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  1. Ingenuity or redneck, you decide...lol!
  2. FishnPhil


    I went from cheap waders that fit like a tent to some Patagonia waders to see if they last longer than 1 year. Three times the cost and they fit like skinny jeans. Not sure I like them. Plus they leaked the first time out! Maybe I should have gone with my gut and bought Simms. Time will tell and my reviews will document it haha.
  3. Rollercoaster of emotions DFoster, hah! Lots of great info in this thread regarding multi fly rigs. Just when I read a post that makes me think, this is it, a read another that is "it" also. Covering multiple depths, multiple fly species, multiple stages of a hatch, indicator-less, all good stuff and all accurate in different situations.
  4. You guys make me feel lazy. LoL!
  5. AWESOMENESS!!!!! It's pricey but one day I'll hopefully fly, passenger, in one.
  6. I tried 3 flies once or twice but at today's prices, losing >$6.00 per rig every time I break them all off, it became cost prohibitive
  7. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=batman+nymph :D
  8. I started tying flies to save money
  9. After tying those 8 - 1/0 flies, size 16 seemed so small.
  10. I think we're gonna need a bigger net! Or Love at first bite
  11. Peacock bass is on my bucket list for sure, awesome!!!
  12. Almost tied all of the pre-prepped glue eggs. More Brewer Hot Head Leeches. Purple, pink, and fuchsia
  13. Thank you. I'm happy with my first ties even though they aren't perfect. The one tied in the pic, you can see the glue drooped just before I dipped it into water. Dangit! haha. Without temperature control on the glue gun, I learned the hard way that once the glue gets too hot, it flows reeeeaaally well, doesn't stick to the hooks, and makes a mess. Good thing I had a paper towel under the vise. My next ones should be a little better now that I will focus on glue gun temperature control. The texture of the dried glue is awesome.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoF_a0-7xVQ
  15. Maybe we haven't captured on on camera because it is so ugly that it fears exactly this. Oh wait, then that would then be a Squonk. What is a Squonk, you say? According to wikipedia: The legend holds that the creature's skin is ill-fitting, being covered with warts and other blemishes and that because it is ashamed of its appearance, it hides from plain sight and spends much of its time weeping. Hunters who have attempted to catch squonks have found that the creature is capable of evading capture by dissolving completely into a pool of tears and bubbles when cornered. This explains it!!
  16. Then I hot glue gunned these And turned one into this. Finally found the unofficial name of this paricular pattern, Brewer Hot Head Leech.
  17. Spankers Eyes too far forward on this one More like it
  18. Is this one silver, mullet, minnow, chrome, herring, or juice?!
  19. I simply could not pass the deal when I found Piscifun reels on Wish one day when I was in need of a reel It has been a great reel and the drag works as good as any others I have tried in 4 and 5 wt. Reel and spare spool for less than 1/2 the cost of anything "name brand" of comparable quality. Though it did take like 3 months to arrive haha. Patience Daniel-son! Looking at their website, seems they're priced have gone up over time but they still have reels <50. Wish used to have some absolutely insane deals, not sure if it still does but you have to wade through garbage and do research to get quality items, same as shopping in the US
  20. Very nice. I'll never get tired of Claypool bass lines. What I like about this is they aren't the only thing you hear lol. Cool stuff!!
  21. FishnPhil

    Fly Fishing

    There are a lot of problems with what you are thinking. 2ft is not deep enough, how will you keep it from freezing in winter, what about predators eating your fish, etc. The biggest problem will be the birds eating your fish. I see you live in Alaska, which likely means you have so many fish eating birds around you that within days your fish will be eaten. That's not to mention all the other meat eaters in the woods that will come running to the fresh fish dinner you've setup for them. Listen to Mark on this one, tie as many flies as you can carry and take them out to try them. Also remember, just because the fly didn't work that day, it might work the next. Don't give up on any of your patterns if you think they'll work!
  22. DFoster, that's something I have wanted to learn how to do. Wouldn't you consider that euro/czech nymphing? Are you always short line or high stick nymphing?
  23. I think the more important question is 1st... Would you eat it? 2nd...will it taste like chicken? :D
  24. I normally use method #1 or #2 from flytire's post, depending on the flies, place, etc.
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