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  1. So your saying long casts, and tan vests/shirts.
  2. How on earth do you do it. I'm fishing in a small, clear creek with salmon. So, I tie on an egg and sight fish. I ,m just bouncing it on the bottom, you know. Not a SINGLE take. They didn't even look at it. I didn't have any nymphs, so i couldn't try those, but i tried a streamer, and i got the same result as the egg. Please help what am I supposed to do? Do they hit dry flies?
  3. You might want to try poppers if you can find slow enough water.
  4. So, i am tying a artistic salmon fly, right? I get the body PERFECT. But then i start to tie the head, and that's where i go down hill. the head ends up being 1/4 of the whole fly. Sorry i don't have any pictures. I have been getting better, like this one that i tied for my mom for mothers day. That's pretty good, but the head still WAY to big. Please help.
  5. Yeah mike! Come up here! Then if you pass through delta junction, you can go fishing for monster grayling like the ones in my videos with me!
  6. SPAMMER! No, i'm just kidding. I think having and artistic salmon fly forum would be great, because Artictic salmon tying is so complicated, it can't be put in with dry flies, nymphs, streamers, ect. But that's just my opinion. Thanks for the new forum! James
  7. hey guys how do i tie a good moth pattern, that seems to be clearwater river grayling's favorite food.
  8. I was the people that ripped down the clearwater were like that.
  9. You are VERY correct there, mike. And for the group, did you not see how i stuck my hand in the water before grabbing them? yes i didn't do it with the first one, but i did it with the rest of them. yes i held the rod too high, but that rod is not meant for tiny little grayling. It's mean for salmon, so unless i have a world record fish on (23 inches is the record.) those fish can't really do anything. But I am buying a a 4wt soon, so i will be pretty careful with that.
  10. Gotta go hit the big lakes and fish deep.
  11. So i caught a tagged grayling ( sorry, no picture.) and I had no clue what to do with is, so i released it. I feel like i was supposed to do something with it. What do i do with a tagged fish?
  12. Ahhhh, losing subscribers, a problem that has been going on with me for a long time. There is one thing that I have learned, and that is POST REGULARLY. Make posting every 5 days a goal. And, What i am taking out of this is that you have no video ideas. Yes, improvement on quality would help, but you also need ideas, so here are some. You should try making more dry flies. Try making a blue dun, goodard caddis, or a black gnat. Or, you can make panfish flys. Or big streamers, like wooly buggers. Or saltwater flies. Brainstorm your ideas and write them down, and keep them somewhere where you can find them.
  13. 70-75 degrees, but that is NOTHING compared to Florida! 😀
  14. I am back in delta catching grayling, and I love it. The river is getting kind of boring, so I really want to go to quartz lake to catch some trout and char.
  15. even thought i don't bass fish, i would recommend a shad imitation.
  16. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    Snakehead on a fly? Man, that must have been fun!
  17. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    Nice 'bow, GC! I wish they got that big in Valdez. But i am in delta now. And if you didn't know delta is the interior (of course you did, Mark.), and the interior of Alaska is the land of big boys. I suck a trout fishing, and yet i caught a 14 inch trout on ice in 4 feet of water. That's pretty good if you ask me. so hopefully I'll take out a jon boat this summer and rip some lips with my friends.
  18. Yep another fishing meme.
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