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  1. All I can say, is that in over forty years of tying, I have never broken or stripped a vise, And I've never owned an expensive one like a Renzetti or such. I've been tying loads of flies for years on a Griffin Odyssey Spider with no issues. I still have a couple vises that still work fine that I bought when I was a teenager, and I'm now in my 50s. Sounds like you are doing something to them. Just how big of an ol' boy are you? 🙂
  2. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is completely closed.
  3. I would about guarantee you those will catch fish. Very buggy looking.
  4. That will work, for sure.
  5. I love fly-fishing for wild trout, but I like catching about anything that swims by about any method, too. I love running juglines for catfish, too. I'm not above sitting on the river bank bottom fishing for carp, either,
  6. Because I don't live there. They have no discounts for non-resident landowners. They are glad to take my property taxes, though.
  7. We have some big redhorses here, too. They will sometimes hit a nymph. I tore a pair of waders to hell on a barbwire fence a few years ago chasing a 7-8 pounder downstream thinking I had a huge brown trout on.
  8. You can get those big three gallon ones that you could stuff a good-sized housecat in. 🙂
  9. I have bought a NC Sportsman's license every year since I turned 16, and I'm pushing 53 now. $60 a year covers about any hunting or freshwater fishing you want to do in the state, including trout, public land, and big game hunting (6 deer, 2 turkeys, 1 bear.) I also own a place in SC and do a lot of fishing and hunting down there. They eat me up on non-resident licenses. I spend about $400+ a year for licenses to hunt and fish down there.
  10. I have an old Thompson F I bought about 40-some years ago that I still drag out sometimes if I'm tying a bunch of big streamers or something. My everyday vise is a Griffin Odyssey Spider. I like it a lot, hard to beat for the money.
  11. Those big ziplock bags. Then, in a plastic storage container.
  12. The squirmies I have, superglue dissolves them instantaneously like pouring salt on a slug.
  13. Good video! That is some beautiful country up there. I need to make my way up there before I croak, for sure.
  14. I release lots of fish of all kinds. I kill and eat lots of fish of all kinds. Catfish and crappie are year-round staples in my freezer. When I kill a mess of trout, I eat them fresh. I really wish more people would keep a limit of wild trout here in the Smokies. Since catch-and-release caught on, most of the creeks are absolutely clogged with small, stunted trout, like an overpopulated farm pond full of little bluegills. .
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