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  1. that's my favorite saddle of the bunch, ties mostly size 14 and 16 you might be right, but those 2 saddles are the ones I picked the most feathers off. the silver or upper right ties size 16 and 18. the upper left or pro grade ties size 20 to 24 and even smaller
  2. its gone. someone bought it. maybe I should put a few of these on auction.
  3. I have the big game jaws and stainless. for what you want, the big game would be perfect. I tied down to size 16 on them with no problem. size 4 to 5/0 is where these jaws shine. no chipping or shooting hooks like adkfan said.
  4. Great looking flies everybody. black wulff size 14 hook-tmc 2302 tail-black calf body hair body-laser dub black rib- extra small silver wire wing-black calf body hair hackle-black tread-uni black 8/0 royal wulff variant, all black size 12 hook-tmc 2302 tail- black calf body hair body-peacock herl and black uni stretch wing-black calf body hair hackle-black thread-uni black 8/0
  5. I had my regal revolution for almost 10 years and probably tied close to 50 thousand flies on it. The only thing I clean on it , is the pocket base. I never lubed or cleaned the vise itself and it still works great. It looks well used and I like that. I've been telling myself for years that I should clean it. maybe today is the day or maybe not
  6. I barter my flies with fishing shops. I acquired tons of materials and some really nice and expensive gear that otherwise I would not have. its a win win. Of course all family and friends have full fly boxes also and I do give away quite a few flies on the water.
  7. nice video mikechell, nice crappies and bass. looks like fun, I've never fished for crappie, never seen a live crappie. what impressed me most is seeing you fishing in shorts and t shirt. its -20c or -4 Fahrenheit here. is that a stock lake?
  8. I built a shop for the owner of quantum this summer. we started talking fishing and he tells me they build fly reels on slow days. he gave me this reel the next day. this reel is so light and has no gears. I haven't used it yet but I do have a 4wt to put it on for grayling and rainbows.
  9. they are both as nice to tie with. and yes the Herbert line in most part will tie larger flies. one big difference is the colors you can get with the Herbert. nothing beats whiting for tying dry flies in my opinion. I do have some high and dry saddles as well. probably possible to fake a cree with that method, seems like a lot of work. and for comparing the dark barred ginger to cree. I have quite a few dark barred ginger and there is no way that its comparable to a cree, not even close. its like comparing orange to peach. now saying that, nothing beats brown and grizzly for tying an adams. cree comes close. where a cree shines is when tying size 16 and smaller or for saving time.
  10. I use cree quite a bit. here are a few patterns I use it for. cdc sedge caddis grey wulff female adams and of course adams
  11. I don't understand why people pay more for the cree, its crazy. whiting sells them the same price as any other saddle.
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