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  1. X3. I'v also found they don't wrap as well as fly tying wire.
  2. I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together
  3. Mike, The real question is why are you standing on the railroad tracks?
  4. All, Finally back in the states and while I haven't ventured to pull out my tying stuff yet, I did come across an inexpensive ring light at Ollie's, a Bargin Store here in SC and along the east coast. Light, tripod, swivel, and phone holder. three light temps, and a dimmer for $12.95. I found it in the as seen on TV part of the place. As I don't have my vise out I just set up some flies on wine corks to see how it would work out. Not displeased.
  5. Watch any of Tim Flagler's videos and he always finishes with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails (SHHAN) , which is nail polish.
  6. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/atlantic/spey-dee/lesson3.php The Speys were introduced in the 1800's for fishing the River Spey In Scotland. The Dees were introduced on the River Dee in Scotland. Both styles are similar yet, different. The one big difference is in the wing style. The Spey typically sports a Bronze Mallard wing that sits low along the hook shank while the Dee wing is split and somewhat drooping along the hook shank and, is generally of Turkey.
  7. Agree on Clare, the original and originator. But I've got a great affection for Rachel Fury's performance as well, hence Delicate sounds.
  8. I would have to disagree with you Mark- Delicate Sound of Thunder tops the Wall
  9. Congratulations to her. Great shot and transports me to those quiet places.
  10. Looks like you saw the one that mattered. Well done
  11. For the last nine months it's been most everyday, not just hump day! This was about 30km from where Lawrence had one of his headquarters.
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