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  1. Been lurking for over a year and have began tying again. Watched a lot of videos and read a lot of articles and post, was still having issues with the whole "helicoptering" of wire. Tried using small wire cutters and they always left a tag. Found these on Amazon. Not pushing a product but it's an alternative and cuts really close for .035 and below. Vepkuso Wide Jaw Opening Oversized Stainless Steel Toenail Cutter
  2. Should have clarified, in my house Cheers
  3. I find myself dinking around tying around 1:00-2:00 in the morning when everyone is sleeping....
  4. There is always a PM option instead of airing it out for all to see
  5. Congrats. Retired from the Military in 2008 after 30, and still working part-time for a the Middle School and High School over here in Japan. Enjoy yourself and take time to relax
  6. "Watch every YouTube fly tying video you can on the subject" Pick a fly, learn to tie it and then move on. It you watch a bizzillion videos, you forget which fly you initially wanted to tie, and end up ordering lots of material because "that look's easy." Eventually you forget which fly you started out tying.
  7. We are stationed in Japan and so I have to buy everything online. I can say that Amazon is not on my list of tying tools or material. Mad River, Stone River, Slide Inn, J Stockard and Tactical Fly are getting all my business, and have been since Jan.
  8. It was in 1983 and I was going into my Senior Year in college. I was hired on as a camp counselor at Lake CouerD’Alene, so I thought “what the heck, it’s time to give it a try.” My grandfather gave me a bamboo fly rod several years earlier and I had no idea how to cast let along what a Tippet was. I did a little reading and bought Martin 65 reel (Which I still have) put some 7wt floating line on with no backing, tied on what I thought was a leader and off I went during one day off in a canoe to a nearby cove. Got no clue what fly I put on from the local hardware store, but after several hours, managed to hook up on what I though was a monster. I finally stopped using the reel to bring in all that line I threw out, and slowly managed to land that 3-inch Bluegill. I couldn’t tell you much more about that summer, except I did a lot of casting and caught a lot of Bluegill. After I graduated, I bought a graphic Rod (Which I still have) and spent more time learning how to fish, just with flies. I eventually began tying my own, and I can honestly say there is no feeling better than seeing a fish chase down a fly you tied. It was a simple Renegade, but to me it looked like Jaws coming after Richard Dreyfuss.
  9. "Fast and Furious 17, The Runs "
  10. Been trolling for several months and finally was able to join. I've appreciated the tips and techniques and I'm glad to finally be able to download some of the charts and pictures. Currently live in Japan working for DoDEA as a Staff member for Special Ed. Gave away all my fly tying stuff before I came over in 2010 but now I've got a vice and hooks and starting to get back into tying again.
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