nymphs in #12-14. Yellow-winged Princes are really good, also. Some smaller sparse nymphs like pheasant tails, Copper John, or Higa's SOS in #16 or so. Dry flies: #12-#14 Yellow Palmer, Adams, Thunderhead, Beaver Tan, gray-bodied Elk Hair Caddis, #10-#12 Charlie's Whopper, #16-#18 Blue Quill and BWO.
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