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  1. Thats sad, unfortunately the same can be said about the pacific salmons, i moved to the Yukon 30 years ago specifically for fishing and hunting because i could see then what was happening in the east, the decline. The same thing is happening here in the Yukon for salmon, catch and release only and some rivers you can't even target them. There was some promising news this year at Dalton Post, the Takhanne River, record sockeye and coho runs this year. Fingers cross that the fisheries is bouncing back
  2. Thats because all the pools are mainly privately owned. The only time i would go out for salmon was in the spring just when the ice would break on the Miramachi river, black salmon we called them, the ones who are returning to the ocean, they where skinny and agressive also a good time for dipping nets for smelt. I also had the opportunity to fish the forks pool on the kedgwick river, it was on a draw basis, got lucky my name got drawn and had the pool for 3 days with a friend, there was a couple of hundred salmon in the pool, fun times. A good friend of mine lives in Sheet Harbour in Nova Scotia and says the salmon fisheries is pretty much shut down, been for a few years.
  3. Good stuff, funny enough i was born and raised in New Brunswick and never heard of the Carter bug until you mentioned it cphubert.
  4. Buck bugs are killer for rainbows here in the north, this one in particular. tied on 3761 size 12 or 14
  5. Pretty much the same fly, some of the differences i notice is how pack the deer hair is, the bomber is much more packed, tighter and trimmed more like cigar shape with a tapper on both ends where the carter bug is trimmed on a tapper from the rear. The carter bug the hackle bends towards the rear where a bomber bends towards the eye. Don't forget there's also buck bugs, same as bombers but tied on a smaller hook, usually size 10 to 18. I also would like to know if there's any other differences
  6. I remember buying a pair of waders once that came with a patch kit, i think they were cabelas. Waders aren't an investment, they are a necessity for me anyway. Necessity's cost money and don't last, like putting fuel in you're vehicle. I go threw 2 or 3 pairs of work boots a year, i don't like spending the 200$ to 300$ a pop but i need them, same for waders. I owned simms, orvis and cabelas waders and they all got the job done. At the present time i have guideline laxa 2.0 waders, 5 seasons so far about 15 outings a year and still no leaks but i know its just a matter of time. I might go back to simms for the next pair.
  7. hot spot Czech nymph I tied two of them, a size 8 and a size 10 size 8 size 10 I was going through my bins of hooks looking for tmc 2457 thinking it was the closest i had to czech nymph hooks. Look what i found, i have no idea why i have these, i never tied on these hooks before. At least i have the proper hooks. It even says authentic haha thread- uni 8/0 light olive lead wraps---- every vid i watched showed lead tape that i dont have so i alternated .10, .15, .20 and .25 lead wire and made a tapered body brassie golden olive wire thin skin light olive dubbin- senyo laser dub in light olive, chartreuse and hot orange legs- brahma hen light yellow and sharpie the head black A BOMBER will be the next challenge Don't need much for materials, some deer hair and hackle. Can be tied with or without a tail or wing, many color combination, bomber, salmon, nymph or streamer hooks it don't matter. WHO's going to take on the bomber challenge
  8. Nice tie Norm and quick. ill do up a czech nymph. I did a search and there's tons of variations. Is it my choice? Oh yeah i accept the czech nymph challenge
  9. Dam, it looks better than the one Charlie tied on the vid. WELL DONE
  10. Is it a rip off if you only expect 5 to 6 years out of a pair of waders prior to purchasing them ? Everything sandan says will help towards longevity. Make sure they are fully dry before rolling them up, i hang mine on a hook in the garage never fold them, i wear long johns and don't hike with them on.
  11. Nice looking bug, also like you're sig on the vice
  12. Thanks I'm not going to quit my day job anytime soon. There's no money in selling flies not for me anyways, I rarely see cash, usually barter for materials , gear , etc. I guess a few of those flies will go towards glue.
  13. Ginger Quill dry fly Thats what i call it, i do a google search and a different fly shows up. If any of you know the proper name please tell me Every year i tie tons of these for a few fly shops. this year's order is 10 dz of each in size 12,14 and 16, i have a long way to go still todays flies since Monday materials I'm using and the mess recipe hook- tmc 100 thread- uni 8/0 camel tail- barred ginger fibers body- barred ginger stripped quill wing- wood duck/ lemon hackle- barred dark ginger i usually apply a bit of glue before winding the stripped quill but all the bottles are dried up even the unopen ones. I used thin uv resin instead
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