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  1. While I like the Hareline craft fur my favorite was always Doug's Bugs! Well Targus bought them out and slowly the craft fur went away!! I've slowly picked some up on the bay and last week got a notification there was some for sale!! Made an offer and got 34 packs of it!!
  2. I started out using Easter Egg dye, then kool aid, then liquid RIT then a buddy on FAOL sent me some Veniards then I got Fly Dye from Lure parts online. Never had a problem with the Kool Aid bleeding as long as I set it with White Vinegar. The Rit Liquids are good as long as you use about 1/2 the bottle but I love the Veniards and Fly Dye. I always use Dawn liquid dish detergent and some borax in warm water to clean and soak everything. Always make sure your materials are wet before you try dyeing.
  3. Looks like Hairline is now making a Law dubbing rake copy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5BCueDR0rQ
  4. So sad to hear!! Talked to him many times on the FAOL board chats!!
  5. Thanks Norm!! And Steve we appreciate all that you did!!
  6. I'd like to see pictures of everything and what you're asking for it.


    1. mrgramps


      If you are in a hurry to see what it looks like then go to the Janns Netcraft site and look up their janns netcraft wire former. It is exactly the same as theirs, since cabalas had it with their name molded on it first years ago. The heads are the same in fact I purchase two new heads from janns to use on the cabelas unit which is exactly the same.

    2. mrgramps


      I want $ 55.00 forĀ it which includes shipping.

      It's like new.


  7. I started long ago when I was in Junior HS with Helen Shaw's fly tying. The local library actually sold the book and it's now mine!
  8. And after comes the dreaded I can't find what I'm looking for!! LOL Good Luck Buddy!!!
  9. Flytire - If the box doesn't fit in my mailbox I have to wait until Saturday to go pick it up at the Post Office. I leave for work before they open and they're closed by the time I get back to town!
  10. I'm glad I don't need anything and I have a good stock of things. I don't let UPS get away with delivering to the USPS, I tell them I paid for UPS you can deliver it not the Postal people!! If a box doesn't fit in my mailbox they stick a tag in there saying the box wouldn't fit and I have to go to the PO and pick it up!
  11. I buy a lot of skins off ebay and I cut my own zonker strips. Bronze3 on ebay offers big patchs of hair for a decent price. I buy a lot of the Hareline assorted rabbit hide pieces packs and cut my zonkers from those and anything left I turn into dubbing. Hide and fur is good. Coffins creek furs but they're only showing a Face Book page now
  12. Some furs dyed make for unique colors. I did some red fox and was doing dyeing the tips on some white zonker strips and put the red fox in the dye and it came out really nice!! If you have small pieces and dye something else try it!!
  13. Thank you good Sir!! Be a darn shame to lose all that great info!! Was really surprised that Section didn't make it.
  14. Well it's mostly Salmon flies I was looking for all the posts on the Classic Style Wet Flies and people that had tied all the old Bergman style wet flies.
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