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  1. I bought a bunch of domestic hen capes from a guy on ebay a while back. They are perfect for winging drys and cheap, around 10$ a cape. Also another option are the whiting brahma hen capes. I know there's no grizz in the brahma line, i use the molted gray and its close enough for me.
  2. Got some moose in my freezer also. This guy was in a few scraps as you can see. There was no cows to be seen so there's a bigger 1 around. 57 inch spread. Thr young fellow was the trigger guy, his dad my boss next to him and im taking the pic.
  3. Nice moose Mark. Will be some good meat in the freezer. Is the rut already started in Alaska? Another week or so for the rut here in the Yukon, hopefully my freezer will be full also. I just used up the rest of last years moose 2 weeks ago and made jerky, 20lbs worth.
  4. A lot of people lack common sense. A hunter here in Whitehorse got killed by a bison in 2020. He shot and the bison went down, right after he stared walking towards the down bison and about 20 yards away the bison got up and trampled the hunter who fired another shot. The bison died a couple of hundred feet from where the hunter died. Every hunter knows to wait at least a half hour before advancing to the wounded or dead animal. Here's the article Whitehorse man killed while hunting bison over the long weekend | CBC News
  5. upnorthtier

    Bad bear

    For some reason bears love rubber and plastic, i watched a bear destroy someone's zodiac once while fishing in the early morning for salmon. The owner was probably sleeping and in no way i was going to try chasing off a 8ft grizz.
  6. That lake trout is huge, it must have a 10 pound burbot or whitefish in its belly. Lakers are like people some are long and skinny and some fat. I caught a 20 pounder trolling with hearing and once out of the water it had a tail sticking out of its mouth, probably a 4 to 5 lb burbot half digested. Lakers usually dive down to deep water once hooked so it can be like pulling up a tire or weight form the bottom. There's a lake here in the Yukon (Dezadeash Lake) where i target them with a fly rod. I think the deepest part of the lake is 15ft. I wade out in about 3 ft where a creek flows in to the lake, there seeking cooler water and catch them on the fly, awesome fishing, ill see scholls of 20 swim by and the fight is totally different almost like having a salmon on, they take huge runs, nowhere to dive. Anyway they are between 10 to 30lbs, no 70+ pounder there. Check youtube for Dezadeash Lake, quite a few fishing videos. People pay big bucks to fish there, im lucky enough that's only an hour and a bit drive for me to slay those lakers
  7. upnorthtier

    New Trucks

    Got to remember that a diesel truck likes to be worked. If you're just a weekend warrior pulling a boat or a travel trailer now and then a gas truck might be better. Pretty impressive what a gaser can tow now even a half ton. Im not sure if its just here but gas is cheaper than diesel. Just normal maintenance on a diesel cost double, oil change costs me 400$ i have no time to do it myself, the fuel filters need to be replaced every 6 months and there's 2 on my truck, fuel conditioner etc. If for some reason the transmission or turbo, head gasket, injectors etc goes on a diesel you better have a deep wallet. Diesel trucks is all i had for the last 30 years, never had any major repairs to do and both other trucks are still rolling so yes they are tough if you run them the right way. On a side note diesel's came along way since my first truck, chevy 1 ton 6.5 detroit. The power the new trucks have now is insane.
  8. upnorthtier

    New Trucks

    Price on trucks are retarded for sure, even cars. I bought at the right time, right when covid hit, The dealerships where hurting then. I upgraded my chev 1 ton diesel 2012 to a dodge 3/4 ton diesel. I offered 15 000$ less than asking price and they said no, 3 days later i got a call and they accepted my offer. The same truck today at the lot is 30 000$ more than i payed for in 2020, heck i could probably sell this one right now for what i payed for it then. Used trucks are going for a good price up here. This is my first diesel with that DEF system. The first winter i kept getting a def error see dealership truck will shut down in 80km. After going to the dealership 4 times they told me to delete it and the would still honor the warranty so i did. That was a 5000$ for a new exhaust, a tuner and labor. Never had a problem since and man it was like night and day in performance, no lag when hitting the throttle, better mileage, more power etc. Everything i read about that DEf is bad for the truck. I mentioned cars also because last year we upgraded the wife's vehicle, a ford escape and that was over 50 g's.
  9. Wow so many nice ties, well done everybody. So many of these patterns id like to add to my fly box. Too busy with work at the moment, i hardly have time to spend time on the vice.
  10. It happens with all hook brands even TMC. i recall having 2 bad hooks in a box of 100 of tmc 7999. You just see it less on brand name hooks vs house brands.
  11. I have quite a few books, the usual titles, most are packed away. My latest book is The Feather Bender's Fly Tying Techniques by Barry Ord Clarke. Im pretty sure that none of the books i have are of any value.
  12. Here's the fly case he's getting tomorrow, just in time for spring grayling. I think he's set for a while. fly case some eggs a few pike flies and some other mostly salmon
  13. Impressive, ill take that case of flies
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