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  1. Very cool technique, thanks for sharing
  2. Wife sent me a picture of return package she pulled from the PO box today. Looking forward to ripping it open when I get back off of travel!
  3. Like all insurance you don't need it, until you do. Then that $3 was worth it
  4. Poorly worded on my part they are NOT oily or fishy. They are, delicious.
  5. I generally don't eat fish, but I love Redfish. They are all the things you don't want, oily, fishy, or soft.
  6. Plunger style hackle pliers or electrical clips. https://www.walmart.com/ip/6pcs-Electrical-Probe-Testing-Wire-Hook-Clip-Kit-Red/194055069
  7. Harry Turtledove has made a career as an author playing the what ifs of history. History is full of important intersections where the future is decided.
  8. Kind of like going to an old timey barbershop. Never know where you will end up in discussion. But back to the forum, has anybody got a go to pattern for this?
  9. In the mail, Due Monday, will PM tracking. Thanks for hosting
  10. You're on the wrong side of the state. Medicine park, blue River, and Lower Illinois are great this time of year.
  11. I for one would be happy to tie a new fly on every 20-40 small mouth or so. I can tie a lot of flies and wish that math would be the case every time I went out!
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