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  1. they are both as nice to tie with. and yes the Herbert line in most part will tie larger flies. one big difference is the colors you can get with the Herbert. nothing beats whiting for tying dry flies in my opinion. I do have some high and dry saddles as well. probably possible to fake a cree with that method, seems like a lot of work. and for comparing the dark barred ginger to cree. I have quite a few dark barred ginger and there is no way that its comparable to a cree, not even close. its like comparing orange to peach. now saying that, nothing beats brown and grizzly for tying an adams. cree comes close. where a cree shines is when tying size 16 and smaller or for saving time.
  2. I use cree quite a bit. here are a few patterns I use it for. cdc sedge caddis grey wulff female adams and of course adams
  3. I don't understand why people pay more for the cree, its crazy. whiting sells them the same price as any other saddle.
  4. for you guys who think cree is rare, I managed to get my hands on a few of them the 1 on the left is from howard hackle now root river hackle, that saddle has some of the longest hackle---some 18 inch ties size 12 to bigger the other 3 are from skilto. ties 10 to bigger heres whiting Herbert line , theres a pro grade, 2 bronze and a silver . all tie size 10 to 14 and some 16 the 3rd from the left is the best saddle of the bunch---90% of the hackle is a cree whiting red label left to right pro grade midge , ties size 20 to smaller bronze midge, ties 18 to smaller silver, ties 16 and 18 I purchased all those whiting the same day, I ordered 12 saddles and ended up with 7 saddles and 2 capes. since I auctioned off the capes on ebay . I was really surprise what they went for. almost payed for the whole order.
  5. looks really good. never thought of using jc for wings but now I am.
  6. if your shipping small to medium flies try a dvd case with a bubble mailer. I don't know how shipping works in the US but here in Canada it goes as a letter posting cost me 2$ I even shipped pike and salmon flies this way. hope this help
  7. thanks, yes its a good way to use up all the smaller nails on the cape
  8. root river hackle used to be howard hackle. I have a few saddles from back when. really nice stuff . I also have a few saddles from skilto, shorter feathers on them but still nice.hackle seems to be on the bigger size. like size 12 and bigger.
  9. white wulff with jungle cock just started on these, I'm going to tie 2 dz of each size. last fly pic for me this month. size 6 to 16 hook-tmc 2302 tail-white calf body with jc nails body-laser dub white thread-uni white rib-extra small silver wire wing-calf body hair hackle-golden or silver badger (again I go heavy on the wraps)
  10. thanks and yes I tied all those flies in the trays. restocking for next season, most will be gone by next fall--sold. I usually sell 30 dz or so royal wulff a year
  11. royal wulff size 6 to 16 hook- tmc 2302 thread- black tail- moose body hair body-peacock herl, uni stretch red, peacock herl wing- calf body hair hackle- brown (I go heavy on the raps) stimulator 6 to 16 hook-200r thread-uni fire orange tail and wing-deer hair (dark) body- yellow and orange dub hackle- brown on back 2/3- griz front rib - extra small gold wire I do a few raps of peacock herl before whip finishing
  12. nice looking flies, really good tyers . been watching this thread for years. figure its time to give it a try. any feedback is welcome. white wulff size 6 to 16 hook- tmc 2302 tail - calf body hair body-lazer dub white rib- x small silver wire wing- calf body hair hackle- golden or silver badger (I go heavy on the raps)
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