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  1. I keep an eye on the bay!! most places won't come with a tail. I like them soft tanned as I cut them for zonker strips.
  2. I use a regular filter material that a guy on another board sent me. you can get it at TJ's tackle https://www.tjstackle.com/ I use automotive powder paint and it works just as good as CS and is WAY cheaper. I've been really lucky I've never had to pay for lead!!
  3. Fly Dye from Anglers http://www.anglersworkshop.com/Water-Fowl-Feathers/Anglers-Fly-Dyes they're out of a lot of colors right now and the dunn listed is a dark dun. Stone River Outfitters in New Hampshire Blue Dun https://www.stoneriveroutfitters.com/fly-tying/fly-tying-materials/veniard-fly-dyes.html and here's the color chart for it http://www.veniard.com/product2597/section191/blue-dun One thing with Stone River if it isn't listed they don't have it! They only do 2 orders a year.
  4. If you dye a tanned fur you'll have to re-tan it to keep it soft! I tried doing a cold dye on some white arctic fox hide and while it came out okay still wasn't as flexible.
  5. Make sure you have sharp blades in your cutter if your going to zonk it!!
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